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by Jim Duncan

Late Wednesday a US District Court Judge ordered Michigan’s Board of Elections to halt Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount efforts. The order hinged on the fact that Stein has provided no tangible evidence of actual vote tampering. Ruling Judge Mark Goldsmith noted, “A recount as an audit of the election has never been endorsed by any court.”

State Republicans immediately lauded the ruling by stating, “Jill Stein, who received only 1.07% of the vote in Michigan, is not legally entitled to hijack the will of voters and drag them into an arduous and expensive publicity stunt.”

Stein has stated, “it’s not over yet,” and vows to appeal in Michigan as well as continue her efforts in two other closely contested states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Stein has raised nearly $7 million to fund the recounts, following news that security experts alerted Clinton’s campaign to the possibility of hacks in key counties in those states. Hillary Clinton has yet to officially join the effort; however, nor has it even been endorsed by Stein’s own Vice Presidential candidate.

With the clock ticking down and no facts of voter fraud or tampering appearing, it seems far more likely that any real threat to Donald Trump’s election win will be found in the Electoral College vote of December 19th than in Stein’s haphazard recount efforts.


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