Bernie Sanders is Lying About Machine Gun Availability [VIDEO]

By Micah J. Fleck

When talking about the most recent, tragic mass shooting in Orlando, politicians have been quick to fall back on the old lies that have managed to perpetuate  the mass ignorance of the public for decades, now. Bernie Sanders, the “honest” politician, has been no exception. He recently said in an interview that American retailers sell automatic weapons that soldiers use, and suggested that we need to do something about that.

Of course, Sanders is plain wrong. American retailers do not sell automatic machine guns to the general public; criminals still get ahold of such weaponry sometimes though thanks to black market arms trade, deep web outlets, 3D printing technology, and any number of other legally shaky avenues that Washington will always be one step behind.

To add further ridiculousness to Sanders’s statement, however, is that the gun used in the Orlando shooting, the AR-15, isn’t even an automatic machine gun in the first place. It’s semi-automatic, which makes it the same as many handguns. But of course, the ignorant masses don’t know that. All they see is a big, scary-looking gun that resembles the machine guns from the movies. Politicians count on that ignorance as a means of pushing more and more laws to try and take more and more types of guns away. Which, of course, has not yet stopped any of the mass shootings in our history from happening.

But let’s ban yet another gun, Bernie; what could possibly go wrong?


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