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Don’t want the NSA reading your emails? Toshiba may have an answer for you!

images (2)If you have plans on avoiding unconstitutional government overreach in your email inbox, Toshiba may have solved your problems. Using quantum cryptography, information can be transferred from point A to point B without being intercepted. Big government tyranny from the NSA to the Mullahs of Iran will be sad to hear that soon their power to spy on their citizens will be diminished.

Quantum cryptography is a system where no one can intercept a transmission without disrupting it. Any “disturbance in the force” can be easily detected. The reason is because of quantum theory. The simple act of observing something, changes the event. If there were an eavesdropper on the line, you can easily tell. Right now it only works over short distances and is prohibitively expensive, but of course capitalism will make short work of that. reports:

“This kind of communication cannot be defeated by future advances in computing power, nor new mathematical algorithms, nor fancy new engineering,” said co-author Andrew Shields, head of the Quantum Information Group of Toshiba Research Europe. “As long as the laws of physics hold true, it will ensure that your communications are fully secured.”

A quantum network uses specially polarized photons to encode an encryption key—a very long series of numbers and letters that can unlock a digital file. The photons are then sent down a fiber optic cable until they reach their destination, a photon detector, which counts them, and delivers the key to the intended recipient. If the photons are interfered with, the individual packets of information are forever altered and the recipient can see the telltale signs of tampering.

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