Filming Cops Is Not A Crime

TOWSON, MD – Two police officers have been put on administrative duty and are under investigation after a videotaped confrontation with bystanders at a late night disturbance call.

University of Maryland Student Sergio Gutierrez began filming the officers arresting two individuals in a manner that he believed to be too aggressive.  After letting the officers know that he was filming, an officer approached Gutierrez and claims that he is distracting the officers. [contextly_auto_sidebar id=”ThBHgqCqS3fZwW7WUtBukKpVEWhwQIOY”]

Gutierrez asks what law he violating, the officer told him to “shut your [expletive] mouth or you’re going to jail.”  Gutierrez responded by saying “I thought I had freedom of speech,” to which the officer responds, “You just lost it.”

Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson condemned the actions, saying that, “The words of and demands to cease filming by sworn personnel and citizen volunteer auxiliary officers were incorrect, inappropriate and unnecessary. They were not helpful in bringing this incident to closure. As we already have stated, all aspects of this encounter are under investigation, and all personnel will be held accountable for their actions.”

About The Author

Joe Trotter

Joe is the Executive Director of the Stonegait Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting abuses of powers perpetrated by our leaders at all levels. He was Austin Petersen's campaign's Communications Director and formerly headed up the media department for a First Amendment nonprofit that deals with campaign finance related issues. He has a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and has been published in National Review, the Washington Times, the Daily Caller, the Washington Examiner, and Frum Forum.