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250 Million people died in wars, mass slaughter and political murders in the 20th century. Why?



No one philosophy has inflicted such misery on humanity as Communism. Nazism was roundly defeated in just over a decade, but the virulent ideology of class warfare, murder and hatred still enjoys popularity today. It’s still not uncommon to see people wearing Che Guevera shirts, or the flag of the old Soviet Union. Occupy Wall Street had dozens of socialists, communists and leftist anarchists spreading the message that it was better to live in North Korea than South Korea.

One former Soviet citizen who escaped religious and ethnic persecution bravely confronted the protestors to ask them just exactly what it was about socialism that was so attractive. Vladimir Jaffre has become an internet sensation by videotaping himself asking communists tough questions on film.


Communism killed a hundred million people and all we got was this lousy t-shirt!

Would you wear a swastika logo?

Then why wear the Hammer & Sickle?

Documentary filmmakers over the years have put pictures to the stories of the people who inflicted starvation and murder upon their people over the last century. Below is a showing of several excellent documentaries and videos that shine light into the bloody history of Communism.

The Lost World of Communism – BBC

Part 2:

Part 3:

In 1962 Ronald Reagan had begun turning away from Hollywood liberalism, and narrarated a documentary called “The Truth about Communism”. He would later go on to campaign for Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater, giving his famous speech, “A Time for Choosing.” Here are both of those videos:

The Truth About Communism

Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing

Speaking of Communism, Reason Magazine has an excellent Mini-Documentary about Hollywood’s sick love affair with “The Butcher of La Cabana”, Che Ernesto Guevera. View it below:

Communism in Europe may have faded, but the tenets of Socialism still survive today in the anti business, big government philosophy of those who believe in central planning over individual initiative and civil liberty. Below are beautiful photographs that document the fall from grace of the Bulgarian Communist headquarters, now just a hollowed out shell of its former glory. Hopefully one day it will be sold to an entrepreneur or ground into the dustbin of history, where it belongs.

Exterior of the Bulgarian Communist HQ

Exterior of the Bulgarian Communist HQ

The abandoned headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party

The abandoned headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Bulgarian Communist HQ from its glory days

Bulgarian Communist HQ from its glory days

The ceiling of the Bulgarian Communist HQ

The ceiling of the Bulgarian Communist HQ

Broken down Bulgarian Communist Party HQ

Broken down Bulgarian Communist Party HQ

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Ian Chesterton

    Wait, I’m confused. So you’re pro-Reagan/neocons, as in good on them for opposing the Communist threat, yeah? But aren’t they also the brains behind PNAC, 9/11, the Patriot Act etc etc… essentially, the NWO incarnate? Am I missing something or is it just that your “logic” doesn’t add up?

    I didn’t come here to defend Communism btw … I don’t approve of it, I’m an anarchist.

    • Reagan is authentic, the part your missing is the bushes are Brother with the Beast, They are Skull and Bones Members ,Playing Deceitful part of American Presidents, while passing all that is Needed To Steal the real wealth and use its assets to Control the World for the Party of the Beast.

      • Ian Chesterton

        Reagan was an authentic asshole. I’m with the millions of people he and neoliberals like him (Thatcher, I’m looking at you) shafted in the name of ideological madness. Also, I cannot discern any difference between the “New World Order” (the Skull and Bones stuff) and the “Old World Order”. It’s always just been about the powerful and rich elites maintaining their control over the masses, since the time they wore crowns on their head all the way up to today, when they’re more at home in a suit…

  • Chris Noneofyourconcern

    I am not a communist or a capitalist but i do find communism interesting from a historical point of view. I think capitalism would be great if there was a basic set of ethics implemented.

    • Rich Helm

      There is a set of ethics, it’s called the Ten Commands and if they are violated there are laws that punish the offender.
      Also, there is the market itself. Corporations spend millions to create a brand name. They would be pretty stupid to act unethically and ruin the brand they spent and worked hard to create. Ethics is a natural aspect of capitalism due to competition.
      Sure there are those who will act unethically because humanity is imperfect. If you try to create a perfect world (impossible) you will cause more harm than good, which is what the leftist federal gov’t is doing with all its oppressive regulations.
      The real problem is not capitalism but gov’t/corp cronyism and that is made possible because the federal gov’t has exceeded its constitutional authority by interfering in the market.

      The federal gov’t has passed laws to the point of mandating how a business is to be run! So much for freedom. This & high taxation also drive businesses (& jobs) overseas.
      Bottom line, be careful of what you ask for!

      We do NOT have rampant corrupt corporations but you’d think we do with all the leftist anti-corporation propaganda.

