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Neocons make diplomacy impossible

by Ian Huyett

Senator Rand Paul detailed his views on diplomacy Tuesday in a speech before the Center for the National Interest. Drawing on the political thought of George Kennan, Robert Gates and even Colin Powell, Paul argued for a foreign policy grounded in realism. The US, he said, should employ trade and diplomacy whenever possible while scaling back overseas police action.

rand1-1-13Paul contrasted his views with neoconservatism, a school of thought that he said “beats its chest and seeks to spread worldwide enlightenment.” Paul’s remarks demonstrate that he is a serious political thinker in touch with the conservative intellectual tradition.

The Senator criticized neoconservatives for having forsaken this tradition, arguing that they really promote “not a neoconservatism but a neoisolationism in which diplomacy is distrusted and war is, if not the first option, the preferred option.”

“Neoconservatives brag of their desire for engagement, but increasingly preach a doctrine that is hostile to diplomatic engagement,” said Paul. “To this crowd, everyone who doesn’t agree with them is the next Chamberlain. To this crowd, anyone who doesn’t clamor first for the military option is somehow an isolationist. The irony is that the crowd that claims they want to engage often opposes diplomatic engagement.”

Neoconservatives, he added, dwell “inside an echo chamber that isolates itself from negotiation.”

Paul, who is now widely considered a presidential hopeful, has raised $1.7 million to his Rand Paul 2016 account. His political action committee has raised another $500,000. Paul’s fundraising is bad news for the NSA, whose spying program is the subject of a class action lawsuit that Paul is currently leading against President Obama.

Paul recently taunted the NSA when he mooned them on Snapchat.

  • JasonPen

    It’s time for Libertarians to start registering as Republicans for the 2016 primaries… Even if you don’t support 100% of what he says, having him advance far into the process will be nothing but good for the ideas of liberty.

    • LanceHaverkamp

      Correct or not, we did that for Ron; but Rand is no Ron. Even a thoughtful, passivist half-socialist is no candidate for a Libertarian.

      • JasonPen

        It worked for the most part… The problem was that many in the ‘old guard’ of the GOP wouldnt vote for Ron… He wasn’t considered electable, for whatever reason. Rand has started bringing some of those same people his direction, and he’s considered one of the early frontrunners. If we can take some of the early primaries (like Iowa and NH) where he has a good chance at winning, the rest will be history.

        Besides, what’s the matter with just casting a vote in the primary? You can vote for the Libertarian in the general election, that’s your choice… But only a million or so will join you, and we’ll continue this ‘in-fighting’ trend forever.

        • TJN

          No thanks. It’s up to the Republicans to get themselves squared away. I’m a libertarian now and won’t change unless the libertarian party changes it’s name to Republican.

          • petie3

            That’s the general idea. We do have to expel a few people though, Boehner, McCain, McConnell.

      • sickofhate

        you don’t give up just because your first attempt was not a landslide success. If we can get a libertarian leaning Republican nominee for 2016, the GOP will be taken over.

      • Jeffrey Oviatt

        if rand wins his father will surely have some say in his sons decisions which would be good for the country

    • Richard Heathen

      Probably not going to happen the GOP fucked libertarians last time. I don’t think many will be eager to go down that road again, especially not for a less impressive candidate.

    • derpleton

      No its time for Libertarians to try and grow our party not try and grow theirs. Rand Paul is just one man, a vote for the Republicans is not just a vote for Rand Paul, its a vote for Boehner, Mcconell, Cantor, Issa and the other crony capitalists. Furthermore this is the same Rand Paul who has continually expressed values that are directly against Libertarian values, and insinuated that Libertarians wanted people to run around naked doing drugs… Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, not even by a long shot. The only people that think he is a Libertarian are Republicans desperate to cash in on our votes. What you people dont get is we don’t just “not agree with 100%” of what he says we generally disagree with 90% of what he does say.

      Outside of Amash, Rand Paul is the best Republican out there, and I think I could hold my nose long enough to vote for him if I had to… but I don’t have to, so I won’t.

      Let the Republicans vote Republican, we don’t need to help them legitimize their archaic and absurd platforms and principles. Libertarians, including Ron Paul, supported Reagan, and look where that got us. Republicans love espousing Ideas that are in line with the LP but they never actually follow through with them.

    • Alexander G. McCandless

      I’ve heard that before – “register as a Democrat, don’t vote Green, we’ll fix it from the inside”. Both sides are playing each other and the public for fools.

