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Die for your country! Or they’ll do it for you!

UPDATED 4/14/14: A police officer involved in the shooting death of World War II veteran John Wrana has been charged with reckless conduct.

Officer Craig Taylor was charged with one count of reckless conduct in the death of John Wrana, who was killed at the Victory Centre nursing home on July 26, 2013.

95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country. Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tasering. The incident began after Wrana, who uses a walker, refused a surgery at his assisted living home. He grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around. Soon the police arrived to subdue the senior citizen, riot gear at the ready to take on the wobbly old man.

Conflicting reports have emerged between officers and staff, with the employees of the home reporting that they asked officers not to harm him and requested to intervene. Wrana suffered from “degenerative disk disease of the thoracic and lumbar spine.”

Wrana's stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Wrana’s stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Police decided instead to taser the war hero and follow it up with a beanbag to the guts. Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene. The police used a riot shield, shotgun and taser on a 95-year-old man in a walker who arguably presented no threat to anyone but himself.

“Police reported top hospital staff, according to records we received that they tasered John, but ‘the taser didn’t take,’ then proceeded to shoot John three times with bean bags in the abdomen and that John ‘was about five feet away’ at the time,” said Wrana’s family attorney Nicholas Grapsas.

Investigations are ongoing, but it has been revealed that the officers who shot him have received training about the use of bean bag shotguns. They are issued guidelines about specific factors to consider before shooting their target. One of their factors?



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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Gil Lopez

    What the hell. This is so sad on so many levels. Im and the son of an 89 year old man, ive never had any “police training”, however if my father were to come at me with a knife, real or false, i would not panic and respond with violence. This country is out of control. Stupidity is rampant, government is bloated and law-enforcement is on edge and out of control. So fucking sad.

    • seanp

      Which levels? Break it down, Charlie.

      • Micah

        he just did break it down

      • Amara Solita Vala

        The fact that they wanted to force him to have surgery he didn’t want would be the first clue to which levels I’d say. The fact that they killed him for refusing… how broken down do you need it? smh

  • Shiloh

    Even if he did have a knife they could have subdued him without violence. He was 95. Smfh!

  • Cheranne Lyn Willoughby

    WTF talk about over doing it!!!! No need to tazer or use a bean bag gun on a 95 year old person. They should be fired and serve jail time for their actions.

  • Mouse Killaz

    and we call cops “heroes” pfft.

    • Zachary “Crash” Ronson

      Your comment is douchey as hell. There are plenty of good cops out there that could qualify as “heroes” despite things like this happening.

      • American

        yeah there are.. but it dont take them long to get run off the force..

      • born2think

        Yup, they must be the ones who never go out on these calls. We all are furious at the cop who shot him, right? And all the good cops that accompanied this bad cop and said nothing? Oh, they are the good ones, right? Go drive the getaway car while your buddy robs the bank. Then tell the public that HE is the bad guy, you didn’t rob a bank. Guilty by association, unless you’re a cop. Then the public is quick to say, “But, but, but, there’s only a few bad ones. The good ones who watched were helplessly along for the ride….”

        • William Dillingham

          do you know how many calls for service cops get a day? only the ones where they mess up end up in the media.

          • born2think

            William D, It is patently false to say ONLY the ones where they “mess up” (nice words for “killing an old man in a chair,” btw) end up in the media. Perhaps you meant to say, “Only the ones with public witnesses, be it video or seen by many, end up in the media. Considering NO cop even brought this incident to the media as an outrage when he found no justice in his department is evidence that many cops saw, yet none did anything to prevent or punish the wrong.

          • Micah

            William, I think there’s truth to what you say, but they still need to be held accountable.

          • “mess up” (nice words for “killing an old man in a chair,” He told you …sir!

        • Amara Solita Vala

          Just fyi, I was harassed by some bad cops while one good one stood helplessly by. He did his best to diffuse things and get them to stop, but by rank and being outnumbered there was little he could do. He looked at me and I could see he was ashamed and helpless to help me. He kept looking at me and then down to the floor while his superior was telling me they did not need a warrant to search my home and go through my purse and if I didn’t comply I’d be arrested… all of this for a non-existent noise complaint. They had used the same ploy before a few times. The good cop finally had enough I suppose because he went out the door, I heard arguing, then another one came in and whispered something to the superior officer and they all left. I was not harassed while in that apartment ever again. That one officer was a hero in my eyes. Unfortunately, he lost his job after that. Trumped up charges. That is what happens to good cops who intervene.

          • Bristecom

            That’s a good point too. It seems that the good cops are being phased out because if they go against their own corrupt system and coworkers, they get fired. I have a similar story with an old friend of mine who tried to stop some of the corruption by our local police department. Needless to say, he got fired in no time.

        • Halfass Farm

          born2think, if the other cops went along with this, then they are also bad cops. There were no good cops at this scene. And the nursing home staff should all be fired for calling the police.

      • Rob L Witt

        There are some good cops but they are vastly outnumbered by the evil and power corrupt ones who commit brutality and then wait 3-4 months after wards to make any decisions regarding the incident to give the public time to forget. For every 1 story involving a cop “hero” I can show you 10 about police criminals and MURDERERS.

        • Eddie Eger

          The day a good cop arrest a bad cop then i will say there are good cops.So far that day has not come.

      • Eddie Eger

        Yes and the good ones always protect the bad ones.Whats your point Screw head.The bad ones are making the good ones look bad.So they need to stop the bad cops in their tracks.Other wise they are all bad cops.

      • Erica Martinen

        until the good cops call out their peers, they all deserve to be painted with the same brush.

      • Bastiat

        Don’t defend the fucking pigs. Christ I’m so sick of this. You have one organization that enjoys a monopoly on force, extortion, imprisonment, and killing which abuses it’s power daily, because it’s accountable to NO ONE. But they’re fucking “heroes”? Get a fucking clue, THEY are the criminals. It’s organized crime and they have the “law” on their side. They’re not heroes, they’re thugs.

      • Albert


      • edwin

        For every one good cop you can find I can find 2 dozen bad cops, this is coming from 26 years of experience over the road trucking. I have meet my share of cops that thought they turned into superman when they pinned on that badge. Like someone else said, I don’t think their is a 95 year old man out there that I can’t handle by myself without using force.

      • Carol Chang

        Ya know Zachary, you have to DO something extra ordinary to be a hero. Not just put on your uniform and show up for work everyday. If there were really good cops, they would make certain they got rid of the bad cops. P.S. Do you know the definition of douche? hint… it is a French word.

    • Wilma Gregory

      Not all cops are like that. My husband, a cop, is a hero……..many times over. What happened to this man is so wrong on so many levels………these cops are a disgrace to the badge and uniform they wear………a disgrace to the human race! This is the most absurd thing I have heard in a long time. I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. May they rot in hell!

      • edwin

        Wilma, is your husband to lazy to work, or to chicken to steal.

        • Halfass Farm

          Edwin, you are a leftist facist.

      • Carol Chang

        What did he do that makes him a hero, or is he just doing his job the way it is supposed to be done as a public servant…emphasis on the words servant paid by the public they serve. They work for us.

        • Halfass Farm

          He is a hero for putting on his uniform, vest & gun every day to protect us from the evil crazies of the world. Their salary is very low for putting their life on the line every day. If you should ever need a policeman, he will be your hero. Carol, don’t be so self-absorbed. It’s not about you.

        • cmtu1942

          CC, who else but a Hero would, without a second thought, place a TARGET (Bright Shiny Badge) on their chest then go out among those who would do harm to them. Maybe you should try it before mouthing off.

          • Carol Chang

            The 99% of bad cops pin on a shiney badge every day and go out to abuse the people who pay them.. Takes more than that, sorry.

      • Sharon

        Hi Wilma: Having personally been subject to ass hat police officers, i still believe that there are good ones who took the job because they care and try continually to do the right thing in a society where doing the right thing is frowned on so much. I am a teacher and every day that I turn on the news I see and read stories demonizing educators. The stories about the genuine ones are few and far between and it sure is dishearening. What these officers did is beyond acceptance but you know what will happen. This story will be absorbed into the vast media web and we will forget about this man and those crimminals who assaulted him. It is a sad place this world we live in. I am glad that you found a good man to share it with.

  • StarBorne

    Seriously? What kind of threat did they think an old man posed?

  • Dan Ritter

    I hope the police who shot him see this. You are all a disgrace to the uniform you peaces of shit. A 95 year old man? Tased and shot with bean bags? Are you kidding me? A war hero none the less….he was protecting your sorry asses and ensuring your freedom before you were even a sperm in your fathers nut sack. She should be all be stripped of your badges. I’ve had calls in nursing homes for elderly patients with knives, you know what I did? I fucking talked to them, they consciously put down the weapon and came with me willingly. The thought of doing anything more then that didn’t even cross my mind. Your all filthy fucking savages.

    • iamnotroysten

      I think law enforcement in general is separating into two schools of thought. Those that protect, serve, and respect our freedom; and those that just like having power over someone else’s life and are preparing to be the jackbooted thugs that want to be on board with President Skidmark war on the freedom of the American citizen.

      • JLou2

        The ones there to protect and serve are vastly outnumbered by the power hungry ones.

        • Wilma Gregory

          Sadly, I’m beginning to believe that as well.

        • GreatAgainRealAmerican

          You have to realize that most of today’s stormtroopers are the same doucebags that attendended the public indoctrination centers we call schools. They are completly incapable of independent thought and have no moral or ethical centers. I used to respect law enforcement, now I would not take the time to spit on one. I have even gone as far as lobbying for the elimination of several agencies. We don’t need the ss.

          • Matheus Grunt

            Too late, it’s already here because we’re refusing to overthrow it all.

        • Talk about an overly exaggerated claim. The ones that serve and protect are outnumbered? That’s almost laughable. Grew up in a “law-enforcement” family and have dealt with my fair share of cops, some of whom were most definitely assholes, but never witnessed or experienced anything remotely close to the picture that your painting, nor have I heard anything of that sort from friends or family. Spreading such inaccurate generalizations about a huge population of workers who absolutely do more good than bad is only going to perpetuate division amongst the people, which is exactly what the “higher-ups” want. So yes, people like you are just proving that this “anti-cop” propaganda movement is extremely successful. Of course there are bad cops, just as there are bad judges, teachers, coaches, law-makers, etc.. but the good outnumbers the bad, and if you think differently, then you’re simply brainwashed. Be more observant, more self-aware, and ultimately free your mind. The only solution is love.

