Math Teacher Allegedly Had Sex, Sent Naked Snapchat Selfies To Students In Class (VIDEO)

Posted by Austin Petersen • 11 Feb 2014

Teacher’s Pet?

TACOMA, WA - 24-year-old math teacher Meredith Powell was arrested on suspicion of third degree child rape at Lincoln High School in Tacoma.

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Powell allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old and separately had sexual contact with a 16-year-old during a school assembly last month. Court documents claim that Powell admitted to her behavior although she pleaded not guilty.

Court documents also claim that Powell sent Snapchat selfies of herself naked in a bathtub to students as well as explicit sexual text messages to another 17-year-old student. The 17-year-old’s girlfriend allegedly received a text apologizing for her “promiscuous” texts to the high schooler.

  • milehisnk

    I’m not going to say what the teacher did was “right”, but was it really traumatic? I doubt that. I won’t hide it, I’m jealous of those bastards, she’s attractive. But at 15-16-17 years old, you know right from wrong, you know what sex is, and you have the ability to choose. Yes, this applies to boys and girls. Girls have the ability to make those same choices, the difference is in societies perception of what is “moral” for boys compared to girls. How many male teachers get charged and convicted and spend years in prison, all because a female student came on to him, they had sex, then when her parents found out, it suddenly became “rape”? I honestly don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does, but I bet it’s more often than most of us would guess.

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    Utterly contemptible … but curious why this is a story on a liberty/libertarian-themed news-site.

  • Grego

    To me, the ages from 15 through 27 seem to be about the same as far as adolescence goes. At least that seems to be the case for this day and age. I know some people bloom a bit quicker than others. in this case they all seem like children to me trying to mimic their own view of what sex is all about. To come to think of it… it wasn’t that long ago when our grandparents were marrying at the age of 14 and 15 with 30 year olds. Of course the people then were not as pampered as we all are today. We have become so fragile, and apparently bored. Nothing to do, but create social scandal that lead to the story above. There is nothing to do but play games. Then here we are, trying to find reason out of it all. Eventually they will figure out that sex is really about restoring confidence between lovers, and to reproduce. Also sex is just another way of producing Dopamine! Yay!

  • TheBlackINTJ

    This is f*cking stupid. Men rape. It’s nearly impossible for a woman to rape a male. It should be legal for a 13 year old male (Bar Mitzvah age) to have sex with whatever women he can. However, this only applies to normal heterosexual relationships, since, as I said before, men rape.

  • Reverend Draco

    Where were these teachers when I was in school?

    Gods, I would have given my left pinkytoe for a female teacher – especially one as attractive as Ms. Powell – to perform oral sex on me at 15 – or 12, 13, 14, 16, 17. . .

  • Don Pierre

    Lets stop pretending that males and females are absolutely created equal. It stems from the fight for equal rights, which we should have, but from there the concept of equality have been taken out of context.

    Men and women are not created equal, we have different thoughts, physology and hormonal balance. Mens sexuality is a lot simpler. Less worries of consequences such as condemnation or pregnancy. A womens instincts is to have a loyal partner for protection in case of pregnancy. For men It doesn’t hurt having sex, nor is the first times a particularly different experience from the subsequent sexual encounters, decreasing risk of trauma. The sex drive is also stronger because of the hormonal levels. I will also argue that the age difference doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as the higher age person are respectful, compassionate, non-manipulative and considerate of the younger persons maturity and feelings.

    I will admit that condemnation stems partly from social stigma within society, which the supposed girlfriend that tipped the police are contributing to. She didn’t act out of sympathy for her “molested” boyfriend. She acted out of evil and jealousy, the latter a feeling that women are more prone to than men. I will also admit that it might not be okay for a teacher to engage in sexual activity with students, but charging her with rape and putting her in jail is too much. The court need to exercise discretion depending on the nature of the case. Women please try to understand my points, as it is mostly you that deny and fail to acknowledge the nuances and differences between the genders regarding sex. A “modern” feminiscist wants sexual liberation for women, but are often the most judgmental of women sexual behavoiur, thus being your own own worst enemy.

  • mrparker1

    Are there any psych evals given to prospective teachers?
    She is a predator; whether or not some of you think he may “enjoy” it, it will inhibit his ability to form stable relationships with women as he gets older.

