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MSNBC aired a segment that claims that Detroit is a libertarian paradise like Somalia.

Airhead statist news-model Krystal Ball gives an ignorant monologue for a few minutes about how the lack of public services makes it a free market utopia, while completely ignoring the fact that Detroit is now and has been under social democrat rule for decades. Ball is the failed Democratic candidate for congress in the 2010 election against Rob Wittman whose campaign faltered after photos of her sucking a red dildo attached to her then-husband’s nose emerged.

Also, let’s consider the fact that Somalia actually has had a step up in ascending to anarchy over their former feudal warlord system. Somalia has been in a state of anarchy since 1991, which has actually made economic conditions improve. Anarchy is of course a step up from oligarchy, which is what MSNBC is advocating for apparently.

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No word yet on whether the checks from the White House for this segment have cleared over at Rockefeller Plaza.

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