Here’s Why Ariana Grande Is A Spoiled, Donut-Licking Bitch Who Hates America

By: Laura Meyers

Turns out, singer Ariana Grande is a spoiled donut terrorist who hates America and the people who live here. That’s pretty much everyone reading this right now.

Surveillance video from a donut shop shows Ariana Grande and her boyfriend licking and contaminating donuts on the shop’s shelves, cussing at an employee when she offers the couple some donut samples from a fresh batch, and then Grande yelling “What the f*** is that? I hate Americans. I hate America” at the employee. On the fourth of July, nonetheless!

You unpatriotic, little donut-licking diva.

The brat’s ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, called Grande out.

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“Sean saw the video and is both embarrassed and disappointed with Ariana’s behavior, especially with how she treated the worker. He says he would never disrespect someone that way, and the fact that her new boy toy laughs along is quite telling. He thinks the whole incident was immature and rude,” an insider told

Grande was set to perform at this weekend’s MLB All-Star Game, but has now reportedly pulled out of the commitment because of the video leak.

Good. It’s not like she would want to sing the national anthem anyways since she hates America.

The donut shop owner, Joe Marin, wants (and deserves) an apology.

If you hate America so much Ariana… why don’t you GTFO?!

America would have one less problem without ya.


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