K9 Officer Removed From Force After Attacking Doughnut Shop Employee

The attack on the doughnut shop guy was the last straw

COCONUT CREEK, FL – A police dog has been removed from the force after biting two people in three months, one a police officer and the other a doughnut shop employee. Renzo, the Belgian Malinois K9, recently bit an officer while tracking a suspect. The most recent incident involved the animal escaping from a squad car and attacking a doughnut shop employee in the calf. That appeared to be the last straw for officers.

The shop worker has hired a lawyer to represent them in a possible case against the department. Officer Carl DiBlasi went to the doughnut shop to meet Sgt. Brandi Delvecchio. When the sergeant began to pet Renzo, the animal lunged at her. Officer DiBlasi tried to restrain the dog, shouting “fuey,” which is the word for wrong behavior. But Renzo don’t care. Renzo don’t give a sh**.

The dog charged another officer, then decided to lunge for sweeter meats when the opportunity presented itself to attack the doughnut shop clerk, Robert Doherty. Doherty tried to dodge, screaming and jumping into his vehicle, but he was too late. Cujo… I mean Renzo, bit him four times in the calf. The officers had to pry the animal from him after “less then a minute of struggling,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael J. Mann made the decision to retire Renzo and the animal will go live with officer DiBlasi.




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