          • Amber Poplett

            Says the brain washed one…

          • cyrylthewolf


      • Scott Snoopy

        the two groups are the POLICE, with no heart or power to use common sense–who enforce the law and the cops, who protect and serve and use that nifty officer discretion when enforcing laws. Sadly POLICE are becoming the norm

        • Matheus Grunt

          They don’t enforce law, they enforce unconstitutional statutes my friend. They all do it too. Even the “good” ones are guilty of it. And then many of them are murdering people, raping women, raiding homes/businesses and doing other evil deeds and getting away with it because we are not stopping it.

      • Dr What

        I agree. That 99% sure is giving that 1% a Bad Name!

      • Scott Hamsher

        None are there to protect and serve

      • Fernando Arboleda

        sad part of the equation is that the dirty pigs brand of copping is more and more frequent with further ignorance and militarization of law enforcement, less and less idea of constitutional rights, as evidenced by top politicians and legislators ripping up previously honored documents/statutes, TSA type of stupidity all in the name of the fabricated war on ‘terrorism’ …when in fact the greatest terrorists are those badge and gun happy assholes in our midst!

      • officer

        Iamnotroysten, thank you for differentiating between the two. Those that do their job to uphold the constitution as they are sworn to get a bad rap becuase they are lumped into the thug catergory automatically. First line of the oath is not forgotten by the many that swear to serve and protect.

        • Amara Solita Vala

          Although I have met more than my fair share of the truly bad ones and have many a horror story, I have met a couple of the all to rare decent ones. It is unfortunate that the bad far outweigh the good. I worry that in the inevitable uprising of the people we will lose the ones who truly do try to protect and serve because either they will be lumped in with the corrupt ones or the corrupt ones will ‘dispose of’ those who would protect us from them. I must say I believe it will most likely be the latter. I for one would lay down my life to protect those who truly care and do serve and protect. Those who actually did protect me rather than put me in danger as others had. Those who decided it would be more fun to not only allow my abusive ex husband to abuse me, but encouraged it by insisting he lived in my apartment(which he did not and never had) and telling me if I did not shut my mouth about proving he did not live there they would make me leave and I would not be allowed to take my small children, one of which was not even his. Thereby leaving my children home alone as he would have left as soon as I was removed. He was a monster and that was not even close to the first time the police helped him abuse me, nor was it the last… those I would gladly feed to the wolves as they did to me.

          • John DeLancy

            I’m truly sorry that this happened to you. I pray that you will be healed of the damage to your body and the deeper emotional pain. This is not good news and I will never be glad about it, but maybe it will help you heal to know that what goes around comes around. There will come a time when the abusive police etc encounter _real_ power in the hands of _real_ abusers. Karma is real, and the people that are coming would rather have an object lesson than work with incompetents who have never seen real torture until it is used on them. Again, very bad news, but please know that justice is real and they will reap what they have sown.

        • Stoned_Conservative

          Really? When did a cop stop another cop from beating the shit out of someone? When was the last time you saw a cop stop a murder of a civilian by another cop. Please, don’t insult me by telling me what great guys they are. Violence first is their motto.

          • officer

            You’re the one insulting everyone one on here. To speak so boldly you must have been on the scene of an atrocious action like this article describes. My guess is that you’re a troll that likes to talk as if you’ve experienced life but you spend the majority of it mad at the police because you smoke pot. Displaced aggression?

          • And yet, you’re here insulting someone and passing judgement as if you actually know them. Simply because you don’t agree with them.

            I hate people like you, “they said something I don’t agree with, they must be a troll and then I’ll insult them.”

            Way to go, champ.

          • Bruce

            Hey guys officer and stoned_conservative. There are bad and good in every line of work. What we citizens have to do is to get rid of the bad and let the good shine.

        • Matheus Grunt

          None of them uphold the Constitution, sorry. If they did then they wouldn’t be working with a badge. They’d be doing something else to help honor the Constitution/Bill of Rights. ALL agencies are tasked to enforce the unconstitutional statutes on the books, all of them.

          • Jennifer P

            That’s not a fair statement. The founding fathers who created the Constitution didn’t see a need to do away with their local “police” when they created the Constitution. Bruce is right. There are good and bad in every profession. The bad get a lot more press than the good ones do. I have known many fine officers – perhaps that’s because I’m not doing anything illegal 😉 No one is going to look at this case of tasering and bean bagging a 95 year old man (regardless of his status as a veteran) and think – oh, that was a justifiable use of force. Clearly the officers who were there did not act appropriately. That is not how they are taught to react in that kind of a situation and they are going to be paying for it. Not every officer is bright or uses good judgement or should be in uniform. But there are a lot of good ones out there too who go out of their way to protect and serve.

          • TJHillgardner

            In my experience there are a lot more bad than good out there. I am in awe when I meet a good cop. But not only are their many racist cops, and even if you are not overtly racist there is the new police culture that is more about making sure you go home at night than protecting and serve, Combine these factors and you see why at political demonstrations most cops willingly obey clearly unconstitutional orders by their superior officers. I cannot call any of those cops, “good cops.”

      • Bruce

        From what I understand is that one of the requirements to being a police officer today is to have mental instability, a kill, kill attitude. Sick.

      • Big Al

        This has always been the case. Those who wish to exert their power are simply being allowed to do so, now, with less consequences. They are simply suspended for a couple or three weeks, maybe a month, with pay – a great vacation – and then allowed to return to duty.

      • disqus_dqljRCaiM5

        Not to mention the undertrained and afraid. You never want a person who is afraid pointing a gun at your head.

        • Shaeri

          Afraid of a 95 year-old man? I don’t think so. They were just sailing on their “power”. If you want to know a man’s character, give them power. It seems like most of the police are characterless — the professions seems to draw them.

          • disqus_dqljRCaiM5

            I guess I should have been more specific by what I mean by ‘afraid.’ I meant a general fear of all things… The kind of fear that is used to lead the weak to commit abuses – not all war criminals are pure evil, but afraid and mislead by those who are. Take the members of the german military that this man bravely fought for example. In no way do I believe that these police acted justly and it is truly tragic that a man who gave so much was killed in this manner, but assuming that all police are simply abusing power because the covet power will not enable us to address the problems that face us today and in the future.

    • brett r

      Hey. They have a right to defend themselves. If he would have submitted meekly everything would have been fine. This is the new normal. We bend at the knee to our betters and thank them humbly for their service.

      • Gary Effner

        Really Brett? They had the right to defend against a 95 year old with that kind of force? No weapon in hand? I have dealt with the elderly. I drove ambulance and transport years ago and had many incidence with agitated elderly patients. Unless they are suffering dementia or some other illness that impairs their ability to think clearly, they can become confused or as the gentleman in the story, agitated by the treatment they are receiving. The best thing to do is to leave them alone and just make sure they don’t harm themselves.Talk to them nicely.Not the usual rude, ignorant blather that most facility staff exude towards elderly patients.Show some respect! They are old. A lot of them are not happy with their surroundings, the staff, which is a whole other story, the fact they are in a facility rather than their home, they lost their independence and a multitude of other situations and emotions. For law enforcement to treat an elderly man in this fashion is unconscionable. All involved should be permanently relived of duty.

        • brett r

          dude… that was sarcasm. Just rehashing the useful justifications for police abuse. They apply equally to everyone.

          • Micah

            haha Brett I love it! Although I can’t blame some for not thinking rationally after reading something like this.

          • Well to be fair, there actually are idiots out that that actually believe the nonsense you wrote in sarcasm.

          • Cliff E.

            Piss poor attempt at sarcasm you douchebag

          • Tony Johnson

            Misinterpretation often shows passion……There’s nothing wrong with a knee-jerk reaction

          • misterdawg

            I got your point, well spoken.

        • Your sarcasm detector is broken.

        • amandaleane

          Those “police” should be charged with murder! Prison time.

        • nunyabidnessfoo

          Sarcasm, idiot

        • Google “irony”, Gary.

        • Suzann Burrell Haas

          I have worked in several nursing homes, as a nurse and as an admin – I was released from one position because I DID take the time to talk and know the residents, I would not force what was unnecessary on them and if they said no I accepted it, let them stay in their rooms and left them with respect – families do not have any idea what goes on in nursing facilities when the lights go out and the families go home believe me. Would I ever put a family member in a nursing home facility – HELL NO and would I ever have called the police to subdue a resident? Another HELL NO – if the staff can not help residents without killing them or calling the police just because a 95 year old HUMAN BEING said no to more surgery, then they have no business in that field of employment.

          • Bruce

            Hi Suzann very well said. I was reprimanded for being too friendly to my patients in the hospital that I have worked for as a Respiratory Therapist. You have done well and I support you all the way.

      • Barnara Apon

        Wrong… This is wrong….

      • Dee Rush

        are you F”n kidding me…..these were suppose to be strong younger men….don’t you think they could have subdued him without Tazers and bean bag guns…..this is a disgrace to both uniforms. And I’m surprised you have this take on this crime.

        • David Eoll

          He’s being ironic, Dee.

      • Patrick Fallon

        cops will all way stick fot he low life scum cops , and itakes 8 to do any thing

      • Halfass Farm

        How bad can a 95 yr old sick man be? They musta been real scared of him. Sorry pansies.

      • Bruce

        Brett, the old man was not wearing a Rambo uniform armed with top assault rifles. They easily could have used kind words to calm him down. I’ve worked as a Senior Respiratory Therapist for many years and the old get confused. I’ve seen this many times in my career and was very easy to defuse. Think again.

    • allah_speaking

      Names, addresses, molotovs…

    • Eddie050

      I agree Dan. I was a cop for 26 years in New Jersey before retiring to Texas. Early in my career we entered a home of a 50 year old female armed with a knife. This was shortly after the famous Eleanor Bumpurs case in New York. Once my partner and I made entry I talked to this woman for nearly 15 minutes in her kitchen while she remained armed with a butchers knife in hand. I guess she got tired of listening to me because she put the knife down and walked outside to her chariot for a transport to the hospital. Not only did I get a commendation bar and letters of commendation from the police and fire departments. I also went home that night feeling real good knowing that I made the right the decision and helped someone that was in distress and needed the help from the police.

