Why President Cruz Would Be Good For Liberty

Why President Cruz Would Be Good For Liberty

“First you win the argument, then you win the fight” ~Margaret Thatcher

Hours before the Iowa Caucus, I stated why I am throwing my support behind Republican Ted Cruz for president. Honestly, I wonder why so many libertarians haven’t at this point in time. Cruz has, since his first day in the senate, stood solid in his conservative principles. His desire to bring back the Reagan Coalition of free market-libertarians, Reagan Democrats, and social conservatives has brought about a wave of support to not only defeated the monstrosity known as Donald Trump in Iowa where he favored to win, but can win in October and take on the Washington cartel.

The reasons libertarians should support Cruz surpass the frivolous differences between libertarians and conservatives that many use against him. We are talking about the man who supported Senator Paul’s filibuster to help defeat Obamacare when the establishment wouldn’t; a man who shut down the government over principle. Cruz also led the fights against Obama’s executive amnesty and net-neutrality.

Even though there are some excellent Libertarian Party candidates, the Libertarian Party will not be able to come together to have any meaningful effect in 2016, nor will Rand Paul come close to receiving the Republican nomination.

Joel Kurtinitis from Liberty Conservatives Magazine stated several points I agree with in regards to why libertarians should celebrate Cruz’s victory in Iowa:

A Cruz win is a loss – and a rebuke – for Donald Trump. Throughout the last year, Trump’s candidacy has become a dividing line within the GOP. His brutal tendencies and liberal positions have thoroughly alienated ideological conservatives from his brand, while his egotistical demagoguery and politically-incorrect tough talk have attracted the right’s own brand of personality cultists. Worse than Trump’s incoherent policy merry-go-round is his frustrating political invulnerability: almost nothing has been able to shake him from the top spot in national polls since he joined the race…

A Cruz win validates the strength and resilience of the Liberty Movement. Cruz certainly has his detractors within the Liberty Movement, and as the Cruz campaign worked hard to compete in a bracket that Team Rand had assumed safe, the divide between the two became sharper.  It was only a matter of time before Rand’s camp moved to attack Cruz as unworthy to represent libertarians – even if the move came a little late to help his campaign. From the perspective of someone who believes the end-all, be-all of the liberty movement is Rand Paul 2016, I suppose the knock on Cruz for splitting the base is valid. But for anyone looking at the issues rather than the name placards, it’s obvious that the Cruz/Paul tussle for the liberty vote has been a tremendous gift to the Movement…

A Cruz win would represent an unprecedented consolidation of conservative factions around a candidate with obvious libertarian leanings – and that could mean real policy change on key libertarian issues. Cruz does not call himself a libertarian (neither does Rand Paul), but his libertarian-ish streak has been obvious enough to draw the ire of foreign policy hawks and social conservative purists alike. A Cruz win would force these typical enemies of libertarianism to reassess their priorities. Election after election, libertarians are told we must get on board with a candidate who represents virtually nothing we believe, for the sake of beating someone who also represents even less of what we believe. A Cruz win gives us the ability to turn that argument around on many of our erstwhile antagonists…

Cruz is a successful manifestation of what the liberty movement has tried to do for decades: produce a candidate within the Republican Party who can take the principles of the Constitution and free markets all the way to the White House. Even libertarians at Reason Magazine have poured adoration for Cruz (prior to his presidential campaign):

Whether that’s good or not depends on what breed of dog you want. Like many Tea Party warriors, Cruz has a significant libertarian streak. It’s most prominent on economics. Unlike many Republicans, he’s not pro-business but pro-market. He opposes Luddite restrictions on the energy industry, but he also regularly weighs in against subsidies and protectionist regulation.


If there was ever a time to drastically shift the Overton Window in a direction towards liberty, that time is now and Ted Cruz is the candidate to do it.

And if you think I’m the only libertarian choosing Cruz, you’re sadly mistaken.

Liberty Leaders for Cruz

If you want to reignite the promise of America, it’s time for fierce libertarians and courageous conservatives to take this campaign all the way to the White House.




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  • RecallCarlLevin
    February 3, 2016, 12:45 am

    The reason libertarians get no traction is that they are living in a dream world. In the real world, the Jews run everything: the government, the media, the banks, the major political parties, and everything else of any influence. Everybody, except the libertarians, knows this. Since the libertarians are not run by the Jews, one would think a libertarian candidate might mention this every so often.

    However, Rand is crushed by the Jew media and parties. The media deluged the country with Trump coverage. Trump is owned by the Jews. So, alas, is your boy Cruz. Cruz will get behind another abominable war in the middle east, even though ordinary people in this country such as myself are opposed overwhelmingly. Cruz will do this to get Jew support.

    Will Cruz ever support a 9/11 investigation? Not as long as the Jew media opposes it.

    Rand’s problem was that he talked about things that didn’t grab people’s attention.

    He should have railed against the Jews instead.

  • gigarath24
    February 3, 2016, 10:12 pm

    Ted Cruz will never, and I repeat NEVER vote for this guy, ever.


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