Horrors of the Deep!

Space, the final frontier?

Well, yes, but the ocean is the natural resource that we should really be looking into. Scientists estimate we have only discovered perhaps 5-7% of the sea. Did you know there’s gold in the ocean? Enough for every person on Earth to have nine pounds.

But there are also monsters.

An oil rig spotted an enormous creature on its deep-sea camera somewhere in the ocean off Great Britain. The operator was astonished to see the jelly-like creature roll its fleshy blob near the lens.

At first it seemed shy… but then… it came back out of the blackness and revealed its genitals.


deepstaria-3_custom-9a9e6e41981ea6351c2c8a649a4d892ac427516b-s40-c85Scientists believe it is a rare jellyfish known as the Deepstaria reticulum. The fish eats with the membranes on its skin and fights with the bumps on the surface. It’s a deep-sea jelly, but when I look at it, I can’t help but remember the scene from one of my favorite movies as a kid… Creepshow 2. Does anyone remember The Raft Monster?

Sleep tight kiddies.

8 Responses

  1. Had_Enough2010

    corexit that was dumped gathering the oil to sink it to the floor flowing with the under current

  2. David Pacansky

    I found this video extremely difficult to masturbate to.

  3. BettyWhite0321

    I’ve always found deep fitted satin sheets to be pure evil. Knowing that they were also responsible for the disappearance of my socks from the washing machine has just made more horrifying repressed memories of that last corner up against the wall come flooding in.

  4. Sam Bloom

    It is a whale placenta. Not a sea monster, or some rare jellyfish.

    • John Sawyer

      No, it really is a Deepstaria jellyfish, either the Reticulum or the Enigmatica species.