      • Seems like you were a thoughtful and responsible police officer.

      • Mike Little

        Eddie thank you for your comment on your early years, I am sure most cops start out good, and I don’t doubt you was a good cop. But how were you as a cop after 25 years? After putting up with the some of the worst scumbag on earth. would you have giving that woman the same time that you did?

        • Johnny Davidson

          One thing I have noticed. Cops from larger cities have way more patience then these small town cops. I grew up in brooklyn ny and believe me, its a big difference between them and small town cops. The small town cops always have something to prove..

      • Jean-Francois Dube

        “Help from the police”… words that sound really wierd when put together these days!

      • John DeLancy

        Thank you for doing that, Eddie, and thank you for your years of service. I’m proud that there are police who care about people.

      • ConcernedClarkston

        I wish you had been a cop around here last year… One of our neighbors called the police to help her get her live-in
        boyfriend who was mentally ill and not taking his medication to the
        hospital to get stabilized. He had a knife that he was using to
        threaten to harm himself. The 911 operator told her to lock herself in her bathroom so he couldn’t come in. The four cops arrived and located the mentally ill boyfriend with a knife in the garage,
        opened the overhead door, and he walked out (they claim he ran). They supposedly
        failed to get a taser to work, so they shot him multiple times and
        killed him. They claimed some police rule about a “perp” with a knife and the perp being so many feet from the cops gave them the right to shoot him. Lesson learned – don’t call the cops.

    • Robert S.

      Typical behavior of PIGS all across this country. They are nothing but cowards, bullies and human fecal matter. I have NO respect for any cop because they all cluster around the over aggressive ones and actually taint their own reputation rather than demanding the guilty one(s) be removed from the force. Every one of them involved in this crime needs to be arrested, charged with murder and upon conviction sent to prison with NO Parole. Shame on the staff of the facility for calling the pigs in the first place. They could have resolved the matter in house without summoning the GESTAPO.

    • Angie Cates

      I hope they are fired and then his ghost haunts them until the day they die. Pieces of shit.

    • disqus_S5gGxaHPAl

      Dan, If you are a police officer, I applaud you. As a nurse, I cannot imagine seeing something like this happen to one of my patients. Again, this is at least the second story I have heard of police intervening at a nursing home. WHY? What is wrong with these staff that they cannot deal with this.Where the hell was his family- were they called? Just one more reason I’ll off myself when I get older!! Screw nursing homes.

    • Sherron Teal

      I total agree with you!!

    • Walle Walker

      I agree my partner and I had to fight an 80 yo man with dimenta, he grabbed my Tazer in its holster and I just hit his arm to knock it off the handle, his arm broke, I felt like crap. It never crossed my mind to Taze him, shoot him or use a friggin bean bag round. This crew should be fired.

    • katekastorff

      I totally agree. What a piece of trash to treat this man this way. And the nursing home? I would take my loved one out of that hell hole.

    • jvcdd

      Well Said Dan!

    • David Macrae

      this is well pute i could not say it better the police officers involved will of course get away with this outrage dan i thank you for speaking out

    • cyrylthewolf


  • Jim Howell

    This infuriates me! And don’t give me any crap about not knowing all the facts. Worst case scenario, if cops cant subdue a 95 year old man without killing him they are thugs! Charges need to be filed. Police state jerks!

  • Jessy Matthews

    This fuckin cuntry NEEDS to be Fixed imideatly

    • Brandon Rolland

      Probably because we have idiots like you who can’t fucking spell.

      • John Stanton

        read between the lines dumb ass

  • Rebecca Estrella

    Some people are just not meant to be cops, i dont know how they pass the tests! So wrong in so many levels! This police officer should be fired. Simple. No excuses.

    • iamnotroysten

      Some probably aren’t interested in being a cop. They are looking forward to being a soldier in President Skidmark’s war on the freedom of the American citizens.

    • Jan

      Fired? Seriously? He needs to be arrested and prosecuted for murder or at least manslaughter! If you need to use a taser on a 95 year old in a walker, you are a pathetic wimpy piece of garbage!

  • PatrickHenry

    Guidelines?????? Cops dont need to read no stinkin guidelines. You did not obey their orders so you will be dealt with.

  • sidney

    Who shot this man? If i find out i dont care if they are cops or not.. when ur not on duty i wanna beat ur fucking ass..

    • born2think

      Sidney, if this cop’s name became public, can you imagine the torment that his family would endure? I mean, think of his 12 year old son at school: “Hey, Jimmy, your dad is a pussy and kills old men. My whole family agrees and I don’t want to be your friend.”
      See? How awful. And his wife would be so embarrassed too.
      Oh, I suppose this dead man’s family might have some feelings too. But BeanBag shooter with a shield wasn’t thinking about that.
      I am ALL in favor of PUBLIC shaming. If I knew the public would know about my lapses of judgment or plain character flaws, I’d think twice. But the average cop simply does not have to think. He is special.

      • ConcernedClarkston

        Maybe knowing that you and your family will become pariahs in the community if your pull a stunt like that and your name becomes known publicly will help prevent a cop from doing something like that. The cop’s name SHOULD be made public.

  • sidney

    i want to to fucking know who shot him.. if theres a way to find out. tell me please.

  • LaurieLynnGrammer

    HORRIFIC. The militarization of the police has GOT to be stopped. It is illegal to use the military domestically in this country- but what is the difference if the police are militarized? This sickens me and I hope the officers involved go to prison for a long, long, time.

  • kjunwolf

    only we shoot to kill, not the fucking pigs. r.i.p brother

  • John Stanton

    Cowards Cowards Cowards

  • born2think

    Where are the usual comments: “The cop was doing his job”? I’ll keep waiting. They will show up. Too many of us have been conditioned to give cops a pass with this excuse. So who is going to say it this time?

    • chickadee33

      No, the tide is turning. People are finally waking up.

  • LibertarianLeftWarriorHA!

    Never call the pigs. Pigs are good for one thing and one thing ONLY; target practice.

  • Gracie Meagher

    Don’t we have the right to refuse medical treatment? Or has that been removed from society along with respect for our elders, military, and neighbors in general. We used to take care of each other in this country, now we’re shooting vets and knocking out strangers on the street?!wtf

    • Sarah Ortiz

      I totally agree. Especially since the condition he had was Degenerative Disc Disease.. which I would imagine ALL people have by the time they’re 95! Why they would even operate on a man that old is beyond me. And from what I hear, most of the time that surgery doesn’t even work and causes additional problems. Everyone has the right to choose what type of care they receive.. even if that means the lack thereof.

    • Amara Solita Vala

      Apparently we don’t. I know I have been refused the right to refuse it. More than once. If you refuse it they decide they can call you crazy and torture you(but never actually treat you for the original reason) and they can keep you and do anything they please for as long as they please, just as long as they don’t treat you for what you refused treatment for. I will not go near any hospital ever again, and anyone who attempts to take me to one will need one themselves.

      • Bristecom

        I remember ten years ago when I was 16, my mom took me to a hospital and I refused to take a pill that was supposed to make me a happy and obedient person. Well, since I refused, they put me in a prison-like place that was within the hospital. I was there for over a week and they forced me to take the pills and do everything they wanted. I even saw another person in a straight jacket, strapped to a board on a dolly that was hauled into a dark room and left there for hours. Now, I was 16 and not over 18 at the time but still… They apparently do have the ability to lock you up and basically torture you.

  • Sally Waters

    OMG…that is the most horrible and outrageous thing I have ever heard pertaining to excessive force…and I am almost always on the law enforcement’s side in such issues…somebody better sue the hell out of those officers and their department…what in the hell were they thinking?

    • Jan

      I used to always be on their side too, but the more abuse I hear about the less inclined I am to be on their side.

  • Delbert Thrash

    hope they are convicted and put in general population for 50 years….they gonna get the VIP TREATMENT ….they love bad cops

  • Jeremy Yoder

    I feel a good recourse in the community for this is to document these occurances and start petitions to dramatically cut the law enforcement budget in the community. If this is how they are going to act, we are better off saving the tax money and buying a gun.

    • Jeff Hayes

      That and publish the names of these cops too.

  • Sarah Ortiz

    Why were the cops involved at all? Were they called by the nursing staff? Even if the man had been unruly, there are typically protocols in place for situations like this. Any nurse can tell you that patients frequently get aggressive, combative, etc. (especially patients who are older or who have dementia), but what was the last straw for this place that they felt the police had to be involved? And what type of knife do you even think the man could have gotten his hands on? A butter knife from his dinner tray? Give me a break.

    • Marna McAlexander

      The nursing staff, unless it was made up on completely inept fools should have been able to handle this. BTW, does this man not have a RIGHT to decline medical services?

    • Jan

      My thoughts exactly! Seriously, it isn’t like nursing home residents have access to machetes! And the staff are just as much to blame as the cops. If the man doesn’t want the surgery, why are you trying to make him get the surgery? He is 95 and a veteran and he knows what treatments he wants and doesn’t want. Here’s a clue to prevent this in the future: if a patient refuses treatment, leave him alone!

  • Abraham

    All I have to say is, the police should feel shame for what they have done. They will be sinned for the rest of their lives and do not deserve a happy life. ” Oe eye for one eye”. What I have to say to the brave and courageous 95 year old man is,” You lived weel, fought well, and took part in saving our country, only to have your country brutely kill you in cold blood. You took pride in this country, and I take pride in peace. Live among the angels in heaven, brother. You have deserverd with our deepest contempt. Rest in Peace John Wrana, brave soilder and brother.”
    -A fellow patriot

    • Jan


  • billiegirl

    this is happening way too much and it is because Obama is turning our police forces into military enemies of citizens…DHS bulletins are designed to brainwash, instill fear, and detach cops emotionally from humanity…calling the cops would be a very last resort for me specifically because of these incidents…

    • Jan

      I think it started under Clinton. Remember law enforcement using tanks at Waco? And it has gotten worse since.

  • Mardorang

    When the heck did it become a crime to refuse medical care?

