Crackdown! Georgia Cops Issue 205 Tickets In 2.5 Hours. Threaten even more! (VIDEO)

“It never troubles the wolf, how many the sheep may be.” -Virgil

CHATHAM CO., GA –  Police officers in Chatham County, Georgia have been cracking down on motorists harder than ever, recently issuing over 205 tickets in just 2.5 hours. Authorities are threatening even more restrictive enforcement as the summer heats up.

GOHS Special Operations Division Director Powell Harrelson claims the public needs to learn their lesson.

“Unfortunately, we educate them by giving them a citation, and that usually gets their attention,” Harrelson said. “And when that gets their attention, it gets their neighbor’s attention, and they’re going to be talking about it at Walmart, and they’re going to be talking about it at the beauty store next week.” Harrelson added, “We’re going to be all over the place. You may see us at six in the morning one day, and you may see us at nine o’clock the next night.”

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