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Top 10 Liberties Lost Since 9/11

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9. Equal Protection Under the Law

Demonstrators hold signs and line the sidewalks in front of the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, where the justices were hearing arguments on California's voter approved ban on same-sex marriage called Proposition 8. The Supreme Court waded into the fight over same-sex marriage Tuesday, at a time when public opinion is shifting rapidly in favor of permitting gay and lesbian couples to wed, but 40 states don't allow it. (AP Photo/ Alex Menendez)

The 14th Amendment has also taken a hit in the post-9/11 world. The government routinely profiles people. Americans are put on government watch-lists for their religion and background. Non-citizens can be deported for such arbitrary reasons.

The law and Constitution provide for dealing with terrorists. We can fight the bad guys without sacrificing who we are. The government only feeds resentment when they target people for traits they can’t control, like their background.

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