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80 New Zealand Athletes Suspected in Illegal Steroid Probe

80 New Zealand Athletes Suspected in Illegal Steroid Probe
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The use of steroids at large has become rampant all over the world. However, it is worth mentioning that there are legal and illegal steroids. The use of both is highly regulated by various relevant anti-doping bodies across the globe. Illegal steroids are commonly used for medical purposes and must be administered by qualified medical experts. On the other hand, legal steroids are sold either in physical fitness shops or online by reputable sellers. Anyone can steroid kaufen (buy steroids) from them although it is recommended to consult a medical expert before using them. Further, you may need to check with your anti-doping bodies to see if they allow them and to what extent and level especially those in sports.

Numerous countries have featured in news headlines instances where their citizens have been suspected of using illegal steroids. Recently, New Zealand has been in the limelight for having too many athletes suspected of using illegal steroids to gain an edge in their respective sports. About 80 athletes are now being investigated by the anti-doping authorities now.

Violating Sporting Policies

The sports policies in New Zealand are clear. They are mostly guided by the WADA code, which states the penalties a person should face if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the individual used illegal steroids. Since the beginning of 2015, the penalties are stricter than before.

According to Peter Miskimmin, who is in charge of sports in New Zealand, the recent investigation of about 80 athletes is a big wake-up call for the country. The majority of the suspects are from the sport of rugby, which is known to demand muscle growth and more powerful players. Almost half of all the players were involved in the scandals. The shocking part is that some school-age teenagers were among the suspects.

Efforts to Curb Use of Illegal Steroids in Sports

New Zealand is clear on the regulations involved. When they have a case of anti-doping rule violation, they take the necessary legal steps. In the recent past, they tried eight cases, and this time, all the 80 cases at hand are under strict scrutiny to get to the bottom of the matter. The Drug-Free Sports NZ chief executive, Nick Paterson has vowed to clean up this mess that has tainted their name.

He further says that they deal with all sports because none is an exception when it comes to doping policies. He also promised, through his message to newsrooms, that the ongoing investigations are thorough and all relevant resources are deployed to get the most accurate results.

The Loophole

In efforts to find out why such a large number of people were involved in the use of illegal steroids, the officials agreed that many people in sports still do not know much about the anti-doping policies. Officials have admitted that they have not offered sufficient anti-doping education to athletes in the country. This cuts across all the involved sports.

The country, therefore, has a great role in ensuring that all sports have received enough anti-doping education so that the numbers go down significantly as they continue endeavoring toward a drug- free sports environment.


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