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“That’s right! You young people are paying for our drugs and healthcare!”

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel produced a segment that obliterates Obamacare and the people who support it. The segment features an older couple who mock young people who sign up because now they’re paying for everything including their health care and social security.

Thanks to Media Research Center for the clip

  • Klaus Fischer

    Jimmy, the sarcasm wasn’t lost on me, although some of it came through as false. Telling young people that they are paying for older people is very misleading. I for one and my employers have paid into SS and Medicare for 49 years, having no choice other than do so. Assuming that the programs are no longer functional for long term, perhaps if the managers of these funds, Yes I’m talking about the Feds who should be fired for allowing people who did NOT give into the funds to take the benefits from them as if they had. Stop talking shit about those of us who fought the fucking wars, put into the government required funds as asked to, worked for a living without asking for handouts, and are now receiving monthly payment from a fund we funded without government handouts. It’s our damn money you wanker.

    • AJR

      It’s not your money anymore, it was stolen via fraud. It’s called theft.

    • Jon Murphy

      if any of that money you had paid was still there yeah youd of payed for yourself. but all of that money is gone and has been gone. we are paying now and won’t have it when we are old so yeah. the young are getting royaly boned.

    • Vunderkint

      The average person will take out more than they ever put in in their lifetime (inflation), it’s a unsustainable Ponzi scheme and the young people today that are paying in are in fact paying the bills/benefits of retired people. If you young people think that one day it will be your turn you better think again because the system will go bust long before you go up, but don’t despair you certainly won’t be alone because the ever-increasing debt made possible by the spineless political class that use our money to buy more votes will eventually come crashing down when they can no longer pay the interest on the debt and holy cow! What you mean we can’t borrow any more money? It’s not a matter of if but when, ah ignorance is such bliss but eventually someone has to pay the band and the bar bill.

      That’s when you suddenly realize the older generation screwed you but good! Welcome to the new Banana Republic for you and your kids, there’s always torches and pitchforks and take to the streets like they did in the Ukraine.

    • Marge Hogan

      The payroll tax has nothing to do with Social Security. Social Security is not an insurance program at all. It is simply a payroll tax on one side and a welfare program on the other. The Government collects those taxes and the money can be and is spent on whatever our Politicians decide to spend it on. Unfortunately, In 1939 the Supreme Court allowed the Government to tax us but found it unconstitutional to create an insurance program . It simply upheld the Governments power to tax. The proceeds of both the employee and employer taxes are to be paid into the Treasury like any other internal revenue generally, and are not earmarked in any way.

      May 24,, 1937: Helvering v. Davis

    • kheldar

      The “its our damn money” crowd is misunderstanding the whole concept of SS. Without knowing your average pay over the 49 years, we can still do some basic math to show how you misunderstand this program.

      49 years @ $X/year = your total income over the last 49 years.(I knkow you didn’t make the same annual income for the last 49 years, just go with me here.)

      According to Wikipedia, the current SS tax rate is 12.4%.

      49 years * ($X/year) * 0.124 = 6.076 * $X/year

      So therefore, over 49 years, if you want to withdraw your normal annual income from SS, you will get about 6 years of income from SS. Unless you retired at 65 and died at 71, IT IS NOT YOUR “OWN DAMN MONEY”. Since the average American life span right now is 78, you will be living an average of 7 years AFTER your “own damn money” is past and gone. Where do you think that money is coming from? The government “borrows” (yeah, right, never to be paid back) from future generations to pay your SS. Then that generation that just paid for your benefits doesn’t have enough money paid in left over to pay for their benefits, so the vicious cycle continues.

      Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme that will eventually crash and burn big time unless we do something drastic in the next few years.

    • jabberwolf

      Its not misleading. SS was supposed to be for people EXCEEDING the average life expectancy. Since people have been paying for it.. it has counted on incoming revenue to pay for the use of it. FROM THE BEGINNING. SS is now being given out well before the average life expectancy and basically is in deficit spending to sustain in. To say anything otherwise is a bald faced lie.

    • OldTimeBoltFan

      Klaus baby – your money paid for your parents (and aunts and uncles) benefits. It wasn’t put in there like savings for your rainy day. Check the Supreme Court case law – the benefits have no connection to the payments, though conveniently your government (i.e. politicians) have lied to you about that for every one of those 49 years you paid in. But you just believed them without bothering to verify what they were saying. That’s what you get for trusting the government so blindly.

    • Rick Lane

      The system is a scheme from the start doomed to fail….just like every government the younger kids who aren’t completely brainwashed have seen the light

    • skysoldier82

      Klaus….Obama doesn’t care a whit about who is actually paying for anybody’s premiums, meds, etc…Single payer is the ultimate goal. How that comes about is,(and you included) irrelevant.

  • Lyle McDonald

    Because certainly a late-night COMEDIAN is the one to go cherry picking your fucking confirmation biased opinions from. Next time watch the Colbert Report; that’s where the REAL news is.


      Yeah Right . Kimmel Will Get Fired , Just Like Leno , For Exposing The Truth

    • jabberwolf

      Yes the Colbert Report NEVER cherry picks information.. BWWAHAHAHAAA HAAAHAAA HAAAAA HAAA …. HAAAAAA!! That was probably the most stupid comment I’ve seen this week. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Deane Cooper

    Klaus, get a grip man! Jimmy wasn’t lying about the facts. However, he IS a comedian. And as such he makes an even more important point… the Obama administration is depending on the younger crowd to carry the weight of the cost of insuring those who will receive benefits for next to nothing after taking advantage of the laundry list of subsidies they are handing out like candy on Halloween. All of this just to get them to sign up. At the same time they have made certain that those same young people are able to stay on their parents insurance until age 26. Epic fail. It’s also a comedy skit that begged to be written.
    The money you and I have been paying into SSI since we began receiving paychecks was looted from the pool as soon as it arrived. The well has been dry for years That is the money our representatives vote to spend on projects that favor a constituent that donates heavily to their next campaign. Those crooks spend it like drunken sailors and then want more. You okay with higher taxes? The rest of us are not. We are no longer content with accepting what we cannot change. From now on we will change what we can no longer accept. And that includes Obamacare.

    • Michael Kosak

      And just wait until the learn the “government rule of 10” which says that any government program usually ends up cost 10 times as much as originally predicted.

    • Sarah Saunders

      “It’s also a comedy skit that begged to be written.” Only thing is, all Jimmie did was organize the facts of the matter, into a skit. Truth is stranger than fiction.


    Nothing Wakes The Sheeple Up , More Than , Taking Food Out Of Their Mouths . They ALL Get What They Deserve For Being Ignorant and Nieve . Infamous Words of P.T. Barnum , ” There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute ” . S U C K E R S


    and then jimmy lost his job