Lauren Southern Suspended By Canadian Libertarian Party Because Of Feminazis

By: Laura Meyers

Lauren Southern, the reasonable babysitter of Canadian feminazi’s, has been suspended as a candidate by The Libertarian Party of Canada because of mounting pressure from feminists after Southern released a video in which she challenges female protesters at a “Slutwalk” demonstration last month.

During the march, Southern held up a sign that said “there is no rape culture in the west” and talked to protesting feminists about a thing called the judicial system, and tried to talk to them how women in the west have equality under the law, and therefore, are not victims of “rape culture.”

But the activists would not tolerate that kind of logic, and responded accordingly, calling Southern a “bitch,” physically assaulting her and her cameraman, and ripping up her placard.

The online feminist mob retaliated and began emailing the Libertarian Party ask for a suspension of Southern’s candidacy.

Party leadership eventually caved to the pressure and suspended Southern.

Allum Bokhari at Breitbart reports:

When I asked party leader Tim Moen to explain his reasons for suspending Southern, his answer was clear: she was bad for the party’s image.

According to Moen, Southern’s actions had “broken message discipline” and undermined the party’s efforts to “connect hearts and minds to the message of liberty and achieve a tipping point of 10% of the population adopting an unshakable belief in Liberty.”

A party centered around the idea of liberation suspended a candidate for breaking message discipline? Because that makes sense.

But in reality it doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense when, as Bokhari points out, Southern’s Slutwalk video has double the amount of views on YouTube than the amount of votes the Canadian Libertarians received last election.

All opinions in a party should be respected, no doubt, but when you allow one opinion to stifle the free speech of another opinion, you lose liberty altogether. And to my knowledge, liberty is what libertarianism is all about.

Keep rockin’, Southern. We’d welcome you to the states any day if you’d so choose.


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