  • HerbWalsh

    Not Guilty…….3.14 is in her lesson plan

  • Orthospinedoc

    Statutory rape is statutory rape…she deserves to be in prison and barred for teaching for,the rest of her life…if this was a man that did this he would be lynched…she is a sick person…taking advantage of teenagers and a 15 year old…she needs to go to prison….she is a sexual predator!

    • fuzznarf

      That’s funny. When I was 15, I was a sophomore in high school. Plenty of kids were having sex and every single one of them knew what they were doing. These boys weren’t being taken advantage of or preyed upon, they were taking advantage of the opportunity to have sex with an attractive woman.

  • HerbWalsh

    Not Guilty

  • disqusisstoopid

    Dang, How come I never had any teachers like this?

  • OldManMtn

    “We always reach out to victims to see what kind of services or support they need”

    Victims 1,2 & 3 : “We need more teacher, please”

  • ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢

    Math teachers were always the freakiest of the freaky at my school… Good old Master Tate, I mean Mr. Tate. Slip of the hand… er, tongue.

  • Jerry Jackson

    Lucky kids. Geez.

    Where were these screwed up sexual deviants when I was little?!?!

  • WhoCares

    Authorities are still searching for the victims.

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    Equal rights NOT special rights. Rape is rape. Women get off too easy because we think they are somehow “not capable” of such acts. If it were a male teacher, oh boy would there be a crap storm.

  • jaydeejj

    1) No matter what, she’s still his teacher. At the end of the say she’s there to set an example. 2) Doesn’t matter that he’s 17. If she’d been a random 24 year old and he a random 17 year old, then I’d say that the age difference doesn’t matter 3) It should not matter that she is attractive or how YOU would have felt if it were you. No one should WANT their kid to have a sexual encounter with his teacher! It’s gross that everyone is saying “if it were my kid I’d high five him!” That’s NOT good parenting! You’re telling your kids that’s it’s ok to sleep with the people who educate them. 4) You have to look at it from both sides. If this was an attractive 24 year old male and a 16 year old willing girl? How would you react? Realized that it was consensual between the 16 year old female and the 24 year old male. If you say that it’s wrong because she’s a girl, ask yourself why without sounding sexist. Because I’ve taught middle school through high school 16 year old girls are JUSt as sexually charged as 16 year old boys. And 16 year old girls are VERY VERY flirty.

  • Alfred Gibanchko

    The school administration spokes dork was simply giddy. That dude looks like a bent-arrow himself if you ask me. Should he be associated with schools? Hmm.

  • Norm Brookens

    lol “victims”

  • Jroop

    This woman is an awful person, a criminal, should never be able to teach again. Now back to the important issue, where can one get a copy of those snapchats so I can properly identify her in public, yknow, so I can shame her as should be done to such a threat to american values and what not.

  • Phillip Burdine

    LOL, 15 and 16 year old victims of a sexual encounter. I was 16 and had several encounters with a 35 year old woman. I smile every time I think about it.

  • Bradley Hill

    I want to see the pictures, OK? Then I’ll decide whether she is guilty or not. You people have already judged her. Wish it were YOU!

  • Daniel

    “I got a BJ from my hot math teacher and now I’m traumatized for life.” – Said no 15 year old ever.

  • bones327

    What a bunch of happy horsecrapola! What teenage boy would not be thanking his lucky stars, if his hot blonde teacher wanted to play his skin flute? No harm, no foul.

  • Schroeder

    Bahahahah 3 male victims.hahahhahaha I wanna be one of those victims! hahahahah, best victimization ever!

  • justinian1974

    Professionalism at its best in our public schools…

  • David J Berry

    i wanna be a victim


    I fault the principal for hiring her. Everyone knows 17 year old guys are going to be all over this gal! When I was in HS same situation. Hot young mid 20s teacher and all us guys did everything in our power to seduce her. Even us nerds :)

    • jaydeejj

      That’s like saying to a rape victim “it’s your fault for dressing like that!” So we can’t hire attractive educators, male or female, because the students will want to have sex with them?