    • Ohiogunr


    • ConcernedClarkston

      I saw a follow on story (after his autopsy) that said that the man had a UTI (bladder infection). UTIs can cause all kinds of weird (non bladder related) symptoms in the elderly, including combative behavior. A bladder infection in someone that age can actually trigger events that lead to the death of the patient (though not usually from “death by cop”). However, a nursing home patient who is combative should have been seen by the nursing home doctor, and if he/she determined that he needed to go to the hospital either because of the UTI that the doctor may or may not have picked up on, or the combative behavior (because combative behavior in the nursing home can’t be allowed to continue), the the nursing home needed to get him to the hospital to be treated. They have medications that can be used that can make him less combative (that could be used when he was calm or sleeping). The first failure was the nursing home failing to handle things properly. The second and biggest failure was the police.

  • Amy B

    Wow…. now that’s just plain police brutally! Another sign Vets and normal people alike need the same respect as your families do. Would you let some one do this to your grandpa. .. think not! The jerks involved in this should be fired and their names posted for the world to see what animals they are. May you rest in peace dear man, and know the world will fight the fight for you! ♡♡♡

  • Sassy3000

    We’re hearing more and more about cops who go around like the bloody Gestapo! What the heck is wrong with those imbeciles?! Have they no working brain cells?! Time to start firing these cops and to hell with their bloody unions! We need REAL COPS! ones with actual working brains who know how to properly access a situation, NOT MAKE IT WORSE!

  • Larry Teague

    Protect and serve has gone by the wayside. They know only harass and provoke. Damn fact!

  • First Amendment

    I hope these police are given life…worse then animals.

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    I hate the auto play video on your site.

  • Bastiat

    the cops need to die. pretty simple. they are bags of shit.

  • Tommy Shelton

    I will keep saying ,this is the reason why the public no longer trust law enforcement officers it will get uglier with a lot of officers and citizens being killed

  • Jason Jones

    Its the new norm in america, submit or we will taise or kill you for looking at us wrong. Get your minds right cause its only going to get worse unless we wake up from this police state.

  • janefi

    What the hell?????? A 95 year old man? And what about the gestapo medical establishment? Get the surgery we tell you or else? Same BS in MA as poor Justina Pellitier is kept from her parents because the Nazis at Children’s Hospital disagree with the diagnosis by the doctors at Tufts Hospital. Fire those asshole cops!

  • abbygal64

    Has anyone noticed that police have been quick to draw even with very old men and women in thier 80’s and 90’s? It seems the police are getting meaner by the year, This didn’t have to happen but police these days are picking men who like to be rough and tough, not the ones of old who asked questions first. gee he was 95, two of the cops could have restrained him, hell nurses aid could do it. I know there still good honest cops out there which we don’t hear about much but I swear this so called President has set up a whole new law enforcement that says shoot first ask questions later and there usually not any consequences when they do!

    • Darlene Friday

      Oh for heaven’s sake, stop trying to blame this country’s transformation into a police state on Obama….this transformation has been going on for at least 30 yrs!

  • Ohiogunr

    Virtually every day there’s another horror story from our POLICE STATE! It’s time to shut down EVERY POLICE AGENCY in the Country except the one we elect, The County Sheriff’s .

  • wawa7

    They should be shot.

  • William E Dunn Jr

    Real Tough Cops…they need their teeth kicked out!

  • The_Questman

    If this was my father the lawsuit would include mandatory prison for the cops and $1 Billion in damages. I would bankrupt the city or county who’s cops did this.

  • religionandhistory

    I was upset until I realized this was the way Chicago rolls – Progressive left police state !

  • Polecatmtn

    This is sure idiocy. The cops acted like complete untrained fools. No excuses. Get the District Attorney and throw the book at them, but fire them first. Then fire their Chief of Police for being an idiot for hiring them and/or keeping them on the force.

  • These bastards aren’t law enforcement. These are Nazi minded, power hungry morons with a badge. They need to be arrested, charged, put on trial and convicted. The key thrown away, and backs turned as they are put in general population. May they burn in hell for what they did to a WWII veteran.

  • Cathy McMahan

    I don’t care what he had, they all need charged with murder. And it don’t take months to investigate this, get them locked up, they shouldn’t be on the street.

  • bjohnsonmn

    Lock him in his room for christ’s sake if he is such a danger… don’t assault him! Diffuse, don’t murder, isn’t that the guiding principle????

    • Jan

      He was only a danger because the stupid a** staff tried to force him to have surgery he did not want! Since when do they do that to a 95 year old?

      • Darlene Friday

        Many nursing homes today go to ridiculous lengths to extend the life (& suffering) of their residents so that they can continue milking Medicare & the like. The residents are not regarded as human beings….they’re considered a guaranteed income stream to the nursing home with fewer bed turnovers….

  • BillyJoeJimBob


  • Randy Cornell

    Why are they not all being prosecuted for murder?

  • Richard StJohn

    Are some of you starting to get the idea that maybe the entire system is broken. We lead the world in incarcerated people per capita. So much for land of the free.Better yet maybe some of those people in jail don’t belong there. I mean if the cops will kill a 95 year old man do you think they might lie? Best of all this will continue. Cops have to justify their ever increasing budgets. So they buy more advanced weapons, hire more clowns and totally fail in their duty. If drugs were legal or at least not criminal over half the prison population would be free. There are only two groups that don’t want to see this. The cartels and dealers who make a fortune off of drugs is the first. The second is the police who make a killing taking everything they can from individuals and claim it’s drug related. it’s called policing for profit and it’s exactly what I’d expect from killers like these.

  • Paul Andrusko

    An elderly alsheimers lady walked in my front door a few years back. I called the neighborhood nursing home who had all their seniors. After an hour my daughter and i called the police thinking someone might have reported her missing. Upon arriving 2 hours later the rough and ready duo were fixing to manhandle granny and i was fixing to throw two of Minneapolis finest out when thankfully her daughter came to the door. Cops are chickenshit nowdays. Their first reaction is to use force. Remember when you were dumb/brave enough to mouth off to a cop all liquored up? You might spend a night in jail today you’de be tazed and beaten while in cuffs. Chickenshit, just plain chickenshit.

  • Michael B

    Hope these guys get referred to a grand jury for indictment for homicide.

    I can’t see any way to call this a legitimate use of force.

  • You Didit

    This really Ticks me off. Bad cops no pension should go to jail .

  • The Unassuming Local Guy

    I can’t even deal with this country anymore.

  • alnga

    The very people we are to respect for their sense of Character and duty have turned on us now. Where do we go from here. I know a lot of fine folks that are in law enforcement but now we have to be very wary of where they are and what they plan to do next.

  • Cliff E.

    These cops need to die horrible deaths for this BS… yes I said it these guys are sub human…. they all need to be tossed into prison.. .not just any prison but general population and let all the other scum know they are dirty cops who killed an old man and war veteran.

  • Kristin LaMoure

    As someone who has now had some experience working in a long term care facility, I HIGHLY doubt he would have had a knife. Where in the world would he have gotten if from?

    • Jan

      I guess he could have picked up the plastic knife from his dinner plate and you know how deadly dangerous those can be!

  • Thomas Doscher

    NO KNIFE WAS FOUND. they should be tried for murder. A 95 year old man in a walker requires a taser? Shame on these evil men. He was a courageous hero, they are stinking cowards, and liars. Sure, there was a knife..sure.

  • Dr What

    He had a “wild look” in his eye, I mean a Butchers knife, no wait a Samurai Sword, yeah that’s the ticket. He had all the strength of 4 95 year old WWII Veterans I tells ya. He must have been all hopped up on the SMACK or that Marijuana stuff all the High Schoolers are on. That’s why my partner and I opened fire on him with our Bean Bag SHOTGUNS. First my third accomplice held him up straight then we ‘let him have it”. Remember Tokyo Rose we shouted and shot a second then a third time. Man, I felt like I was Bustin’ Punks” it was Sex-hilarating and made me feel like a REAL man, said every cop involved in this cover-up. “I’m the Gingerbread man, try and catch me, hahaha, as they ran away in to the night, hopped in to their squad cars, did some doughnuts on the front lawn of the old folks home and fired off towards Krispy Kream cause killin old folks sure gives a big old Cop a Hearty appetite” said the Chief of Police at the scene. Sure he was there, you thought he’d miss killing a 94 year old VET? No way , ahhh man.

  • OkiePC

    It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done or not done, you do NOT have the right to refuse medical service from anyone who decides you need it. You are the property of the government, and the medical community is a higher authority than your individual “rights”. There is no room for discussion, no real process, only force. These are the sad facts.

  • Richard Magnuson

    Disgusting. It was like these guys couldn’t wait to use their new toys. I am a retired cop.


    I had heard about this some time ago, this is the first article I have seen on it, but what I find strange is that it does no mention where this took place, why?

    • Jan

      It was in Chicago. You know the city with a police force that can’t control gang violence, so I guess they had to exercise their balls killing an old man.

      • MACVSOG

        Jan thank you, there is a SPECIAL PLACE IN “HELL” FOR HIM

  • smithpae

    Proof that cops are bullies, and like all bullies, cowards at heart!

  • Guest

    This man fought and died for freedom, so that these thug cops could take his life so senselessly? That man had more integrity and balls than those thug cops ever will. Those ”officers of the law”(gag) would crap in their drawers if they had to go through the Great Depression, and WW2 like this man did.

  • Mike Santino

    Those Idiots should be charged with murder. A 95 yr old man with a walker what next a crying infant?

  • picnicfun

    Why did they call the police? The staff are the first ones at fault. Why did the police respond instead of telling them that was a facility matter? The cops are the next at fault. Why send more than two community relations officer instead of an armed squad? Institutional stupidity.

  • Bob Glover

    Shoot for the head. They wear body armor.

  • Wilma Gregory

    My husband is a police officer………these cops are a disgrace to the badge and uniform they wear. This is the most absurd thing I have heard in a long time. What the hell is wrong with you people? My God, a 95 year old man. I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • gespin3549

    Those cops should be shot, but not with beanbags. WITH 12 GAUGE SHELLS!

  • kk164

    A murder prosecution is in order.

  • Kent G. Robinson

    So three cops, assuming they are trained, young men in shape and they’re intimidated by a mortally ill old man and kill him. Absolutely pathetic. They need to be fired and charged with murder and thrown in the pen with the other punks and animals. Cops in the pen don’t fare too well. Too bad.

