Idiot Cop Caught On Camera Tripping & Shoving Kids (VIDEO)

A Texas cop was caught kicking and tripping kids feet out from underneath them after high school students pushed themselves onto a soccer field after their school won the state championship.

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The police officer was caught on camera from multiple angles pushing and tripping kids. The nationwide attention has forced the Georgetown Police Department to pursue the incident.

Why the hell would the officer see fit to try and cause the teenagers injury for a minor infraction such as running on the field? I think it speaks to the mentality of a certain kind of person that they would see fit to do violence to teenagers for something so innocent as running on a field after a soccer game, which is a pretty common occurrence when a team wins a big game. Some people’s sense of justice is so skewed as to believe that any infraction should carry the maximum sentence.

Also, since when are police officers charged with the power to punish? I thought that was a job for the criminal justice system? The job of punishment is to be left to the courts, not the police in the field.


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