  • id2nv2nj2ca

    Sorry, but at the ages they are mentioning, these kids are NOT victims. Should the teacher have done what she has been accused of? Of course not. Are the boys victims? Not in the least.

  • Guest

    Regardless of the age, sex, or maturity of the teacher or the students, this is wrong. Period. A teacher is not hired by the school district to text, “friend”, or send lewd or pornographic images to her students. She is a professional and has failed to act as an authority figure. It is not wonder America’s youth is aimless, lazy, and self-absorbed.

    • Alantar

      Now we know why American youth is aimless, lazy, and self-absorbed. What’s the excuse for everyone else?

    • Matt

      Yeah, they’re so self-absorbed. Paying into Social Security so the old, lazy folks who broke the system can live comfortably whilst these lazy young folks won’t get a penny of it when they’re old. I mean, really. They’re so aimless. Education is inexpensive and high quality. The job market is great too…

      Do you understand much of the world outside of the rock you’re living under?

  • Harlimus

    wtf man! why the hell did i not have teachers like this when i was grouping up!? sigh. lucky bastards

  • Jacob Cooney



    I wish I had some teachers like that

  • Xzen667

    I’d like to know how all these “Where were these teachers when I was in high school?” morons feel about their 16 year old daughters giving it up consensually to 24 year old males they meet at the mall or a friends house. Probably crying statutory rape when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • id2nv2nj2ca

      The problem with your premise is that these are not 16 year old girls giving it up. Double standard, sure. But these boys are hardly victims of something that will scar them for life.

      • jaydeejj

        But there ARE stories out there of willing 16 year old girls giving it up and people flip their stuff when they read about it! They say the male teacher preyed on the female. Who’s to say those girls will be scared?

        • id2nv2nj2ca


      • Matt

        And yet, when 16 year old girls “give it up,”to older men, everyone screams rape.

        • id2nv2nj2ca

          Yep. And that’s pathetic, IMO.

  • spongeO

    Those poor “victims”

  • CheeseheadDJ

    Holy crap she is SMOKING HOT !!! If I was in HS and this hot teacher wanted to have her way with me I would have NO PROBLEMS letting her have my young meat. Those boys were not traumatized they were HAPPY !!!

  • Micah

    No one’s even asking the question of the obviously dubious nature of public school at this point. I believe sex means a lot more than our culture pretends it does, and regardless of our moral positions on what the teacher and students did (I disagree with it) you have to ask yourselves if you force a bunch of male students in their sexual prime, too immature to yet have a life-partner, and too many hormones to think about saying no to such a proposition, in with a teacher who’s desperate for attention, or maybe just thinks her behavior is OK, what do you think is going to happen?

    This is why I’m not sending my kids to public school, and why we understand that public school, like all government programs, is a gigantic failure.

    • jaydeejj

      But this could happen at ANY school public, private, Catholic ect. The fact that it’s public school has nothing to do with it.


    You KNOW this wh0re voted for Obamarx – both times.

    • id2nv2nj2ca

      Why would we know that?

    • OldUncleDave

      What, Republican women don’t put out? That would explain why men in the GOP are so anti-women – they’re not gettin’ any unless they pay for it. .

  • Babylonandon

    Sheesh … 24. The teacher was barely out of high school herself … and given the 24 year-old’s I know … not much more mature, either.

    They shouldn’t allow teachers – especially one this young – to be unsupervised around the students of the opposite sex.

    • Matt Kenny

      So, you’re saying they – the school system – should discriminate based on age?

      • jmark80

        Why not? We insist on the drinking age being 21, and in many states the smoking age 19, despite the fact that at 18 you are considered fully culpable for your actions, can vote and can join the military.

        I’m not saying that I agree, only that there is certainly precedent for illogical disrimination based upon age.

        • Matt

          Right. However, I don’t see how referencing illogical discrimination justifies it in a different situation.

      • Babylonandon

        They can’t be alone with individual kids without some sort of supervision and yeah I have no problem with age discrimination going AGAINST the younger, hornier ones.

  • Bo Kelleher

    She’s 24. They are 17. This is not rape. “Victims” *ahem* No.

    • Matt Kenny

      What would you call it if the boys were girls and the teacher was a male in an identical situation?

