Man Declares ‘All White People Are Evil,’ Spits In Homeless Man’s Face

Man Declares ‘All White People Are Evil,’ Spits In Homeless Man’s Face


Amber Randall

Maryland police charged a black man with a hate crime after he allegedly spat in the face of a disabled white man and shouted “all white people are evil.”

Marquis Evans-Royster, 27, walked up to a 52-year-old homeless disabled white man while on a city bus, WJLA-TV reported Monday. Authorities maintained Evans- Royster told the man he owed him because of slavery.

“You owe me for making my grandmother a slave,” Evans-Royster said to the man. According to police, he also turned to other passengers on the bus and yelled, “All white people are evil.” He also allegedly told two of the bus’ white passengers they should be dead.


Evans-Royster spat in the man’s face and decided to go through the man’s pants pockets. At one point during the exchange, he warned that he would throw urine in the man’s face.

The police charged Evans-Royster with a hate crime for his actions, an ABC 7 journalist reported

A New York City elderly man was allegedly attacked by a young black teenager while the two shared an elevator at the New York Subway earlier this month. The teen reportedly expressed a hatred for white people before punching the man in the face.

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  • TomRay
    October 17, 2017, 9:10 am

    His Grandmother was not a slave, nor his great grandmother.–HE NEVER knew A SLAVE or the name of a slave.—Neither did the Homeless man know the name of a slaveholder.—— Liberals have VOTING SLAVES, however. This nonsense is what they tell blacks to do to keep them out of mainstream society and on the “Liberal plantation”.

  • Robert Schneider
    October 17, 2017, 11:42 am

    His grandmother, really? At 27, there’s no possible way… lol. Intolerant liberal fools.

  • Liberty Dankmeme
    October 17, 2017, 9:14 pm

    well with the culture going the way it is now-a-days – what did you think would happen? expect to see more of this in the future until we reach a breaking point ….#CivilWar2