GW students are in favor of Obamacare letting them stay on parent’s insurance forever! (VIDEO)

College kids! They have opinions and stuff. They’re the future! Or they would be, if they weren’t moving back in with their parents at alarming rates after graduation. But surely they think they have to take responsibility for themselves some day, right?

No? What do you mean no?

In a video interview mashup with Campus Reform’s Kat Timpf, she asks college students how long they think they should be able to stay on their parents insurance. The answer? Infinity! Or… whatever Obama thinks. Nevermind, just let them tell you.

“As long as it takes for you to get your own,” one student said. Wow, really? So that could be even… forever?

Another girl was asked and her answer was 21. But then she heard that Obama had raised the age.

“I didn’t know Obama changed it to 25,” she said. “I think 25 is great.” Well… it’s not 25, it’s 26. But you still get credit for thinking that there ought to be a limit, even if that’s only because Obama thinks there should be one.