      • Subtle_Hustle

        bad judgement

      • Phillip Burdine

        Child molestation is what I would call it. Boy and female teacher, I would call the boy lucky.

        • jaydeejj

          That’s just messed up! THAT is sexism! By your logic, why wouldn’t the girl be lucky too? Because she’s a girl?

          • Phillip Burdine

            Because, by our standards, the female is the weaker sex and is therefore vulnerable and a victim. Not so when the sexes are reversed.

            • jaydeejj

              It’s 2014. Those standards need to change fast!

        • Valentine Joseph

          So, in your little world, boys can’t possible be victim of a sex crime?! That is a nice world you live in

          • Phillip Burdine

            Your attempt to rewrite the subject to fit your response is intellectually dishonest. Specify “sex crime” and how old is the boy?

      • Bo Kelleher

        I would say anyone who doesn’t understand the difference suffers from equivalency bias.

        • Matt Kenny

          Essentially, what you’re saying is:

          – High school boys know what they’re doing when getting sexually involved with a young, female teacher.
          – High school girls do not know what they’re doing when getting sexually involved with a young, male teacher.

          I’m not saying the boys are victims. However, it’s possible. The point I’m making is this:

          In an identical situation (yes, every aspect [i.e., flirting in texts and in school from both parties]), most of these commenters would be screaming rape.

          Do you really think boys at that age are more cognitively mature than girls? Read up on cognitive development and neural pruning in adolescence. Generally, girls start earlier and thus, have a fully developed prefrontal cortex before boys. This is especially important because the prefrontal cortex, the ventromedial PFC in particular, is highly involved in decision-making.

          • Bo Kelleher

            Read “The Case Against Adolescence” by Robert Epstein, PhD. In it, he shows extensive scientific evidence that the male and female brain and biology are “adult” by about age 13-14. Our society keeps many of these physiological adults trapped in a bias toward incompetence and incapacity, locking them in classroom prisons until they are 18, telling them that they are not fully an adult until they have a debt-laden college degree and that they’re not responsible for their own health until their 26 (*thanks to the ACA). 100 years ago, a 17 year-old man would be running a farm, building a small business or learning a trade, probably already at the journeyman level. He might very likely be married with children. Our modern age is anti-biological. That said, given that most adults still think that they are children, I think we should raise the age of statutory rape to 26.

            • Matt Kenny

              I suppose that depends on what one considers an “adult” brain. However, I do agree – if I’ve interpreted your statement correctly – that teens should be considered adults. However, they’re not. Until 18, that is.

              It comes down to equality. We can’t be treating teen males as more cognitively mature and thus, more in control of their actions than their female counterparts. That’s why I asked what you would call it in an identical situation with sexes switched.

              You claimed equivalency bias, but that doesn’t apply when the situations are identical and the parties are different. That’s applicable if the situations are different but portrayed as similar.

    • Arjuna Jennings

      It’s statutory rape, in most states. 18 or less than four years apart are the magic numbers.

  • Justin Franklin

    To hell with counseling, give them a high five. She’s a hottie.

  • Rob Sutton

    This chick could get any sex and all the C%#ksucking she’d want … why do the little pricks ?

  • secret

    shes hot, I wish she went to my school

  • Ohala Nomar

    Where the hell were these teachers at when I went to school !? Victims my ass ! A victim doesn’t enjoy what is being done to them & You can’t rape the willing.

    • Paddy S

      southpark influence there….

      • Ohala Nomar

        no.. I don’t watch South park.

    • Matt Kenny

      So what do you call a young teenage girl who hits on and performs a sex act on an adult male?

      Question everything.

  • Paddy S

    Wait a minute where were all these teachers when I was going to school. Southpark predicted this….

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Liberal Demonrat sluts like this airhead are diseased whores and each child should get tested for STD’s….

    • lykorian

      I bet you’re a hit at social gatherings.

      • Mike E. Cooney

        I know that your a parasite, Gimmerat , with all the brains of a gnat. So, fly away asshole and die.

      • Mike E. Cooney

        Eat shit and die pedophile…pansies like you mouth off & support the most pathetic creatures to walk Earth. Now, post to someone who cares azzhole.

    • derpleton

      I cant wait until the Fox News crowd drops the “Lets play Libertarian!” games….

