Hillary Would Be Better For Liberty Than Trump… Here’s Why. [PODCAST]

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen offers his hot take on why liberty in the United States would be better served with a Hillary presidency rather than Trump. Petersen also answers why it’s better considering that the next president might be faced with a Supreme Court pick.

Putting historical analysis in a modern context, Petersen invokes Alexander Hamilton‘s strategy to champion the Federalist cause, and how it applies to the 2016 presidential race. Drawing from the Cato Institute’s research, Petersen shows why the growth of government is the real issue at stake in this election.
Austin Petersen was the 2nd place finisher for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, and is the current CEO of Stonegait Pictures. He’s the owner and publisher of The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral news magazines, with over 1.5 million readers a month, as well as the honorary chairman of the board for the Stonegait Institute, and LokiPAC.

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