Zuckerberg Gives Live Tour Of Where Facebook All Began: His Dorm Room [VIDEO]


By Eric Lieberman

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a live tour Tuesday of where the whole social media company turned tech conglomerate conceptually began: his Harvard University dorm room.

It was the first time the tech wunderkind had been back at the nostalgic location since he left college around 14 years ago.

During the roughly 23-minute Facebook Live video, Zuckerberg rehashed old college stories ranging from his heavy diet of Hot Pockets to the genesis of his tech empire.

A specific tale included one of his first ever projects called Facemash, which was a platform where students would rank one another based on outward appearance. The school eventually shut down internet capabilities for his whole dorm due to the intense popularity of the superficial virtual program.

He also gave an overview of where his stuff used to be located.

“This is literally where I sat and I had my little laptop here. And this is where I programmed Facebook,” Zuckerberg recalls, while gesturing towards a desk that is situated in the same spot from more than a decade ago. “It took me about two weeks to program, to code the first version of this. It was a very simple version that I launched in February of 2004.”

Zuckerberg also points out exactly where Facebook co-founder and college roommate Dustin Moskovitz slept and studied.

After bumping into some current students, including former Facebook interns, Zuckerberg said, “its not like you stay in this room, you’re guaranteed a job at Facebook … there probably is some good karma here.”

Zuckerberg will be giving Harvard’s commencement speech Thursday, and he will finally receive a degree (albeit an honorary one) after dropping out many years ago.

Along with his wife Priscilla, Zuckerberg has been traveling around to various parts of the country far away from Silicon Valley, including states like Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, and Wisconsin. Despite repeated denials of a presidential campaign, Zuckerberg discussed military strategy Monday with students at the US Naval War College in Rhode Island. (RELATED: Zuckerberg Seems To Be Doing A Better Job Of Campaigning Than Hillary)

The tech mogul has come along way since those years of institutional education. Despite regularly giving money away, Zuckerberg has added on average $9 billion of net worth every year since Facebook officially went public May 18, 2012. He is currently the fifth richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The couple announced in December that it plans on giving away 99 percent of their Facebook shares (valued at more than $45 billion at the time) throughout their life. General goals for their philanthropic endeavors include “personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.”

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