Abuse of Authority

Joe Biden in 2008: “If Obama Comes for my Beretta, He’s Got a Problem”

         Vice President Joe Biden had some tough words for his incoming boss President Barack Obama when they were campaigning against each other back in 2008. Biden’s defense of his second amendment rights seem strange in light of his new role as the “Sheriff” of the Presidents promised forthcoming anti-gun agenda. In true “Never let a crisis go to waste” fashion, the politicians are already beginning the painful process of creating reactionary legislation to solve problems they barely understand and only support because of fears of negative public perception.

         Sheriff Biden has had many conflicting statements when it comes to his position on guns. Right now as it stands it seems he was for gun rights before he was against them. But his stern defense of his own right to carry probably never extended to anyone else other than him as he earned an F-Rating from the National Rifle Association. Biden was also instrumental in helping get the 1994 Clinton bans passed. Now he’s been tapped to lead the fight on behalf of the president to restrict 2nd amendment rights in the coming year. 

So which is it Joe? Self defense for thee but not for me? How many “assault weapons” are your guards wearing right now?

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