Rand Paul Totally Embarrasses ‘The View’ Hosts On Gun Control

Rand Paul Totally Embarrasses ‘The View’ Hosts On Gun Control

Kentucky Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul was in hostile territory yesterday when he featured as a guest on the ultra-liberal daytime talk show The View. But the senator held his ground, defending the American right to bear arms.

Host Whoopi Goldberg pleaded with Paul on gun control, saying she can’t understand how “anyone objects to getting rid of automatic weapons.”

Goldberg’s belief that automatic weapons are available to public exposes her ignorance on the issue. Like most liberals, her ignorance doesn’t preclude outrage or the advocating of regulations on that which she does not understand.

“Automatic weapons, they’re not for hunting. They do nothing — they’re only there to kill. And you’ll notice that a lot of things that happened are with automatic weapons,” Goldberg said. “When we see that why don’t we say, ‘Who really needs to have one other than people that are at war?’”

The crowd erupted in applause, signaling the wide belief that what Goldberg was saying was true.

Watch the reaction when Paul informs her that automatic weapons are already unavailable to the public. He then provides a much needed lessons on guns to the liberal audience.

Rand Paul on President Obama's Gun Control Action | The View



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