    • Jacob Cooney

      Please don’t shame the Cooney name :(

      • Mike E. Cooney

        You’re a bastard spawn, no one knows who your real parents are moron. Ozobo voters like you who are parasites are America’s worst problem…now crybaby to who ever cashes your food stamps in for dope and booze for you….azzhole.

        • Jacob Cooney

          Ha, I’m a Libertarian; I didn’t vote for Obama. You are still, however, mentally unstable. I’m actually amazed you can spell most of your words.

          • Mike E. Cooney

            One thing is for sure, you are as simple minded as you are heathen and you’re as moronic as you post asshole. Take your hate filled insanity else where pansy, I want none of your pedophilia nonsense… .get it asshole ?! Now, go suck your boys cock.

  • Sasha Zvyagin

    This is such bullshit. Yeah, “VICTIMS”… Right. This country is so fucked up.

    • greekdish

      Im sure you would be just fine if it were a male student doing it to female students, right?


      • Ohala Nomar

        I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to hold them down & have her way with them unwillingly. The same can be said for a female student & a male teacher. In cases like this I cannot think of a single male student that would have turned a shot of @$$ down. God knows if I were 15 years old & had the chance, I would have been all over it ! lol

        • Mark B

          How much are the feminists paying you?

        • derpleton

          Suppose that in our society women who were as openly sexual as men weren’t considered whores? Then who would be the victim?

          I really think screwing a teacher can screw a boy or a girl up for life just in completely different ways.

          • milehisnk

            Or it could just be a student getting lucky with a teacher. No trauma involved. It depends on the individual.

        • Matt

          And what if it was the same situation with a male teacher and female students? Even if he “didn’t have to hold them down”, would you be saying the same thing?

        • milehisnk

          I have to agree…had she been my teacher in high school, I would have had plenty of *ahem* tutoring sessions with her, as many as I could, anyways. But society is different now, I guess, and women are supposed to be stronger and more sexually independent, while men are to be more sensitive and that it’s ok to be a victim…

          • Ohala Nomar

            When I would have been done with her, Everyone would have been calling her Bo … because Her legs would have been bowed all to hell !

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        No, I’m a realist. He’s fucking SEVENTEEN, he’s not a boy! He knew exactly what he was doing!
        Cause, you know, if he was EIGHTEEN, well, that would’ve been compleeeeetely different, right? Get a fucking clue…

        • Matt

          And if it were a female student and a male teacher youd be saying the same thing, right?

        • Valentine Joseph

          Then you are okay with a male teacher sleeping a female student, if it is consensual, right?

    • Jim Britt

      I love the way you dimwits make excuses for her because it’s a woman! If a man did this you would what him strung up even though MANY encounters between teen girls and older males are started by the girls!

    • Matt Kenny

      There have been plenty of instances in which young females approach and flirt with an adult male. When something happens and the public finds out, the man is ridiculed by everyone and receives a sexual assault charge.

      When the same situation occurs and the sexes are flipped, the law doesn’t matter anymore – according to your logic.

  • Richard Vickers

    lucky kids.

  • Brad Kirby

    I wish I was her victim.

  • CEO10k/day

    I will rape u if I get the chance

  • emptyhatch


  • Russell Wickham

    I see a lot of people think this behavior is okay. It is not. These boys will now have a concept of women in positions of authority being sexual conquests rather than superiors. Already we have issues of sexual harassment run rampant, which degrades workplace coherency and team unity, and people approving of this only exacerbate the situation. It goes both ways (even if it is more common from men against women), and you approving of this behavior is setting a bad precedent that sexual harassment of men by women is okay. It is not.

    • HBB


    • miscer

      I have some bad news brah

      • Chris StopTyranny

        Almost keeling over in laughter dude. hahahaaaaaa

    • Scott Lord

      The backside of this story is that the students texted her drunk, trying to flirt. Both parties are likely at fault, and all acts were ‘consensual’ by the end, though who has more power? A high school football player a foot taller than a small little 24 year old teacher? This is a two way street.

      • James Stephens

        This Woman is an adult though and she should know better.

        • jabberwolf

          Barely an adult – the kids were eager – and basically shes more human than anything else.

          • justinian1974

            This women is supposed to be a professional educator, not sex educator..

