Rand Paul Vs. Hillary Clinton 2016? Ft. Jack Hunter (PODCAST)

Clash Of The Titans!

Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter dropped by the Freedom Report studio to talk about a potential cage match between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul in 2016. If Senator Paul takes on Secretary Clinton, what strategy will the libertarian leaning legislator have to pull off to beat the baddest Democrat on the block?

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Also, as Matt Kibbe says, sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you beat the Democrats. Is the GOP ready for Paul’s brand of constitutional conservatism? And what happens if he has to take on Ted Cruz? Will the party split the vote to elect an establishment style candidate?

And what about national defense? Does Senator Rand Paul have what it takes to construct a foreign policy that protects American’s lives, liberty and property?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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