Missouri on Track to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

Nullification takes off in the Heartland

JEFFERSON, MO – Missouri is on track pass a bill that would nullify federal gun laws by arresting and fining federal agents who enforce them. The legislation is a response to President Obama’s call for stringent new gun regulations last year. It needs one more vote in the Senate before heading to the House.

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A statue of Thomas Jefferson stands proudly in front of Missouri's state capitol.
A statue of Thomas Jefferson stands proudly in front of Missouri’s state capitol.

“This is primarily purposed to protect liberties of Missourians,” said Senator Brian Nieves, the Republican sponsoring the bill.

The bill would also give school districts the option of allowing designated staff members to carry concealed firearms in school buildings, allow holders of concealed weapons permits to carry their firearms openly, and lower the minimum age for a concealed carry permit from 21 to 19.

The bill’s chances are respectable. Neighboring Kansas successfully passed legislation nullifying some federal gun laws in April 2013. Missouri nearly passed a similar bill in September, but it was vetoed by Democratic Governor Jay Nixon after passing through the state’s Republican-controlled house and senate.

Republicans failed to overturn the governor’s veto – but this time they are more optimistic. Fearing that the bill will pass, Democratic legislators have been working to attach amendments to the bill that would moderate its effects.

If the bill passes, federal agents who violate it could face up to 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Kansas Republicans, meanwhile, are working to nullify federal regulation of Kansas’ non-migratory wildlife.


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