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Words Mean Something

by Julie Borowski

Someone sent me this video. Warning: It’s absurd.

She says she was “raped” when her dad hit her mom, when her mother called someone else’s daughter a slut, and when her brother teased someone else’s sister.

It’s now, apparently, trendy to refer to bad things that happen to you as “rape.”

The problem with doing so is that the definition of rape is already taken.

Via Merriam-Webster dictionary:

: to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence.

The only thing that is rape is… rape.

It doesn’t make any sense to say, “I get raped everyday by thoughts, by words, by looks.” Some people might have inappropriate thoughts, say hurtful things to you, or creep you out. This can be problematic depending on the circumstances but they are not, by definition, raping you.

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My issue with the misusage of the word rape is that it’s likely insulting to people who have been raped.

Rape is a serious crime. Some survivors are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation or that people won’t believe them. It doesn’t help that there are people who are claiming to have been raped because their mom wasn’t nice to someone. That’s just not the same thing. At all.

I get that the video was supposed to be ~*shocking*~ in order to get views. But, c’mon, can you bring attention to your pet issues without watering down the definition of rape?

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  • brianfallen97

    yay, another social media trend to look forward to…

  • windshield44

    It is the same in law the definition of rape is so broad it has no actual meaning, you know what it is suppose to mean by the average person but the legal definition is not remotely equivalent. When you think of rape you think of forcible sexual assault, not underage sex or the touching of genitalia so having a rape charge in today’s world is very easy . If the actual definition of rape where to stay true to its birth definition the legal system would have to change many records.

  • Stritefast

    I’m pretty sure I just got raped by this video.