*VIDEO* Vigilante Militias Fight Crime in Rural Mexico

JuarezCitizen militias in Mexico are taking the fight to the drug lords personally. In the absence of a government committed to law and order, law abiding citizens become vigilantes to defend life, liberty and property rights. The video below from the Wall Street Journal tells the story of individual citizens fed up with waiting for the state to protect their safety and taking matters into their own hands.

Libertarians believe that decriminalizing and legalizing drugs would eliminate the black market similar to how ending alcohol prohibition stopped the criminal gangsterism associated with it being made illegal. What do you believe? Does the war on drugs turn our cities and borders into war zones? What would be the pros and cons of full or partial legalization? Does the failure of alcohol prohibition offer any insight into the current crisis unfolding South of the border?

Video below courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

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