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The left will tell you we need more government involvement in healthcare. What they don’t realize is that increased regulation and government involvement are exactly what caused healthcare costs to rise dramatically over the past 30 years.

There are several reasons why government-run healthcare is a disaster. Economists explain how the government subsidized third party payer system separates consumers from prices and how such a system kills competition.

But there is an even more immediate effect– the booming costs of administering a system of complex regulations. Government healthcare necessitates armies of bureaucrats. Take Medicare, for instance: not only does every doctor’s office, hospital, and clinic need to have specialists trained to navigate the complex regulations and billing procedures, but the government must also hire bureaucrats to review that information.

For every series of regulations comes more and more bureaucrats. It has gotten to the point where our healthcare costs are going almost entirely to bureaucrats and not medical professionals.

Take a look at this chart and the mystery of medical costs rising becomes explainable. It also becomes clear that more government is the last thing we need.


You can even see the latest spike resulting from the implementation of Obamacare.