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Why was he not arrested?

Carlos Miller has a chilling story about a police officer who was recorded demanding a cash payment from citizens in exchange for looking the other way over drug charges. Former Dekalb County Police officer Brandon Brown stepped down after it was revealed he demanded $50 bribe to keep quiet. The incident appears to be one in a pattern of crimes committed by Georgia police.


Former Officer Brandon Brown

Former Officer Brandon Brown

From the Photography is Not a Crime blog:

But Brandon Brown has yet to be arrested, even though the district attorney has been reviewing the case since August 6, proving once again that police are above the law.

Instead, Dekalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander is vowing to restore “swagger” within the department.

But swagger, defined as carrying oneself arrogantly, pompously or even bullying, is exactly the way they’ve been acting these last few years, which is why another cop was arrested last week on drug trafficking charges and a previous chief was sentenced to prison last year for a bribery conviction and several other officers arrested earlier this year for protecting drug dealers (just a few of several stories I found on Google).

Call Dekalb County District Attorney Robert James at (404) 371-2561 to inquire as to why Brown has not yet been charged.

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