  • stacell72

    I hope those lying power hunger cops get shot on the job!

  • Susan Schneider

    This is beyond disturbing. Is there more here than we have been told? And, what might that be?? I am appalled and horrified. What is going on in our country!??

  • Laura d

    this has shown up on FB, but has there been any type of follow-up?

  • Fernando Arboleda

    pigs being pigs increasingly so…why not give the man a sedative and let him sleep? murderous bastards without an inkling of dignity

  • ColoMom

    Unless you have been declared incompetent one does have the right to refuse medical care. If the staff thought that that Mr. Wrana wasn’t competent they should have called his family for help. The cops were not using good judgment they should have stepped back & been more aware of the laws themselves. A lot went wrong here. No where did it say that it was a medical emergency that required him being sent to a hospital. A laser ‘didn’t take’ ???? They should not have shot one beanbag at that range much less three. There were obviously no cool heads among the cops. I hope there is a lawsuit pending…. and I don’t like a bunch of lawsuits.

  • jabberwolf

    The cops should be tried for MINIMUM negligent homicide.
    They should probably be tried for 2nd degree murder though.
    I cant even think of a defense for them. There was no danger to others or themselves. There was no threat, yet alone eminent threat.

  • chicagoisademocraticdump

    The nursing home should be sued for calling the police. This is a nursing home issue, not a police issue. Shame on them-idiots! They killed that man with their lazy actions. They need training to be able to handle these cases-which are OFTEN!

    • jabberwolf

      watch the video. That staff actually begged the cops to let them calm him down.

      • chicagoisademocraticdump

        Yes but as a person who has a grandmother with Alzhiemers…you never need to involve the police unless they are lost. He has his wishes also . He should not be forced-all nursing homes should have contractual agreements and the entire staff should know the clients wishes-and live by them. Not call the police who have ZERO experience handling the elderly .

    • chicagoisademocraticdump

      Also call the nursing home and complain about their actions and call the Park Forest police-they need to hear from the public as well. Then call the States Attorney-

  • Clark McEntire


  • Just another example that we are rapidly becoming a police state where as citizens we have no right to expect freedom. These sorry a.s.s. cops need to be in jail. But most likely they will be applauded by their supervisors for killing this old man who served his country defending the freedoms that we have had robbed from us.

  • Scott Jones

    Come on Chicago Police. You can’t take a 95 year old man into custody without shooting him with something??? That is just insane….Somebody had better look hard and heavy about this and some heads should roll.

  • Patrick Fallon

    the police to day , most are scum , and they li e for each other what trash

  • Michael Superczynski

    Murder. Nothing else but murder.
    These ‘cops’ give all the other cops a real, real bad name.
    Somebody better be prosecuted.
    RIP to a great old soldier taken before his time.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    How dangerous can a 95 year old be? Unless he had a gun, this cops were way out of line, & should lose their jobs. Or else they need lot better training.

  • yaki534

    What Officer training school did they go to? They are not qualified to wear a badge.

  • Guest

    Our police departments and sheriff’s deputies are all going nuts! Talk about a little bit of power going to their heads! The man was 95 years old for pete’s sake! They went in with a riot shield and shot him with a bean bag out of a shot gun! REALLY???? The man could barely move much less assault the uniformed pieces of crap! They should be tried for murder and sent to prison!

  • Russell Holding

    they were vary afrad of the WW2 ,95 YEAR OLD MAN with a WALKER ,cause he could have woop the crap out of all of them…jackbooted THUGS.

  • How is this not murder 1 again?

  • Moral Majority

    Many police agencies are out to tax or abuse your rights. The courts wrongly give them deference when it is they who should be suspect. All officers should wear cameras and microphones at all times.

  • Soylent Green

    Very very sad. Reckless over use of power is growing daily and the people have no ability to stop it without fear of the same treatment. Welcome to the USSA Comrades.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Another example of cowardly video game generation cops abusing their authority with the misapplication of force. Younger generation cops lack cognitive communication skills… and they have a proclivity for violence far more than the older vet-cops.

    Needless to say… they serve the capitalist-fascist agenda of the Amerikan police-$tate.

    Phuck! Phuck! Hooray! Behold the beast that Amerika has become. Alas! A nation insane.

  • Bob Mac

    These cops are felons, plain and simple. They shold be fired, and their commander JAILED!

    • ImNotGivingYouMyName

      Every officer involved should be jailed!

  • Michael Rayford Powell

    I worked in Law Enforcement for over 36 plus years and 3 years in Homeland Security, and these officers must have been thugs, or masochist to deal with a Senior Citizen, 96 year Old WWII War Hero, and shame on police that can’t handle an elderly man in a Nursing home with minimal force; breaking out tasers and bean bag rounds propelled via a shotgun…give me a break, these use of force tools never needed to be introduced at the least…they are to control crowds and armed suspects or persons during a full scale protest…these so call law enforcers violated every rule in the book in dealing with this sick and weak older man and should each be suspended until an investigation is fully complete, and from what heard from the video media, and read in the news report, these thug goons need to be behind bars awaiting trial for Excessive Force, and manslaughter charges! What is our world coming to, that police are turning for the larger part into bullies that can’t use verbal judo or persuasion skillfully enough without reverting to force that is excessive and invasive to the point that victims are dying and becoming brutally injured and in some cases disabled from what COPS these days do to them! This is horrible for the family, and my deep condolences and prayers for comfort and restitution for the crimes used against their husband and father!

  • SkateKate

    Dogs and now elderly are toddlers that scream no and yell at the store next??????

    • Jan

      Probably. And you can’t even smack your kid on the butt for misbehaving!

  • Whats with the Bill of Rights and all that? What’s with the “right to choose over one’s body”, it doesn’t apply to 95 year olds refusing surgery?

  • flyswatter55

    COOK THEIR BUTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Papabrrr

    Enough is enough god damn it!


    If that was my dad. I’ll gun down those who where involved. And those to protect their buddies even they are in the wrong, will meet their maker and help is coming with me, you hear, subhumans?

  • Judith A Patton

    Why couldn’t they just walk away ? Would they have done that to their parents or grandparents ?? some Cops are Punks hiding behind a badge and gun. If cops can’t use their heads and common sense then they need to get a job digging ditches. !!!!!

  • maxgoof

    Please don’t post videos that autostart, especially when they are below the fold. It is very disconcerting, trying to read an article, only to have the computer begin talking to me, and I have to search frantically for the source.

  • EBounding

    Did the Brave Officers make it home safely?

    • ImNotGivingYouMyName

      Lets all hope not!

  • Bewareofgun

    But it is all right for odumdumcare to refuse to pay for the surgery though?

  • EveLerieux

    Shameful cowards! They are so afraid of a 95 yr. old man they have to use brutal force to take him down? This has to be another side of Obama’s ‘fundamental change’. That change seems to include hiring and paying sadistic dirt bag cowards. They will slap a badge on anyone whether they have EARNED it or not.

  • JoeD

    Those brave police, putting their lives on the line every day. Rot in hell.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    What a bunch of cowards!!! They couldn’t physically take on a senior citizen so they shot him?? What asinine, poorly educated city did this happen in???

    • Kevin M. Koop

      Found it the lovely crime ridden crap whole of Chicago! What do you expect out of Illinois!

  • Kathy LaPlant

    I am a former Nursing Assistant. I can tell you that what was done to this man was not legal in the state I worked in. All Seniors, or for that matter anyone living in a nursing home, have the right to refuse treatment. Why were police officers called in in the first place. Was the nursing staff so untrained that they could not calm the elder man down? When confrontation occurs between nursing staff and resident, the nursing staff Walks Away! In all incidents I have witness, the resident calms down when the confrontation is no longer in front of them. I don’t understand, I guess, how this situation got so far as to call in police and I certainly do not understand why police used any weapon at all on the resident. That was his home. They barged into his home. Of course he would defend himself, but I don’t believe he would have had a weapon scarry enough to call for such treatment. Didn’t those idiot police know what would happen if you tazered an old man. Didn’t they know what would happen if you lobbed a bean bag at him. There is a reason why the elderly live in assisted living facilities. It is because they are frail. No common sense used, and now a war hero is dead. What happen to the nursing creed, give them dignity in life and dignity in death. Training in the use of bean bag toss? They should have lost their jobs! That training should have come before they were put in any situation where the use of such a weapon could come up. But it certainly should not have come up in a nursing home!

  • Alex

    Calm heads would have prevailed in this instance, as the son said.. Back out of the room and leave him alone and he would go to sleep. Or talk with him and find out his concerns, maybe he did not want any surgery because of how he would feel after. If they had just talked with the man.. I certainly would not taser or shoot a old man with bean bags.. That’s totally uncalled for..

    • St Bernard

      It’s murder. Period!

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    ass hats.

  • Randy Bobandy

    This is why every time I hear of one of these jack-booted thugs taking a cap my nipples get hard.

  • Wade Dewell

    the pigs who did this should be publicily executed and i would LOVE TO DO THE EXECUTION!

    • Snap N McGarrett


      • Wade Dewell

        are you a dirty pig? i bet you would have helped ramos beat kelly thomas to death as well

  • Nancy

    seriously taser a 95 yr old. this is a disgrace and the officer that shot this old man should be fired and should never be allowed to be an officer again.

  • Our police forces has degenerated to little more than undertrained bullies and thugs. God forbid that you might actually have to fight somebody, but a 95 year old man? What else would you expect from wussies?

  • OhSnapDJB

    NEVER EVER EVER TRUST NOR SPEAK TO ANY COP……..EVER! There’s no such thing as a “good cop”, they don’t exist. Any and ALL cops will lie to cover their own ass. Any and ALL cops will lie to protect other cops. Any and ALL cops will lie to hide the truth. We can no longer trust our judicial system nor the cops to do the right thing. If speaking to a cop is unavoidable, it is in your BEST interest to FILM the encounter.

  • Dan Archer Lewis

    I need to search you Sir for my protection, don’t worry it’s just for my protection. Have you heard this before?
    For my protection officer I’m going to draw my weapon, don’t worry it’s just for my protection. I will leave the safety on for your protection officer.

  • SnoMad

    Where and When? Otherwise it’s NOTHING but fable.