      • JasonPen

        All I am saying is register for the primary. If he doesn’t win there, then its a moot point. If the GOP puts up another big government NeoCon, I’ll be voting Libertarian in the general election right beside you. The fact of the matter is, libertarians don’t get airtime, debate time, ballot access, or any other perks that the 2 parties share. The only way to get a Libertarian elected nationally is through the GOP. Rand Paul has a chance to be that guy. At the very least, him advancing far gets the debate moved towards the issues that really matter.

        • Eric

          Another point to make is that in many previous elections the Libertarian party candidates were less libertarian than Rand, and Rand isn’t that libertarian in the grand scheme of things. Take Wayne Allen Root as an example, this guy was the VP nominee for the LP in 2008, however, he is more interventionist than Rand Paul on foreign policy.

  • Inconsistencies

    I’m 39, I’ve never voted, but I will vote for Rand Paul.

    • Libertarian

      You’re a loser if you have never voted. I vote every election and i write my own name in if I don’t like the candidates. It’s called a protest vote. If you are informed enough to know your voting choices suck then you are informed enough to know you should be protest voting.

      • Bluwater

        Oh shut up you self-serving little baby. So you voted in every election there’s ever been right down to dog-catcher, right? Well bloody good for you. Instead of welcoming someone to the fold of informed voters who want to take a responsible part in the process, all you can manage is to flip them off and act like child. Pout much?

        • Libertarian

          First off Rand isn’t a libertarian so what fold exactly am I welcoming him to? Im guessing you missed how he promotes the dug war and says he’s not a libertarian.

          The rest of your comment is just a name calling rant which is a good projection of your own lack of information.

      • pagarymac

        Isn’t not voting the same as voting for yourself? They both have the same real world effect. They both serve as “protest” votes.

        • Libertarian

          They aren’t the same. Non votes cannot be accurately counted , protest votes can.

      • derpleton

        Get over yourself, a protest vote? The only difference between a protest vote and a non vote is in your head.

        He found a candidate he likes, who apparently excites him enough to get involved. Good for him.

        • Libertarian

          Please. You are uniformed about the difference between the two. Get educated.

          • derpleton

            Oh I am aware of the perceived potential implications of a protest vote, but the key for a protest vote to mean anything is that it has to be done in a large and organized enough manner to send a message to the winning candidate that a large portion of the population is dissatisfied with the choices. In that same way significant non-participation can send a similar message.

            Furthermore, writing in your own name is a completely meaningless tactic, if you, and many others, wrote in a particular person’s name that may protest vote send a message if you get enough people. But going into a ballot and writing your own name in some attempt to “stick it to the man” is only serving to stroke your own ego. Get over yourself.

          • Libertarian

            You seem to be big on putting people in their place based on your exalted sense of self. If I really thought that by writting my own name in I would become president, you might have a case. However I am under no such dillusion.

            You obviously dont understand the issue so ill explain it quickly. If there is no one to vote for then you write in whoever you want. Mickey Mouse gets 200k votes every election yet he will never win. A protest vote isn’t neccessaly designed to win its designed to PROTEST.

            To not vote is to be apathetic. To protest vote is to actively partake in the system by showing your dissaproval. To claim to not understand the differencr is pure ignorance on your part.

  • Nathanial Poling

    Paul/Cruz 2016… a ticket I could canvas for

    • Mat Nazarian

      I love Rand Paul, but I wouldn’t want Cruz on the ticket. He gave a floor speech in the Senate saying how we needed to go to war with Syria, then changed his mind once he found out how unpopular such a war would be. Whatever amount of hawkishness Cruz demonstrates now, we could only assume would be much worse once he’s the one in power, if that ever were to happen.

      • Nathanial Poling

        Cruz is better than the other liberals in the Republican establishment, plus he is Hispanic and I am sure that wouldn’t hurt to have the first Hispanic VP on the ticket.

    • JasonPen

      To me, the vp doesnt mean much. He has little to no power. Might as well nominate someone who will bring in the votes from the mainstream. I would prefer someone like Cruz. But would he really bring in the people that wouldn’t want to vote for Rand?

  • Bob Smith

    I am a register Independent and will not register as a Republican it has way to many RIno’s who are willing to flip flop at the drop of a hat, But I will vote For Rand Paul maybe Jason Pen should register as a Independent instead ??

  • Haha! I knew Rand would come around. USA must continue to do as it is told. Right now there is fighting to do. Ishmael rears his ugly head. ‘Isolationism’ is just stupid word for disobedience to Zion.

  • Message to GOP: Start talking isolationism and we’ll Lindbergh you.