        • Jeremy Little

          It is only recently in the grand scheme of things where 15 or 16 is considered ‘not’ an adult.

      • Mark B

        Then what’s wrong if there is consent from a young girl to hook up with an older male teacher. Stop playing mental gymnastics.

      • Matt Kenny

        Now, flip sexes. If the teacher were male and had been drunk-texted by female students, would it be OK?

        To say that, because the boys are bigger and taller, they have less rights than a female in the same situation, is ridiculous.

        • jaydeejj

          This is where sexism comes in. Many of these comments are “he’s a horny teen male. he couldn’t help himself.” As if to say teenaged females have zero sex drive and can only be approached by their male teachers.

          • Valentine Joseph


        • milehisnk

          To say that because they are human that boys don’t have a more willing outlook on sex, and that should be discounted to treat them as victims no matter if they actually were or not, is ridiculous.

      • Richard Vickers

        23 does not an adult make. there are 16 yr olds with more sense than some 25 yr olds.

      • Jean-Luc Aufranc

        That’s still sex with minors.


      ‘superiors’ lol’d just because she has a job does not make her superior. She is still inferior and should treated as such, like the other pole of the GAYNIGGERSFROMOUTERSPACE – SUPERIOR to all.

      • Russell Wickham

        Libertarians as a whole, should believe that all people are created equal, because once we see all humanity as our equal, then it is unnecessary for governments to step in and tell us how to behave. I see, today, that such is not the case, and it breaks my heart because so long as we treat anyone as a second class citizen, or hold a double standard for what is acceptable by some but not by others, the liberty movement is doomed, for either the second class citizens will lose their liberty, or they will raise such a ruckus that the government will take away the liberty of everyone else.

        • Jim Britt

          I love the way you idiots make excuses for her because it’s a woman! If a man did this you would what him strung up even though MANY encounters between teen girls and older males are started by the girls!

          • derpleton

            Damn dude your copypasta bullshit doesnt really apply here since he is saying that there shouldn’t be a double standard.

            futhermore “MANY encounters … are started by the girls!” Where is your proof of this? Why would you take such an inherently defensive posture with which to blame the victim?

        • Richard Vickers

          so as libertarians, we need to force everyone to meet the same standard? why not just let people live their own lives. and keep what happens between 2 consenting individuals between them.

          • Russell Wickham

            Force should be as far from a Libertarian’s mind as light is from darkness. However, the age of consent has been dictated in most states to be 18, and although 15 to 17 year old boys are mostly raving sex maniacs that would jump at a chance with a woman like this, it doesn’t make it right in the eyes of the law. Nor should we hold to a double standard that this teacher can get it on with 16 year olds because she’s “hot” but a male teacher cannot.

            • Richard Vickers

              in England, the age of consent is 16. i find it absurd how geography dictates morality. If they are at least 14 and consent i see no reason the government should be involved. for some reason we’ve made sex this huge issue. its not. its basic and universal.

              • Bob Paglione

                Why stop at 14, Maybe a 30yr old male should do what he wants with a 10 yr old boy because he “consented” even though he probably is mature enough to understand.

                • Richard Vickers

                  there’s a difference between a sexual predator abusing a young child and a high school student choosing to hook up with an older person or even a person their own age. sex is not criminal. especially if initiated by the younger party.

                • ken

                  u are fuckin stupid..and ur boy friend is ugly to..u faggots no wander their against it.. shes takin a couple of boys away from them

                • ken

                  u two cock suckers look like ur lookin for young pray… fuckin faggotts

          • Bob Paglione

            Because they are NOT both Adults

            • Richard Vickers

              says who? the state? which state? that’s my whole point. its all relative. this should be a family issue, not a government one.

              • Bob Paglione

                Says any Adult with half a brain. Guess you think with your little head

            • ken

              don’t look like yur boy friend in pic is to happy ur lookin to replace him…hes probably has an asshole u could drive a truck threw

          • James Anderson Merritt

            Libertarians would treat everyone as individuals. Some people are better able to do adult things at younger ages; some people remain incapable of making decisions and dealing with consequences, long after they reach the age of majority. Forcible rape, like assault and battery, is rightly treated as a crime. But consensual sex between partners of any age should probably be dealt with only in civil court, where the object would be to determine the extent to which both parties were capable of legal consent. The school could also sue the teacher for breach of fiduciary responsibility or breach of contract. Adequate penalties and remedies are available in either type of case — there is no need to criminalize unless force and aggression against an unwilling victim are alleged.

