Bill Weld To Speak at Students for Liberty Conference


Former Massachusetts Governor and Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld will be the keynote speaker at the Students for Liberty (SFL) northeast regional conference. The conference is scheduled to take place on November 4th at New York University’s Grand Hall.

This will be one of his few public appearances since the election last year where he and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 4 percent of the vote, more than any other Libertarian presidential ticket since 1980. He has made other appearances such as a fundraiser for his friend Republican Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts.

Weld is a rather controversial figure in libertarian politics. Weld was a Republican until 2016, having endorsed everyone from Barrack Obama to John Kasich for President, before running under the Libertarian Party banner.

Jacob Linker, the organizer of the northeast regional conference, said in a statement:

“Bill Weld was one of the first elected officials to advocate for medicinal marijuana and gay rights. He got an overwhelmingly democratic legislature to agree to cut taxes. He’s fought for Liberty, he’s fighting for Liberty, and we at SFL are incredibly excited to have the Governor in New York with folks like John Stossel and Matt Kibbe.”

He further stated: “SFL is putting on a big conference in the heart of American capitalism and cosmopolitanism so that we can put forward the real ideas that are gonna help march liberty forward. Hence why the theme is “Going Forward.”

Weld will be joining prominent liberty movement figures such as John Stossel, Matt Kibbe, Larry Sharpe and Yeomi Park. He is slated to speak at 6:30 pm EST.

Boston, MA-12/05/2012- William Weld is seen today at the offices of the Boston Herald. The former Massachusetts’ Governor met with the paper’s publisher Patrick Purcell, editors, columnists, reporters and editorial board. Staff photo by Mark Garfinkel


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