Lawmaker Wants Students To Be Required To Say Pledge of Allegiance Written By Christian Socialist Every Day

A Missouri lawmaker introduced a bill to require students to submit daily to the hypnotic recitation of a nationalist pledge written by a Christian socialist. House Bill 499 submitted by Rep. Shane Roden would make it state law that students say the pledge every day, instead of once a week.

Roden claims that students brought it to his attention that they were not being indoctrinated quite enough in their Prussian-style, conformist, public schools. The MO legislator argued that since he was required to submit to daily recitations of a pledge, so should children today. Thankfully, Roden’s bill would give students the option of opting out, which is kind of him considering that the First Amendment guarantees that no one shall be compelled to speak anything they do not desire. [RELATED: 15-year-old suspended for refusing to say pledge of allegiance]

Many parents agree with Roden’s sentiments. Travis Sheppard mewled sycophantic agreement to Roden’s call to nationalistic fervor, saying: “I can remember that was the first thing you did when the bell rang. You stood up and put your hand over your heart and you pledge allegiance to the flag.”

“You’re not just saying something to the flag, you’re remembering our fore fathers, our fathers, our grandfathers, their grandfathers who fought for us to be that way,” Sheppard said. [RELATED: “Freedom-loving” conservatives force idolatrous pledge written by a socialist on students in South Dakota]

One must wonder just how exactly rote recitation of a pledge, spoken by children completely unaware of what they are pledging themselves, might be the best way to teach someone a remembrance of history. For that you might require children to take more history classes. And how about teaching in those history classes the history of the pledge of allegiance, that it was written by a Christian socialist? But why should you expect people who are advocates of brainless recitation to be the type to use logic when advocating for their ideals? You shouldn’t.

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