    • jabberwolf

      So let me get this right… an older woman (of about 6 years) having sex will make boys think of women in a LESSER position of power?
      Um its more like the exact opposite – that they can and will think of women as people in HIGHER positions of power.

      You would not say this crap had it been a man as the teacher and girls as victims.. you’d say the exact OPPOSITE.

      • Russell Wickham

        What I mean is that because the woman in the position of power was an easy sexual conquest, the boys will view all women in power with less respect than they would a man in the same position. At least that is my experience from watching soldiers interact in the army and civilian workers in my workspace.

      • derpleton

        That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard, the boy would think less of the woman in power and by extension all women and the fact that you can say he would not say this if the gender’s were reversed only indicates how far above your head his point was flying.

        screw me sideways, he said

        It goes both ways (even if it is more common from men against women), and you approving of this behavior is setting a bad precedent that sexual harassment of men by women is okay. It is not.

        Can you even read?

    • Bluwater

      Well said Russ! Despite the obvious Revenge of the Nerds class reunion going on here, this is not acceptable behavior just because she’s the female and attractive. As a society, we can’t let any kind of sexual predator have a pass because of their looks or their gender. There are also plenty of female teenagers who would accept or even be pleased with an advance from an attractive male teacher as well.

      Bottom line, students this age are not capable of making adult decisions, no matter what temporary social perks they get out of it at the moment from having made “the conquest”. And that’s to say nothing of the potential for passing along an STD, courtesy of a woman who obviously has a problem she won’t control.

    • Phil McGowan

      No “teacher” was ever superior to me. You can take your “authority” bs elsewhere.

      • Dylan Stewart

        If you are a student, the teacher is your de facto superior.

        • milehisnk

          I disagree. When I was in high school, I was the de-facto superior. I was more intelligent than most of the teachers and more educated. I had to correct THEM half the time (and gladly did so). I saw them as teachers, doing a job, just as I do a job now.

          • Dylan Stewart

            As frustrating as that may have been for you, it doesn’t mitigate the fact that they were your superiors, most likely like your boss at the job you do now.

      • Bob Paglione

        No but I know 2 Cows and a pig who are. Your just like the rest of the Morons on this page

        • Phil McGowan

          It’s *you’re*…. Old man with grammar problems calling me a “Moron”… nice try

          • Barnaby

            and why is moron capitalized? is that your last name?

          • Bob Paglione

            That’s right, I’m old but I have more sense and more respect for people. You, don’t just get respect because you are you. You EARN it with what you do. Tell me what have you done in your life except live with your parents and take their money.

            • Phil McGowan

              Again… nice try…. I’ve been on my own since I was 16… I’ve earned everything I have in life. Doesn’t seem like you have much sense left. Learn how to use commas and maybe a spell check.

          • Bob Paglione

            Besides what does edgy got to do with it. Whom are you trying to impress the mindless masses?

      • jaydeejj

        So edgy! Just because you’re too edgy to have a teacher above you, doesn’t change the fact that a teacher’s job is to educate his or her student. This is what makes the ma superior. They’re meant to be looked up to.

        • Phil McGowan

          If I am forced to be somewhere and am told that I have to listen to someone doesn’t mean they deserve to be looked up to. What’s “edgy” about not worshiping “authority”? I have teachers that deserved admiration and others who didn’t deserve the time of day.

          • jaydeejj

            I’m not saying it’s edgy to worship authority. I’m on the question authority train with you. But when you say no teacher was ever a superior to me, it reminds me of the students I had that used to say “you’re not the boss of me. I can do whatever I want!”

            • Phil McGowan

              Just making a point that because someone holds some sort of title or position does not make them worthy of admiration.