  • Rich Helm

    It’s not just communism, it’s unchristian atheist communism that has caused so much murder.
    Atheism is responsible for the worst mass murders in history.

    • Chris Noneofyourconcern

      Atheism is not the problem. Millions of people have died due to the christian religion. so if you ask me christianity is way more dangerous than atheism.

      • Rich Helm

        Wrong, you have no idea what you are talking about because you have been fed nothing but anti-Christian lies from the left.
        Christians did NOT killed millions, that is completely false and it is not even close atheists. Atheism most certainly is the problem, in many ways, but especially atheist government.
        Contrary to what anti-religious zealots assert, throughout history far more lives have been snuffed out by faith-hating fanatics than by religious believers.

        Historical demographers estimate that, in the 350 years between 1478 and 1834, the Spanish Inquisition was responsible for the execution of between 2,000 (Encyclopaedia Britannica) and 32,000 people (Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, 1987).

        That works out to about ninety-seven people a year—a ghastly number, to be sure, but a far cry from the “millions” routinely cited by secular fundamentalists.

        As for the “witch hunts,” another example Harris and others give of irrational religious fanaticism, the British historian Norman Davies estimates 50,000 people, primarily women, were executed as witches over a four-hundred-year period—an average of about 125 a year.

        Yet as horrible as these examples of religious intolerance may be, they pale in comparison with the single-minded, bloodthirsty, satanic fury unleashed upon the innocent by secular fundamentalists—those militantly atheistic regimes that sought to expunge religion from society altogether and which claimed that religious belief and “bourgeois” morality represented intolerable obstacles to social progress.

        According to research conducted by the political scientist Rudolph Rummel at the University of Hawaii, the officially atheist states of the Communist bloc committed more acts of genocide than any societies in history. The total number of people murdered by their own anti-Christian governments in the twentieth century—communist, socialist, fascist—equals about 170 million:11

        USSR: 61 million people murdered 1917–1987
        Communist China: 35.2 million people murdered 1949–present
        Mao’s army: 3.4 million people murdered 1923–1949
        Nazi Germany: 20 million people murdered 1932–1945
        Communist Poland: 1.6 million people murdered 1945–1948
        Communist Cambodia: 2 million people murdered 1975–1979
        Communist Vietnam: 1.6 million people murdered 1945–1975
        Communist Yugoslavia: 1 million people murdered 1944–1987
        Anti-Christian Mexican Revolution: 1.4 million people murdered 1900–1920
        Turkey: 1.8 million people murdered 1900–1918
        Pakistan: 1.5 million people murdered 1958–1987
        Japan: 5.9 million people murdered 1936–1945

        And these numbers don’t even include the people killed in the wars initiated by these officially anti-Christian states—such as the estimated 25 million soldiers killed in World War II.12

        These are the people lined up against brick walls and shot—often for the crime of merely believing in God—by the rational, more “scientific” social planners of Communist Russia and China, or anti-Christian Mexico and Germany.

        Rummel’s conclusion is as shocking as it is inescapable: War wasn’t the most deadly evil to afflict humanity in the twentieth century. Government was! And not just any government, but atheist government.

        • Chris Noneofyourconcern

          First of all hitler was a roman catholic. And second these communist regimes didn’t kill because of atheism. All of these regimes killed for political power not because the fact that they where atheists. And don’t get me wrong i am not defending communism. Any dogma is harmful to the human race, whether thats religious dogma or political dogma.

          • Rich Helm

            First of all Hitler was NOT a Roman Catholic, let alone a Christian of any kind. Stop believing anti-Christian propaganda.
            Adolf Hitler was brought up by his Catholic mother and an anticlerical father, but as a school boy he began to reject the Church and Catholicism. After he had left home, he never attended Mass or received the Sacraments.

            All those murderous communists WERE atheists. If they were Christians they would NOT have murdered millions; Thou Shall NOT kill.
            It was their atheism that allowed them to murder millions because they had NOTHING to stop them, no God based morality. The point that it was for political power or anything else is meaningless. People don’t kill because they are atheist. They kill because atheism gives no moral guidance or commands, it does nothing to tell them what not to do. Where as God’s moral commandments do tell them not to kill, lie, steal, etc.
            Evil wants no morality that would stop it, so it chooses atheism and denies God & His moral commands.

            Clearly all dogmas are NOT harmful; some murder, others do not allow murder & cherish life.

  • Ruslan Gaynutdinov

    Buzludzha wasn’t a “communist HQ” it was more of a memorial, obviously Bulgarian communist government was located in Sofia