Knife-Wielding Man Tells Police “Shoot Me.” They Don’t Shoot Him.

BELEN, NM – Police refused to grant the request of a knife-wielding maniac who demanded that they shoot him. Showing remarkable bravery and restraint, Belen Police officers deployed a taser, and subdued 33-year-old Robert Padilla before he could cause harm to himself or others. Members of the community have been expressing their gratitude to the local police for their commendable handling of a dangerous situation in the most peaceful method possible.

“Drop the knife, please!” Belen police warned Padilla multiple times.

“Shoot me, f** you!” Padilla responded. “I don’t give a f** shove it up your a**!”

“As you can see in the video, he had no intentions of cooperating with the officers in any way,” Belen Police Chief Dan Robb said to KRQE. “They did have to escalate it a little bit; he was wanting them to do more.”

“I was very happy with the way they handled this,” said Robb. “By just using non-lethal force, they were able to peacefully end this situation without anybody getting hurt.”

At one point, Padilla waves his arms as if he were going to throw the knife, whereby officers deployed a taser, giving them the opportunity to peacefully subdue him. The story stands in contrast to a recent news item where Sandpoint, Idaho police officers used an AR-15 to execute a pregnant woman who was also wielding a knife. One must wonder why they couldn’t have acted in a similar fashion. Still, this case study shows laudable behavior on behalf of the Belen Police, who deserve commendations for their bravery and coolheaded behavior in the face of danger.

Padilla was charged with aggravated assault of a police officer. His brother claims he suffers from PTSD.

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