    • Mick

      I see an ethical violation here, not necessarily a criminal or moral one, per se, unless she is married. Ages of consent are arbitrary and vary widely, and are not often the same as legal contract age. I think there should be no double standard however, and that if it’s OK for women to engage in consensual sex with a younger willing male participant, then it should be OK for a man with a younger female. Females these days are much empowered, and they know full well what they are doing, and more often than not the young females are every bit the sexual aggressor as any man. If you want to make it an ethical code violation and fire the person for a breach of trust and fraternization – I’m fine with that. There should be no criminal consequence however, in that gooberment is in the business of regulation of the behavior between two willing participants who are obviously adults according to their parts and who traditionally in times past were considered adults and worthy of being on their own, being married already, and having started their own families by their middle teens.

      • Russell Wickham

        Very well said, sir.

    • Libertarian

      So this is a bad thing because it doesn’t empower women? The cool aid drinking is strong with you!

      • Russell Wickham

        So you would prefer that the women be dominated by the men?

  • thunderpunch

    “Victims” lol. Honestly, I’m totally okay with a double standard in these situations. Cause those kids were so scarred for life. Its one thing for a man to take advantage of a woman, I dont think its possible for a woman to take advantage of a man – not in this situation anyways.

    • Scott Lord

      It is quite probable the ‘victims’ were more like stalkers – that’s not to say the teacher is free of blame, but 16 year old ‘boys’ who can physically function like men have one thing on their mind. I highly doubt this teacher forced anything on any one.

      • Zhaliberty

        it seems men or any sort only have one thing on their mind. OH and women too. lol

      • Jim Britt

        I love the way you fools makes excuses for her because it’s a woman! If a man did this you would what him strung up even though MANY encounters between teen girls and older males are started by the girls!

        • Jacob Cooney

          I never said there’d be anything wrong if it was the other way around. The only problem with teachers having sex with high schoolers is that they are TEACHERS and this is a massive breach of trust between educators and students/parents. She should be barred from teaching anything. But arrested? Hell no.

          • Joseph Gregg

            Then male teachers that get caught should face the same punishment. I mean if you believe in equality that is…

            • Valentine Joseph

              THIS. Male teachers are practically lynched for being inappropriate but female teachers get a tap on the back. Unbelievable

        • Reverend Draco

          16 has long been the “magic number.”

          Sweet Sixteen, Sixteen Candles – You’re 16, You’re Beautiful, and You’re Mine.

          Everyone should have an older lover in their youth – to teach them, not only about the bodies of the opposite sex, but about their own. Partners of their own age don’t generally know any more than they do. . .

          I got off to a late start (lost my virginity at 18), but still lucked out and got together with a 32-year-old. . . she taught me a LOT – and every woman I was with after her was glad of it. . . especially in the oral sex department.

        • Valentine Joseph

          THANK YOU

      • PunditFaP

        ‘force’, or ‘voluntary, or involuntary, has zero to do with it, Scott. Good grief. One is an adult, a school teacher, a person in a position of authority, responsibility, power, and community trust, the other is a MINOR. Not legally capable of ‘consent’. Whether the criminal act is done by a male teacher, or female teacher, it’s still a crime. Why the double standard? Only male teachers are required to obey the law? Get real, Scott.

        • Scott Lord

          You’re a guy. Try convincing my female coworker, single mom, with two teenage boys larger than she is, when they throw a fit and try to be physical, how well calling them a minor works.

          That’s real.

    • derpleton

      Honestly I think if our gender roles were reversed and women who enjoyed and sought after sex like men do weren’t considered whores then people would say that if a male teacher was involved with one of his students.

      This can probably cause damage to a boy just as much as a girl, but it wouldn’t be a mark of shame for the boy as much as it was for the girl.

      So I guess to sum up this is wrong. Period, and the only reason that it matters less for a boy than a girl is that a girl has to deal with more social stigmas for this than a boy.

    • PGies Chan

      Right, because a 16 y/o woman can’t have consensual sex when the man is over a certain age. I guess her saving throw is designed to fail by the DM.



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  • Chris Handy


  • Tom Jefferson

    Oh lawd, she’s so hot too.

  • limn

    Every male HS students fantasy. Cops probably upset they weren’t so lucky, now have to arrest her.

    • Mr.Correcto

      You know it was one of the kids GF who tipped the police off.

      • Chris Hunter

        Who else would ruin such a thing.