    • Snap N McGarrett

      Park Forest, Illinois on July 26, 2013 8:40 PM. This story does lack sufficient background.

      Google. John Wrana chicago tribune

      • chrismalllory

        So, what “background” justifies government employees murdering a 95 year old man, who can only walk with a walker and had arthritis so bad he couldn’t shoot dice?

        • Guest

          Are you retarded? I was stating that the story was poorly written in that it didn’t provide enough background information for the reader. Nothing more, nothing less. SMDH.

  • John English


  • Birdbranze

    If these cops claim to have been afraid for their lives because of a 95 year old on a walker had a knife, they should be thrown off the force for cowardice. What was he going to do, rush them? If the truth be told, they just didn’t care about human life and wanted to play “cops and robbers” and saw an easy target. For that they should be thrown in prison for life, in with the general population.

  • DrB

    Are you kidding me??? I’m speechless

  • This makes me wanna cry, these men risked their lives for us and did the impossible, he did not deserve this treatment from these ungrateful nazi cowardly pigs…I have no more words to say…this is horrible my heart goes out to his family


    fucking worthless pigs are a bunch of cowards if that was my dad I would take those pigs out

    • St Bernard

      My thoughts exactly.

  • suziqueMN

    This assisted living facility has just lost more than they can financially handle. Were my mother, who is also 95, a resident, she would be pulled as fast I could get her out of there; it is no longer a safe facility. I suspect these cops will only receive a reprimand as our country is now fully a police state. Welcome to Obooboo’s new and transformed America!

    • Darlene Friday

      Don’t try to blame our transformation into a police state on Obama. The transformation has been ongoing for at least 30 yrs….

  • Terry Derwitsch

    no hope. there is just no hope.

  • farrightextreme

    Cops have become a bunch of pussies that can’t properly do their jobs. If you can’t do the job without a shotgun against a sick old man get a job a Walmart.

  • Stormtrooper

    There are WAY too many holes in this story. 95 year old who refuses surgery, God Bless him. Should have called Hospice, no the staff calls SWAT……pathetic. It’s where we’re headed folks. How about this, “ok Mr. War Hero, how about some pain meds and your favorite cocktail? Would that work? War Hero says- Why yes son, yes it would. Staff- Thank you for your service AND my freedom!”

  • Jeffrey A. Costa

    Stupid, stupid, stupid! This is the most disgusting actions ever condoned by the police to subdued a “95” yrs old man. For crying out loud… were they afraid to get hurt by the old man with a walker? He probably don’t have a strength to to hurt a fly. Instead they had to dressed up in a riot gears????? and to go all out to hurt the man with by using taser and a bean bag shot????? And the police lied about this 12″ butcher knife the old man had…..OMG….this is pathetic! I say fire all this officers involved and sue them!

  • David Michael

    The militarization of the police continues. Common sense and community sense have gone the way of cops and civilians, them against us. The police and military are being indoctrinated to regard assaults on US citizens to be routine so that they will participate without remorse when ordered to do so.

  • Joseph

    Unbelievable. This makes me sick to my stomach. It seems that policemen are being divided into the gestapo and those who want to protect and serve. I think they should start requiring new police recruits to have completed some form of higher education like a bachelor’s degree. You’re required to have one in the military to be commissioned as an officer, so why not require police officers to have one, too? If they want the title, they should earn it.

  • Hoey Joey

    Really? Shoot a 95 year old man in his chair? They need to burn for this!

  • mikesbuffalo

    all officers in this situation should be arrested for murder, plain and simple they murdered this old man, no excuse is acceptable , these officers should be arrested.

    • Troubleshooter

      These fucking pigs need to be dragged naked through the streets, with a stop in every block to let anyone who wants beat them with a sledge hammer.

  • fisharmor .

    You guys need to get a clue. There has never been a distinction between cops and police, or different types of preemptive law enforcement. They’re all the same. They’re all hyenas on the prowl, looking for the easy kill.
    They’re not looking for cold blooded murderers. They’re looking for housewives with the wrong kind of plant in their pockets. Housewives don’t put up a fight, and the hyenas know this.
    And the evidence is all around you. I’ve known this, at least instinctively, since 1991 – the first time I had to watch four cop cars drive by my broken down van… but the second I started walking for it on the insterstate they were on me within 90 seconds… because then I was doing something illegal.
    They aren’t your friends and they aren’t there to help you. And if you dig, you’ll find that it’s been that way since DAY 1, and the only difference these days is that they also do these things openly to white people.

    The sooner we as a society come to the conclusion that there is not one single net positive to having a constabulary, the sooner we can abolish it altogether, and the sooner we can stop seeing stories like this.

  • Nancy

    I hope and pray that the officer/officers that tased him and then shot him with the bean bags are charged, stand trial, and are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Most cops are honest and caring, but there are those few that are gun toting assholes and think they own the world because they wear a uniform and tote a gun. I hope those Sons of Snakes are real proud of themselves and feel that way when they are sitting in a cell, AND if I lived where they live, I would work to make sure they are arrested, serve very long sentences in prison for killing this gentleman.

    • fisharmor .

      Nancy, you KNOW that they aren’t going to get charged. They’re going back on the job. If you don’t know this, you’re not paying attention.
      That directly contradicts your assertion that “Most cops are honest and caring”. B.S. If that was the case then they WOULD stand trial.
      We know from too many other cases like this that it isn’t going to happen. There may end up being a federal civil suit – if the victim’s family is wealthy enough to afford it and can move to a different area where they won’t get harrassed by the law after filing – but these cops are getting a rubber stamp, just like the ones that beat Kelly Thomas to death.

      WISE UP. There are bad cops. Ergo, there are no good cops.

  • Jon Jonn

    Not even surprised. Welp, back to ps3 I go

  • hardtruth00

    Yet another case of the Police State murdering an innocent man. The police then get a paid vacation. Their justification. They wanted to go home that night. The poor defenseless veteran, just wanted to live. I hope these cops burn in hell. Where are the oath keepers when you need them???

  • Dan Moore

    Big healthy thugs with badges and riot gear to subdue an old, weak, crippled, man. Sounds about right for a marxist state. Push back is on the way for you thugs.

  • Nanaof3kids

    Who called the cops and why? Isn’t nursing home staff trained to handle the elderly? People seem to forget just because you are old doesn’t mean you can’t still make decisions for yourself. The man is at the end of his life if he didn’t want surgery why were they trying to force him. As far as the police go it is a disgrace that they would even consider getting even a little rough with 95 year old man. There is no place in a civilized society for these ignorant uncaring people. They should be fired and charged with, at the very least man slaughter. If this were my father the would be heck to pay.

    • Jon Jonn

      what are you talking about, there are plenty of places to go around

    • SunniOne

      If this were my dad, I’d get those bastids, one at a time. I’m likely a much better shot too, and faster on the draw, but of course I wouldn’t let them ‘draw’.

  • Dan Moore

    The war hero didn’t have a knife. Cops lied, (duh), what else is new. How would a nursing home patient get a knife? The kitchen staff would have prevented any patient from gaining access to the kitchen. Chicago liberal agenda strikes again.

  • realcopsnot80hrtrainingwannabe

    As a police officer there are other ways to have handled this.. One this is a controlled environment where you could have talked him and removed others who are at risk. I have dealt with an patient in a similar situation and what we did was had the nurses assist us as well. But what we did was we used a mattress and pushed him gently to the wall so they could medicate him. There are ways others than a baton.. Bean bag gun… Etc…. It takes using creativity… And hmmm being trained by an old school FTO years ago!!!!

  • Linda

    Did this police department not have any training on dementia or mental illnesses? Were they only taught to subdue, at any cost? Perhaps this is a secret agenda section of Obamacare, to thin out the elderly population. Geesh!

  • hagar2935

    The “home” and the police in this situation need to be sued for every cent they have.

  • mike

    Doochebag, tax collectors with badges. Shoot a real American hero. And it still takes them 3 shots at point blank range to drop a 95 y/o man. Way to go.

  • Renee Dodd


  • dktne

    i hope those criminals who murdered this great veteran are tried and imprisoned for the horror they created. society will be better with those criminals far off, left to think about the harm they purposely created.

  • Island Boy

    I hope their names get broadcasted so we can give them the same justice they afforded this WWII hero. We’ll be waiting….

    • Jon Jonn

      Solve Violence with Violence, That always helps. Boom Shaka Laka

      • SunniOne

        Moke, Don’t pretend you are from Hawai’i, there’s massive violence from the druggies there these days. Auwe!

        • Jon Jonn

          I see what you did there hehehe

  • Alan J Fraize

    hope thay put the asshole that shot him in jail

  • Kate Childers

    OMG! who tases a 95 year old man little lone shoots him with a bean bag gun??? Strip them of their badges. No excuse at all.

  • Michael411

    I’m so angry and mad about this that i really hope these’s bully’s get what’s coming to them. I don’t care even if he did have a knife. You mean to tell me no one not even the police felt they could handle the situation without having to do what they did. It’s dead wrong. And I hope something one way or the other changes about how our gov. and police are running over us. And forcing their will on the people. And taking our rights. These men need to be in jail for murder. They did not have to resort to what they did to a 95 year old cripple! Sick!!

    • SunniOne

      Wouldn’t happen in Texas, cause our 95 year olds are ARMED and so are their grandkids.

  • Michael411

    The real terrorist are those within our gov. and those in law enforcement. They have done more to harm the people of this country than any terrorist group could ever do!

  • Famouz Fehd

    its a 95 year old man those cops deserve to rot in hell

  • These cowardly cops better hope our nation does not suffer a civil war or they will become the hunted.

  • AmericanEagle86

    This is why I do not trust nor have any respect for the police in our country anymore, even the ones that are good do not have my respect because they keep working for their police departments and do not stand up to the corrupt cops in those departments. If you do not stand up to those who are committing these vile acts against the people of the US and the constitution, then you are just as guilty as the people who do them!

    The US Police forces are now the new modern day Gestapo, and the US is becoming the modern day Nazi-Germany!! The sad thing is it pains me to say that so much, but it is the sad truth…

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

  • Uncle Ted

    Former USSR

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Cops today are military rejects with shaved heads and steroids raging in their fat slob bodies. I’d hunt the killers down if I was related to this Hero and mow em down like the unionized Demonrat vermin they are !!

