Hilarious New Anti-Bullying Ad Shows “Revenge Of The Nerds” (VIDEO)

Remember that wimpy kid you picked on in grade school? Well one day that little nerd is going to have his revenge on you, and it won’t be how you think.

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A new anti-bullying advertisement from VH-1 shows a montage of kids singing a parody of “I will survive” and swearing revenge on their schoolmates when one day they are the bosses of their companies and in charge of raises and salaries.

Admittedly kids at this age are probably not worrying too much about their future rates of pay, or that their peers might one day exact vengeance in such a way, but this advertisement is just too hilarious and full of fun not to watch and consider. If you have ever been the victim of bullying you know that the best revenge has been and always will be living well. Haters gonna hate, kids.


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