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Insanely Hot Conservative Danish Politician Gains International Fame

“Somewhere, Joe Biden is thinking about visiting Denmark on a diplomatic mission…” -SmoothJazzRayner

A young Danish politician named Nikita Klæstrup made waves all over the world when she arrived at a conservative event wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. Klæstrup attended the event wearing a black dress with the front split open, which led to her receiving radio and television interviews, articles in newspapers, and features in magazines here in the United States such as the Free Beacon.

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Political branding expert Kresten Schultz-Jørgensen argues that the attention isn’t bad for her career at all, despite the fact she is a young conservative. He argued that it helps sharpen her profile, and call attention to her… issues. Still, despite her best efforts, conservatives in Denmark haven’t received any uptick in the municipal elections since she recently became “Denmark’s election babe.”

Nikita herself claims that she won’t back down to any criticism she receives. She said to the University Post that she can still be an effective politician and communicator while using her other talents to bolster her acclaim. ‘We cannot escape the fact that it sells. There is a natural focus on women’s appearance. That’s just how it is.”

Hvorfor drikker jeg cocktails i mit undertøj? Det finder I måske ud af senere. #teaser

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Nikita acted surprised by her newfound international fame. “I’ve got about 500 new followers on instagram today. Most of them appear to be foreign. Is there something I don’t know?”

Don’t click here for her very risque photos unless you are not at work.