ISIS Supporters Threaten To Murder Twitter Founder Over Blocked Accounts

Islamist terrorists are threatening to murder Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and other employees after they shut down accounts that were promoting ISIS. “How would you protect your miserable employees Jack, when their necks become an official target to ISIS soldiers and supporters, what would you tell their families and their sons, and you are the one who involved them in this lost war,” the group said.

Twitter’s Terms of Service forbid accounts which contain hate speech, post threats, or promote terrorism. The group responded by posting pictures of Dorsey’s picture with crosshairs on his head. “You started this lost war; we told you from the beginning that it’s not your war but you didn’t understand and closed down our accounts — we’ll come back, but when our lone lions silence your breath, you won’t come back,” the post says.

A spokesman for Twitter responded to the controversy, saying: “Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.”

The full message is here, translated via Google, hence the blatant inaccuracies. The Libertarian Republic does not currently have a full time employed Arabic speaker.

– You did you start from this failed war, has told you from the beginning that it is not your war! But you did not understand our calculations closed quickly come back, but when discreetly Osodna individual Onevsakm not return then you.!

– How to protect your employees Hey Jack helpless when their necks officially become a target for the soldiers of the Caliphate and supporters scattered among your midst! What she would answer their families and their children, and has been in this predicament failed war?!

– Betrayed us, O Mujahid solo, and targeted the interests of Twitter Inc. everywhere human beings and not remain stone them or ungrateful sinner: slaughtered and Redkha and strangled and burned .. initiated and proceeded not meet infidel and deadly in fire

– Hamdi Coulibaly and Omar Hussein brothers Koichi Sallowa you and others in your front backyard, and kidnapped the lives of comrades, did not prevent them from one, it will prevent you and your fellow employees, my Jack? Duty.

– Imagine the scene .. while outside of a nearby pub in the neighborhood staff Twitter, reeling from loitering sugar, dark darkness are you Taking lion solo Rad in the dark bounce him and cut off his neck what inhibitor?

– Can America Boukalha and Khilaúha prevent Muslim single one, persists in the streets in search of Jack Staff male or female, young or Chiba?! Imagine the scene and wait for its occurrence at any moment, and the earliest opportunity.!

– Virtual your war on us in the Internet will pull you real wars on earth! Is inevitable that it is only a matter of time, and perhaps some of your blood-thirsty black crusade has already started to move.

– Jack does not take it personally! It’s a creative returned to us after a long wait, and without sailor of body parts and blood, you have seen some of them Vantzeroa more.

– Dear reckless Jack has begun a bright future, but it seems you have gained on the company early! And smashed everything built accessing the media war over succession! Loss came kinds Fastad waiting! The succession has recruited sworn to supporting it at any price.

– Finally, we will reveal to you the secret of a serious !! Succession will not allow a – whatever Kan- preventing the delivery of the holy mission to the world .. Is the message reached my Twitter ?!




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