  • B42

    What happened to this poor man should never have happened it was over kill on many levels but the truth of the matter is when cops do stupid stuff like this its guaranteed to hit the news never any of the good they might do on a daily basis its a fact. The cops here should be punished they are a disgrace to the uniform and their badge. But people you got to stop painting them all with the same brush

  • Eli

    As usual the 90% giving the other 10% a bad name.

  • Felix Chan

    makes me think, was there miscommunication among the officers?

    officer 1: hey, officer 2 how about you take the shot
    officer 2: naw he’s just an innocent old man, how about you take it.
    officer 3: no no, i’ll take the shot.

    all 3 officers shoot.

    officer 1: why did you shoot? you told me to shoot.
    officer 2: but you said to shoot so I shot.
    officer 3: wait wait, I thought I said that I would shoot.

  • Cornelius Pw Frankenfuchker

    They will get a paid vacation

  • Bruce

    Next they’ll be bean bagging infants, Slime buckets.

  • FlCracker2

    Disgusting. Remember when the cops were the good guys? Was this a new officer?

  • George Decsy

    Thugs in uniform…this is outrageous!

  • Aaron Carver

    Honestly, I’ve seen elderly men and women of all ages commit crimes including assault. If the police had any reason to suspect this man could have harmed them or someone else at the scene, such as a nurse–then the police officers had a right to act. I see people commenting saying, “Defense against a 95 year old man?” I’ve got members in my family who are in their early 90s and are healthy enough to pull a trigger or get one good stab across in case they are ever threatened with something such as a burglary/breaking and entery. Tasers and bean-bag guns aren’t lethal, so it’s sad to see the man died either from shock or otherwise. But outright attacking the officers, threatening the officers, and publicly mudslinging when you haven’t seen any of the evidence and you weren’t there to witness it–then you’re only a sheep to a mob that is being fed sensationalist reports to pull on your heart strings.

    • chrismalllory

      Tasers and bean bag guns are lethal. Point either one at one of your “heroes” in blue and see how quick you catch a few rounds.

      The guy was 95 and required a walker to move around. Retreat from the room and wait till he falls asleep. Pretty simple. But then the cops don’t get to wave their “parts” around and act like “operators”.

    • SunniOne

      You’re an id iot.

  • Don Gushurst

    A new part of Obuma care ? I hope they let the public now how the so-called policemen were I for one can’t swallow this !

  • Don Gushurst

    Just remember thug cops there are more of than there are of you !

  • Darlene Friday

    First of all….that nursing home is just as much to blame as the cops for this outrageous incident! Why try to force a 95-yr-old man to have a surgery he doesn’t want?!! I’ll tell you why….too many nursing homes want their residents lives extended (against their will) in order to continue milking Medicare! This needs to stop! Nobody should have to endure a medical procedure/surgery they don’t want! The nursing home had no business calling the cops! Ridiculous!

  • James Lawson

    Buncha damn cowards. I can tell you who’s right and who’s wrong. The old man was right, and the person who fired the beanbag is wrong. They do have a special place in hell just for a$$holes just like that.

  • knarf714

    the obama culture at work…control the peasants.

    • chrismalllory

      This stuff has been going on well before Obama. Don’t kid yourself.

  • chrismalllory

    Backing out of the room and letting the old guy calm down/fall asleep would have made too much sense.

  • Kammy

    It is becoming all too common for police to kill elderly, disabled or mental patients when they are called to “Help” with a situation. We need to realize that they are not there to “Help” they are there to control and Bully the situation. Since when do we not have the right to refuse “Help” and have choices about our bodies and lives. The Police are NOT our friends and are not there to “protect and serve” anymore, they used to be but unfortunately that is an “old school” mentality. We need to pick and choose VERY carefully when it is absolutely necessary to call the authority’s. I am so sorry for this mans family, for his memories it isn’t right after all he went through and serving for our country to have his life end so traumatically,horrific & tragically may he rest in peace.

  • chrismalllory

    The cops were afraid because a 5’5″ 95 year old man who couldn’t walk and who was probably suffering from delusions had threatened to “blow up Victory Centere” and “cut everyone’s throats”. What was he going to do? Mix up his applesauce and pudding cup into some C-4? The total and complete lack of common sense from these government employees is mind boggling. Adding cops to any situation is usually the wrong thing to do.

  • Max Kohnke

    As an ex-cop all I can say (and the pun is intentional) “There ain’t no putin’ any lipstick on this pig”. This case needs to be taken out of the hands of the local police as they will be pressured to insulate the city from a very expensive legal challenge. There may actually be a federal case here (one could argue age discrimination and civil rights issues in conjunction with a forced care’ argument).

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    cops commit murder, yet again, another paid vacation for thugs with badges? hey pigs, if that had been my relative, I guarantee you that you wouldn’t be alive to see another day.

  • Suzanne Hamlin

    If our law enforcement professionals were paid what they DESERVE to be paid, it would not attract the low life, bullying, low intelligence individuals who pull this sort of stunt. Our policemen are paid so little for putting their lives on the line that the majority of people who join the force are those who can’t do other things and who have serious issues with authority. In one of the cities in VA, the police were required to complete an exam that included math at a 5th grade level. A protest insued saying this was a racist requirement and the requirement was changed to 4th grade– we’re talking very basic math– so obviously we’re not looking for the best and brightest. Also, since when is refusing a surgery for YOURSELF a reason to involve POLICE– it is my body, it is my right to refuse to have anything done that I DON”T WANT DONE> This country is going in an extremely frightening direction.

    • chrismalllory

      They deserve minimum wage. I have never seen a cop who wasn’t grossly overpaid. Time to cut pay, trim benefits and make sure they can’t retire until they hit 72.
      Cops don’t put their lives on the line. They don’t even make the top 10 of most dangerous jobs in the US.

    • Mark Stuber

      Police departments get plenty of intelligent applicants and reject them.

      Rookie cops get paid much more than the average man in his 20s makes.

      Re: “If our law enforcement professionals were paid what they DESERVE to be paid, it would not attract the low life, bullying, low intelligence individuals who pull this sort of stunt” Why? Because bullies don’t like making money and their are no intelligent bullies? That’s absurd.

  • Once again, another anti-cop propaganda article that makes everyone and their mothers form such strong opinions over something that they know nothing about.

    • chrismalllory

      How much do you have to know to understand you don’t shoot a 95 year old man with tasers and bean bag shotguns.

      Once again a badge licker comes on and tells us we need to worship government thugs.

  • slf

    They take on a 95 yr old man with a taser and bean bag guns…..Tough guys huh……their mothers must be so proud.

  • Ann NKen Lee

    When ‘the powers ‘ decreed ‘ to get the color/sex ratio ‘correct’…we …the public got the short end of the stick…dealing with these mentality challenged ..politically correct ‘officers’…..

    • LeoMdE

      You honestly think that it’s “minority” officers who are the problem? Police brutality has a long history, much of it white and male.

      • SunniOne

        Bull [email protected] It’s blacks and you know it. I’ve lived in that region, UGH.

        • Mark Stuber

          “lived in that region”? What does that have to do with being a cop?

  • Billie Fremont

    Wait a minute – who was the disinterested numb-nuts who called the cops to begin with? In dealing with elderly people, sometimes with dementia (and yes they can be both strong and violent) the problem usually STARTS with an administrator (or someone in a similar position) who is ill equipped to do the job they were hired to do and opts to call the PoPo instead of training staff adequately (or taking an interest in doing so) and usually over plays the threat to cover their butt(s) instead of using the compassion that might have deescalated the situation. Often the families are not told or are introduced to the problem too late (or with self protective spin). Having been through a similar situation with a relative, I know lies were told, promises were not kept, and family was consulted too late or not at all.

  • Stoned_Conservative

    IMHO. some cops just love to use their toys against the helpless.

  • Leslie Nicholson Klatt

    This is so sick!

  • Patty A.

    I’m so sure he was a real danger with his walker and all. bad back and 95 years young. Wow I bet he was hell on wheels. REAL BAD GUY.!!!! SOOOO SAD !!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • reel

    fire the brutes!

  • Claude Dowden

    The law enforcement agencies need a more upgraded screening process for their vacancies. But where else do you find so many low paid people that like the power of sporting a badge and a gun. Professional law enforcement personnel DO NOT behave in this manner. They are professional and do serve their citizenry with compassion and care. Like the old saying there is always a rotten apple in the barrel

    • Mark Stuber

      There are penty of people who want to be cops. The supply of applicants is not the problem. They get paid a lot more than your average man in their 20s.

  • Sherron Teal

    They should be fired! This is utterly disgusting to treat a 95 year old man like a common criminal!

    • <HerrFührer

      They should be charged with murder and given life sentences.

  • SamZydeco

    Many cops are simply grown up bullies – with guns, and tasers.
    God Bless this American Hero and his family, who I hope put whatever municipality that employs these thug cops into bankruptcy.

  • isthisnameokay

    The cops need to go to prison for life, and, the medical team needs to be imprisoned for being an accomplice.

  • Denise Hicks

    These officier(not) should be arrested and trialed for Malicious prosecution, and when found guilty sentenced to death… slow death!!!!! This is tooo much!!!!!!

    • Denise Hicks

      Meaning we the citizens already find these PIGS guility of premeditated murder.

  • FVS

    If there is any justice in the world these cops would be hunted down like the rabid dogs they are.

  • Chuck L

    Send ’em to prison. Incarcerated with the general population. Dumbass robots!

  • tn1987

    I hope the police officers who did this are not only stripped of their badges, but criminal charges brought against them. Riot gear for a 95 year old? Seriously?! I don’t care if he had a knife or not, you do not need riot gear to deal with an old man. It wasn’t as if it were a crowd of 50. This was nothing more than murder plain and simple. The living center really shouldn’t have called the police in the first place, if he had a knife, talk to him and calm him down enough to surrender the weapon. There is no need to contact the police. Your job is to protect and serve, not subdue and demand. I don’t care if it takes you 3 hours to talk someone with a knife down, an office should only use lethal measures on someone when their life or others are at danger. Yes, a beanbag and taser IS lethal to someone who is 95. I know there are some decent police out there all I can say is thank you for your thoughtful and hard work, I hope you can find your fellow officers who do not deserve to wear the uniform before they kill anymore citizens unnecessarily.

