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Amber Randall

An Oklahoma woman faces a 10-year prison sentence after it was revealed she married her mother, according to court records.

Misty Spann, 26, received the highest punishment possible after she plead guilty to incest for marrying her biological mother, reported the New York Post Tuesday.

Spann married her mother in Patricia Ann Spann in 2016 after the two reconnected while in jail in 2014. Patricia Ann had lost custody of her two children, so Spann was raised by her grandmother.

After reconnecting, the two eventually tied the knot. Patricia Ann defended the marriage, arguing that she thought it was acceptable because Spann’s birth certificate no longer said she was her mother.

Patricia Ann also faces charges for incest and is scheduled to appear in court in January. Spann was supposed to face trial, but it was dropped after she plead guilty.

Patricia Ann previously married her son in 2008; the marriage was later annulled two years later after her son called it incestuous.

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  • sc00termac

    bigots – who are the courts to legislate love? (yes, i’m being sarcastic…)

    • newenglandsun

      You are diseased left-winger.

      • sc00termac

        actually i’m quite conservative, fiscally and socially. i thought my admission of sarcasm would be obvious – the point i am trying to make is that if anybody supports gay marriage because “they are in love and who are we to say who someone can love”, then you have ZERO arguments against poly-relationships, incestuous relationships, etc. Because hey, love trumps all. It’s interesting when you present this argument to a leftist/liberal/progressive who supports gay marriage – when asked about mother/son relationships, polyamorous relationships, etc, most will cringe and say those aren’t right. Well why not? If two men love each other and can get married, then you have zero moral highground to say 3 people can’t get married, dad/daughter can’t get married, etc.