Bill introduced blocking Congressional pay during shutdown (VIDEO)

The last good Democrat?

While factions of Democrats in congress have refused to reopen the government and instituted a shutdown of about 15% of services, at least one Democrat is doing something responsible… blocking congressional pay.

Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) introduced a bill on Tuesday that would stop members from being paid their salaries during the shutdown. “The inability of this Congress to collaborate, compromise, and get things done has led me to introduce legislation to prohibit Members from being paid when failure to do their job results in a government shutdown,” Nolan said. “It’s time for Congress to start living in the real world – where you either do your job, or you don’t get paid. The American people sent this Congress to Washington to use common sense – to collaborate, compromise, solve problems and govern – not to shut down the federal government. It’s time to restore Regular Order and put an end to government by crisis.”

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The bill is illegal according to the 27th amendment which states that no law may change congressional pay until election time in the House of Representatives. This is the last amendment that the government has actually passed.


Side note: We at TLR are advocating the martian option if a deal is not reached soon.




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