Men Face More Sexism And Discrimination Than Women

By: Ryan Carrillo

An alien monitoring Earth’s communications might be led to believe that the female gender has it pretty rough. Stories of rampant sexual assault on college campuses, pay discrimination, professional discrimination, disproportionate amount of men as business and political leaders, and horribly sexist language being used to describe women like ‘bossy.’ Those assumptions by extraterrestrial viewers however, are just one more nail in the coffin of the narrative that women have it worse than men.

The reason aliens would hear everything I listed is because our society is gynocentric; meaning that men are taught to give women special treatment and women are taught to expect special treatment. Men are taught that fighting, dying and sacrificing themselves is a noble endeavor, but women experiencing any emotional distress is terrible.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous line? “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.”  Notice in her quote how men losing their lives is just an aside to the real issue, women’s feelings, that’s gynocentrism.

Women get far more sympathy and attention for their problems, and when they complain about some perceived slight, everyone listens. Male issues on the other hand are routinely dismissed because there are ‘more important’ issues to tackle, issues often affecting women only.

One of our writers here at The Libertarian Republic, recently penned an apology to feminists, saying that her views on feminism were “simple and naive” when it came to the issue of sexual advances from men.  She went on to explain some of the nasty language sent her way, mentioning her body and what people would like to do to it among other truthfully, nasty behavior. She acknowledged men also face problems but that men will never be able to understand what women go through. Being treated by some people as a sexual object was enough to change her mind and claim herself a newly minted feminist.

Let’s be clear though, men can and do know what that feels like because we also face it daily. It’s not a phenomenon reserved for women.

That isn’t to say that women don’t have some valid concerns about society and their role in it, it’s just that often those issues are what we refer to as “first world problems,” meaning issues that are frivolous.

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And others, such as sexist language being used against women, being called bitch, slut, etc. aren’t really gender specific issues at all.  The specific words being used against them may often times be reserved for insulting women but the experience of having abusive language thrown their way is also something men deal with daily. Men face sexually charged insults like asshole, faggot, dick, and if you’re in the public eye, it’s often daily. And don’t you dare ever disagree with a woman because then you’re just a ‘neckbeard’ with a small penis who can’t get laid.

Since we’re speaking about personal experiences, a friend recently wrote this,

Both sexes have shitty things happen to them on a daily basis, including discrimination, bias, and violence done unto them, it’s not unique to women except in the prevailing narrative. Yes, as a guy, we are all now considered dumb. Yes, as a guy I’ve had a gun held to my head and my life threatened because I couldn’t fulfill some fuckwad’s criminal agenda. Yes, I’ve had people comment on my tits…think it’s bad when that happens when you’re a woman? Try being a guy. Yes, I’ve had women get physically aggressive because they didn’t want to wait in line for their bathroom and therefore they were entitled to mine. Plenty of people feel it’s 100% acceptable to degradingly discuss my appearance in my presence with their friends. Yes, as a man I’ve had women get physically aggressive and not been able to do anything about it but back into a corner and ride it out because if I did anything else I’d be sent to jail and probably have my life ruined. I’ve even been the “diversity” candidate for jobs just because their HR offices thought it would reflect poorly on the organizations for only interviewing women. Think it sucks being a woman and realizing your looks got you an interview? I bet it sucks just as much as realizing you purposely had your time wasted so that people could check off a “diversity” box, an experience that I’m sure women go through too

Men get treated as sexual objects as often if not more than women because it’s socially acceptable to treat men poorly. If a man slaps a woman he’s a monster but if a woman slaps a man people ask what he must have done to deserve that reaction. If men are sexually assaulted they aren’t met with sympathy, they’re ridiculed for not liking it.

On top of that, men are often treated as an ATM.  A survey showed that 70% of women would change their minds about leaving a boring man if he won the lottery. The Pew Research Center found that 62% of men said that finding a partner who shared similar ideas about having and raising children was the most desirable trait in a future spouse. While 78% of women said finding a partner with a steady job was most important. The same study found that only 4% of women would consider dating a man who was unemployed.  When was the last time you heard of a man rejecting a woman because she was unemployed? With sexual objectification at least they actually want you, it’s your specific physical qualities that are attractive. But when men are treated as a cash machine, it’s not the man who matters but the products his money can buy.  And when you’re walking down the street and need some money, any ATM will do.

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Being treated in the above manners is not pleasant but let’s get to the really serious matters of sexism and discrimination that men face.

Men pay 97% of alimony, men make up 94% of work suicides, men make up 93% of workplace fatalities, 79% of all suicides are men, 78% of all homicide victims are male, men are over twice as victimized by strangers than women, 82% of the prison population is male and men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women. Men also get 63% longer sentences than woman for the same crime and court bias against men is six times bigger than racial bias.

Men get arrested in 85% of all domestic violence cases but it’s estimated that women are the perpetrators in most domestic violence cases. Most reciprocal violence is started by women and 70% of non reciprocal violence is perpetrated by women. Women however only get arrested in 15% of all DV arrests.

Despite these numbers 99.3% of domestic violence shelter spaces are for women only.

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Finally let’s look at the discrimination men face in healthcare. More money is spent on breast cancer research than lung cancer and prostate cancer combined, despite lung cancer causing nearly three times more deaths per year. Lung cancer causes roughly 160,000 deaths per year and receives about $1630 in spending from the National Cancer Institute per death. Compared to Breast cancer which causes 40,000 deaths a year and receives $13,000 in spending per death.

I’m not looking for pity and a large part of the false female victim narrative is probably because men generally don’t complain or speak up. I’m only here to set to the record straight. Men face more severe discrimination with more dire consequences. Yeah, sometimes women get called mean names and get rude comments about their bodies but so do men and on top of that men often have their lives destroyed.

Sorry, not sorry, but men face more sexism and discrimination than women.

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