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By Kody Fairfield

How do you control the masses? Detain dissent.

France24 is reporting that Turkish police have arrested the prominent director of a film which depicts “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan under gunpoint in a bloody coup d’etat.”

Director Ali Avci’s film is called “Uyanis,” and the trailers reportedly depict the killing of Erdogan’s family — including his wife Emine and his son Bilal — in their house in the Kisikli district of Istanbul while Erdogan is shown under gunpoint, reports France24.  Avci however, was reportedly detained on suspicion of connections to the real coup which occurred a year ago this month, and was believed to be masterminded by a Muslim preacher, Fethullah Gulen, who is currently residing inside the US.

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Gulen has denied any responsibility, according to France24.

France24 also reports that another man, Fetullah Karabiber, was arrested when he was located in the same home as Avci. Karabiber was wanted by police prior to having been found in the same location as Avci, explained France24.

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