Cops Shoot Unarmed Fleeing Suspect In Back (VIDEO, GRAPHIC)


LONG BEACH, CA – Stunning footage emerged recently of Long Beach cops gunning down an unarmed suspect.

According to reports, the suspect pulled out a pair of scissors and threatened security staff at a Target before fleeing in his vehicle.  He led the deputies on a chase before stopping in Long Beach.

After initially refusing to get out of the car, the man stepped out of the vehicle with some kind of wooden stick.  The man ran, at which point deputies shot the man with bean bag rounds to no effect. [contextly_auto_sidebar id=”3DfI93sMwC3xqlb9gcidW4ReQHwyEh45″]

So they shot him in the back with real bullets as he fled.

Videos like this call into question whether police in this country are simply too content with shooting at what they perceive to be as problems rather than solving them without lethal force.  In this case, a man was shot because police were too lazy and/or cowardly to approach the unarmed suspect.  Every week there are stories of cops shooting beloved pets rather than, like members of the postal service, learning how to deal with dogs.

Conduct such as this is simply unacceptable.  Long Beach police have a history of bad shoots, including a 2010 incident where an officer gunned down a man holding the nozzle of a hose.  In that case, the officers did not identify themselves or tell the man to surrender.


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