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By Kody Fairfield

A homeless advocate who has never held public office appears to in the beginning phases need to challenge the popular “Independent” Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont.

Bernie Sanders, who is wildly popular in his state, even in the face of an FBI investigation and an apparent interest in the White House, looks to have drawn the ire of one Jon Svitavsky, reports NBC.

See, Svitavsky is upset with Sanders. He believes that Sanders undercut former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and now he wants the Senator to “feel the burn.”

“I hold him absolutely, centrally responsible for Donald Trump being president,” Svitavsky told NBC News, expressing a view held by other Clinton loyalists. “That’s my number-one issue.”

Svitavsky has now “soft-launched” his campaign to unseat Bernie, and NBC reports that the challenger believes there are plenty of donors in his party who share his sentiments. “There’s a lot of anger out there in my party against Bernie,” Svitavsky said, according to NBC.

The political novice, who has reportedly exchanged jabs with Sanders in the past, explained that he believes that the Democrats need to stop “coddling” Sanders.

“I believe that Bernie Sanders’ entire involvement with the Democratic party has been devastating,” he said, according to NBC. “I think it was a big mistake for the Democratic party to let him in in the first place.”

Svitavsky went further, touching on the FBI investigation in Sanders and his wife, Jane, over the finances of Burlington College, calling the investigation “very serious.”

Svitavsky, according to NBC, currently has no major endorsements, other than a group called Organizing for Democrats, but he insists however he is not merely a protest candidate.

Sanders has not officially declared this his intention to run again and his office declined to comment on Svitavsky, said NBC.

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Kody Fairfield

Kody Fairfield, 26, hails from Orange County, California. He attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse pursuing his degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Kody found his passion in politics early, connecting first to our third President, Thomas Jefferson, but expanding into activism with his introduction to the Paul (Ron and Rand) family. In 2016, Kody was a delegate for the Libertarian National Convention, and helped to support Austin Petersen in his bid for the nomination. As a staunch believer in free markets, individual rights, and limited government, Kody began writing for Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic in 2016. In January of 2017, Kody was named the Editor-in-Chief of TLR and currently holds the Ambassador At-Large Chair for the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Ca. He believes that with the right messaging, the ideas of liberty will continue to grow. When Kody isn't politicking, he is busy managing a CrossFit gym, or spending time with family, friends and his dog.

  • Richard Winger

    The title of this article doesn’t make sense. Bernie Sanders runs as an independent, so a “primary challenge” is impossible. Independents don’t run in primaries.