    • Mark Stuber

      If they were decent police they would not cover for the crappy ones.

  • Michael Harvey

    a bean bag shot gun blast at 5 feet would kill anyone, a shot gun is still a shotgun. These cops should be tried for at least 3 degree murder or if proven they did not know it would kill him than negligent homicide.

  • detective chan


  • “Take your medicine or I’ll kill you.”

  • That’s the kind of shit,gonna cause a revolution.
    Soon People are gonna realize not to call the police for certain crimes involving certain people.
    They’ll know they’re gonna let the bad guy off and harass the good guy.
    So people ar gonna be lynching pedofiles and black children that hurt there children instead.

  • Bruce

    I wonder folks is this the beginnings of marshall law? hmmmm.

    • chrismalllory

      No, it isn’t even the beginning of martial law.

  • D Lang

    Why are their no hard fact with this story? No date, no location, no police dept jurisdiction, no name of the nursing facility? How can we fact check this article? If it is true, it is a call to arms. If it is fiction, it is a sad state where this is propagated as true. This is like yelling fire in a crowded theater and will get someone killed. With no facts to support your story, I am forced to yell bull…

    • chrismalllory

      If you would stop licking badges so much you might learn of a new and wondrous invention called GOOGLE. Learn it, know it, use it.

      • D Lang

        Licking badges was not was I was inferring. I was making a comment to lazy reporting of half facts. We used to have journalists that would report or cite references. I know how to use Google and can tell you it was in the Chicago Tribune on Jan 31. The lazy ass that wrote this, lead the reader to believe that a “thorough tasering” happened prior to the bean bag when the taser actually hit the ground. They leave out he was delusional with a 7″ blade. I get that if the officers are so pathetic they cannot hit a 95 year old man with a taser from a few feet away they are inept. I am really tired of lazy reporters making crap up to push an agenda. Just give all the facts and I can make up my own mind. Please make up your mind to use the tools you try to use to flame others.

  • Holly Hayes

    A 95 year old man pulled a knife (that was never found) on a group of cops who were in full gear.. and they couldn’t find a way to deal with him other than to tase and shoot him? Right.

  • Marc Shelton

    “Conflicting stories”?…..what that translates into is witnesses telling the truth……and these gutless faggots lying their asses off to justify WHAT WORTHLESS FUCKING PRICKS they are…..are YOU SHITTING ME??…..I would love to shove those tazers up their stupid asses and squeeze the trigger. God damn……..if those fucktards aren’t sent packing……that whole department is corrupt…..

  • old409

    I have yet to talk to a cop that wouldn’t shoot his own mother is ordered to do so. It takes a certain type to be a cop, They don’t want anybody that can actually think for themselves. they only pick the type that will do whatever told without question. If there’s ever a revolution in this country,don’t be trusting the cops to be on the right side.

    It isn’t Protect and Serve,,,,it’s Cite and Write. It’s all about revenue.

  • Kevin McCormick

    this is bullshit fucking cops are getting away with murder everyday well guess what do something like this to my family and i promise you wont live past 24 hours

  • Jon Jonn

    -reading comments-

    Woah, The anger is real

  • $14108028

    This man had a right to refuse any surgery especially at his age. Why didn’t they just leave him the hell alone?

  • Matheus Grunt

    ALL cops are dangerous to us and all of them enforce unconstitutional statutes anyway. Kill them and take them down, because that’s our right and duty in this war. This is a war people and until we freaking stand up and FIGHT BACK, this will never end. People want to be nice and water down their rhetoric regarding these badged crooks because we got family and friends out here who are cops but I say, SO WHAT? The bad guys who worked for Hitler had families, what’s the point? Our lives and our country’s future is at stake here and we’re supposed to keep taking it up the arse? All because a minority of the population who wear badges and suits decide for us how things will be but we’re supposed to take this? Battle of Athens, TN, 1946. THIS is what we need to do.

    • Jon Jonn


      • Matheus Grunt

        And people like you are exactly the problem with this country, Mr. Nah. Apathetic, lazy cretins who want freedom but don’t want to do what it takes to take it back and secure it.

        • Jon Jonn

          Sorry bud, we aren’t the problem. Battle of Athens? Go for it. I’ll be living my life while you waste your time. And honestly, who cares if I’m apathetic? This entire event that occurred doesn’t concern me. Why should I even care?

          • Matheus Grunt

            No, you are the problem. And living your life?!? LOL. What life? Without liberty and justice, there is no living here. You are a slave to this just as I am. You think you’re not? Good luck willingly being a slave.

          • Jon Jonn

            What life you say? A life where I spend time with my friends and play games with them? I know I am a slave. I have known that for a long time but so what? It’s nothing new. I’m still enjoying my life. Honestly, if you want to do something about it then go ahead, be our guest. I won’t judge you. Thanks for wishing me good luck though, everything is going great for me.

            And no, we are not the problem.

  • CELT1

    Shameful. If any police officer is unable to handle a 95-year old man without resorting to force, they should find another line of work. God bless Mr. Wrana. May he rest in peace with his fellow veterans.

  • FlyNavy72

    You want to subdue a hero for not wanting medical attention????? Damn, Just step back and wait 30 minutes till he cools off, sits down from over exertion, and takes a nap.. What’s the hurry, the doughnut shop have a special on. Jesus H. Christ, you have got to be the biggest bullies that have come out of the system in years.

    Thank God for all of you men and women in Blue who do a good job day in and day out, my eternal gratitude but this loser……..

    Police officer: Job description

    Police officers work in partnership with the communities they serve
    to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their
    property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the
    quality of life for all citizens.

  • Shaeri

    I guess the cowards didn’t think they could handle this 95-year old man without weaponry. Where’s the psychological testing to weed out these “Napoleons”?

  • Courtney Larissa Pittman

    95 years old? Who is he going to hurt??? This is just sad and extremely horrible… so sorry this had to happen to you

  • Jonathan Brooks

    This is a horror show. A 95 year old man would most likely not survive surgery…because he is is 95 and too frail to do it. The anesthesia would have most likely killed him.

  • marlio

    this IS MURDER AND THESE POLICEMAN SHOULD BE FIRED. THIS WAS AN OLD MAN AND HE DIDNT DESERVE THIS AND THE STAFF WHO CALLED THEM SHOULD BE FIRED!!! They obviously have not respect for older people, if ANY people, and do not deserve to be officers. They are supposed to be educated and have some common sense, but evidently they have neither!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!

  • robrecord

    Oh my god this website is making me cry (technically speaking) … The embedded video auto-plays (BIG no-no), with an ad which blasts out of my speakers, I not knowing where it’s coming from. Plastered with ads for superficial stuff… some part of this page also loads-in a bit of my local development server, how is that even possible?!

  • Mark Stuber

    re” “Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene.”

    For crying out loud! What a lame excuse. It was a 95 year old man!

    A man in 20s even without any traininng should be to disarm a 95 year old man. Sounds like these police need some Kali lessons.

  • MagicRay

    That cop deserves to be shot right between the eyes, not with a bean bag but with a bullet. If I was terminal I’d go there and shoot every one of those filthy pigs… I hope somebody does, hear that pig? die you scumbag, please…

  • Jeandark

    Did you hear about the homeless former Marine Corp soldier, who suffered from mental illness. He was cold so he went to sleep near the top of a building to sleep, he was arrested for (I guess) vagrancy and put in Rikers Island. He was supposed to be checked on 2-4 times an hour because he was considered suicidal. Well, no one came by until 4 hours later — he died because the temperature in the cell was 100 degrees (F), and it heat up his internal organs. Doncha just love the way we treat soldiers, homeless, and mentally ill….
    This story you have told is also sick beyond belief. We have no right to judge any nation, because of the way we treat our own people.

  • HeartlessXx

    Investigation??? or time to think of a different word other than “murder”…
    Like maybe “resisting arrest” or “self defense”. Naaah it’s gonna a have to be something fancier than that you fcks…

  • Boyd

    What we get when we militarise our police .

  • King

    This ignorant man obviously wanted death, why refuse medical care?

  • Pama Bennett

    Interesting: he had no choice about refusing medical care, and yet our country wants to put us into socialized medicine which we definitely put us on ration lists and refuse care to selected people. Welcome to a police nation.

  • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

    scumbag monkeys

  • Orisha 19

    I am not a Libertarian in ANY way, but this is truly some disgraceful treatment for a Human Being which I know that I am regardless of my origin or color of my skin!! If you doubt that what does your “Washington Consensus” market oriented concepts do to the majority of the World???

  • Agent 47

    I really, really hate this country. Wtf?. How did a proud independant country like the usa become such a disgrace? We have cops killing old people, teenagers punching old people… Now I see why the world hates us. Good job.

  • ConcernedClarkston

    One of our neighbors called the police to help her get her live-in boyfriend who was mentally ill and not taking his medication to the hospital to get stabilized. He had a knife that he was using to threaten to harm himself. The local cops located him in the garage, opened the door, and he walked out (they claim he ran). They supposedly failed to get a taser to work, so they shot him multiple times and killed him. Lesson learned – don’t call the cops.

  • Paul Reece

    I’m truly shocked at hearing this 🙁 My thoughts are with his family.

  • Christina Mowatt

    What kind of pansy @$$ is worried about getting his @$$ kicked by a 95 year old man?!

  • Jill Fletcher

    Veteran or not, no one at the age of 95 should endure any of this. RIOT SHIELDS?! You’re dealing with a senior citizen, not a line of Columbian protestors.
    If someone wishes to refuse medical treatment, that should be their right. Did it occur to anyone that maybe this man wanted to live out his life without medical treatment and die gracefully?

  • Jamie Coughlin

    Since when does Anyone, much less a 95 year old man, not have the right to refuse medical treatment? I could have subdued this man, WTH are these idiots tasering and shooting bean bags at him?

    • Tim

      They think they are our Gods. We are nothing, dare to question their authority, you die… that simple… Welcome to the USA.

  • Tim

    The longer we allow this type of behavior on the part of “public servants”, the harder it will be stop this madness. For them, we should either “comply or die”. It is up to ALL of us to bring this type of behavior to an end in and very pronounced and final manner.