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By: Elias J. Atienza

As a libertarian man, my dating prospects are often screwed up due to my political philosophy. For instance, on Tinder a guy might ask a lady for her number, I might ask if she believe the government should have the power to regulate commerce. Clearly, I have to work on my dating game because usually these questions end with the her blocking me for the rest of time. Then again, I don’t use Tinder so I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

But that is being fiscally conservative, socially awkward. It’s fine being socially awkward, just means us libertarian men who often find ourselves isolated need to up our game and not talk about the government, violations of the NAP, and why roads need to banned from existence (there’s a reason why Back to the Future is the most libertarian movie ever).

Worse yet, is the fact that there is often a stereotype of libertarians being creepy neck-beards who wear fedoras and live in their mother’s basement. I don’t wear a fedora, I’m cursed with the Filipino stereotype of not being able to grow a beard, and I don’t live in my mother’s basement because I can’t afford such luxuries (damn you housing supply!).But there is a creepertarian problem in the liberty movement (not that I am one).

Creepertarians aren’t just socially awkward, they’re straight up uncomfortable. As in, let me send you an unsolicited dick pic creepy. Or, I think you’re cute, let me just tell you I’m horny over a private message creepy. Like I said, just a straight up make you uncomfortable kinda creepy.

I got to witness this first hand at the Young Americans for Liberty Los Angeles Summit last weekend. Julie Borowski, one of our own writers and a political commentator, was taking questions when some dude asked if she was single. Now, you might not think this a big deal. After all, it is reasonable to ask people if they are single if you find them attractive, but there’s a huge difference between a private conversation between two individuals and asking a political commentator if she is single during a public forum. You might think it is political correctness which guides me on this and you’re absolutely right. A speaker during a public forum expects a certain amount of respect and asking someone’s martial status as opposed to engaging in the topic is not respect in my eyes. You might see it differently, but when I go to see a political commentator or someone prominent speak, I like to ask them questions on their positions and strategies on how to spread their message.

This is not an isolated incident either, we see it time and time again. Libertarian women are often chased around in libertarian gatherings and events. As Avens O’Brien wrote just two years ago:

“Awkward suitors who don’t observe personal space boundaries, or personal hygiene regiments – please back up and spray yourself with Lysol. I’ve been in a group of people talking about a liberty cause only to notice (and become tremendously self-conscious because) one of the guys has begun staring at me with laser-focused intensity and licking his lips. What the hell is that?

Later, they try to snap a selfie with me, as if I meant to be standing next to them. Then they ask for my number so they can text me the picture. Don’t be that guy.”

And I’ve talked to several libertarian women over the past week in order to get a broader understanding. After all, I am a guy and women offer a different perspective than mine.

I’ve heard stories about women who join LP Facebook groups and get unsolicited dick pics. An occurrence which never happened before joining a libertarian group. Worse yet, when the creeps get called out on it, they often attack with buzzwords, such as snowflake and accusing others of being politically correct. Another friend of mine has gotten a lot of messages from a lot of old libertarian guys who apparently don’t understand that young women might not be into them.

Julie Borowski talked about getting weird messages from guys all the times in her inbox during her speech at the YAL Summit, which is why she refused to answer that guy’s question on her dating status. It’s something of an epidemic in libertarian circles, creepy libertarian men just being creepy towards libertarian women. It has to stop.

You aren’t entitled to a woman’s affection nor their attention. Sometimes women are attracted to you and sometimes they are not. It’s not their fault you happen to be a libertarian guy with no social awareness, nor any sense of personal space despite claiming to understand what personal property is.  

Does this also apply to women? Yeah. But the biggest problem in libertarian circles is not women, it’s men when it comes to this.

Being a creep is not justified whatsoever and you need to get your brain checked out if you think it is. We’ve got a problem and we got to ask ourselves; what stereotypes hurt libertarians the most? It is often not our ideas, but the personalities of the people giving out these ideas. Creepertarians are just one of many problems, but it is magnified because women are the minority in our movement.

So here’s a simple word of advice. Stop being a creep. And read this.  And this.

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  • Kim Ruff

    First, James Weeks II is not a creep, and it’s “creepy” to use his picture as an example of someone who qualifies as a “creepertarian” or imply that he, himself, is one.

    Have (some) women in the LP been mistreated by (some) men in the LP? Sure. But as someone who is good friends with those “basement-dwelling neckbeards” everyone likes to speak of, let me tell you this:

    Absolutely ZERO of those men have ever been anything less than kind, generous, respectful, and sweet to me. Zero of them have ever sent me unsolicited pictures of their genitalia, made inappropriate comments, sexually harassed me, or objectified me. At Convention, I got blackout drunk and what did those guys do? They made sure I made it back to my hotel room, unmolested.

    So check your shit.

    • Joe Trotter

      James Weeks is by far one of the biggest creeps in the entire liberty movement. Exposing yourself, let alone on stage and on national television, is creepy.

      • John Smith

        I don’t know about it being “creepy.” It seemed more like it was intended to be a (not very well thought out) publicity stunt that didn’t go they way he wanted it to.

        As for the word, “creepy,” it’s been abused to the point that it’s become almost meaningless. It’s come to mean any male behavior that displeases any female, for any reason.

        As for “creepertarians,” being social is a skillset, and just like any other set of skills, it needs to be practiced.

        Being social doesn’t (usually) lead straight to sex, but unless you’re paying for it, it tends to be a prerequisite. I understand the desire to get straight to the point, but some guys need to spend more time practicing being social, and less time practicing sending dick pics.

  • JD

    Claiming that creepy men is a bigger problem than creepy women is asinine – men are the initiators in the dating game. It’s like complaining that surgeons are more likely to make surgical errors than accountants are.

    Here are four simple dating truths:

    1. Men are expected to do all of the initiating. Feminist attempts to have women initiate get no traction.
    2. More aggressive approaches are more successful. Women deny this to no end, but every man learns it with experience. More aggressive approaches also have more consequences for failure, but only men who are genetically gifted (handsome) have success without being aggressive. Women subconsciously perceive aggressiveness as masculinity.
    3. Women’s ENTIRE dating game is poker. They hide their feelings and force men to discover them. Men cannot know how an approach will be received until they try it.
    4. “Creepiness” is ANY attempt at pursuit from men who women do not find attractive. Women deny this definition when confronted with it, yet confirm it with their behavior.

    Taken together, these truths leave us with these options:
    1. No aggressive approaches from men. All men who are not genetically gifted resign themselves to virginity and either humans reproduce at sub-replacement level or the “hot guys” impregnate 100 girls apiece to keep up the numbers.
    2. Men who are not attractive based on looks alone make aggressive approaches towards women they like. Some are successful, but most are dismissed as “creepy”.
    3. Women stop playing games, rewire their psychology, and start either finding timid “polite” approaches from average-looking men to be attractive OR start being honest and open about what they actually want so men can just do it OR stop being unhappy about men’s failed attempts, no matter how aggressive.

    Right now, we are adopting option #2.

    • Megan


  • Megan

    Some guys need to learn how to act around women – especially women they find sexually attractive, Most of them have no problem acting proper around their mothers, sisters, other family members, or women they find unattractive. But around women they find attractive, a certain percentage of men don’t know how to behave appropriately. And yes, it can be creepy.