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Going Over the Left’s Terrible Year

by I, AnCap

Where to begin… Leftist movements all over the year are losing it. With losing elections, losing voters, losing credibility, it’s actually hard to think of an area they won. Since the leftists all over the world aren’t going to do any introspection, let’s do it for them. Here are some of the biggest defeats of 2016.


5.) Taiwan’s Call to Trump


This is still a small victory in the short term, but it could be a massive one in the long run. By speaking to Taiwan’s President, Trump opened a dialogue with the small country that it didn’t have under the previous administration. From this, Trump hinted on a change to the US’s long standing “One China Policy”, which recognizes the Taiwanese Republic of China as uncolonized. For now, however, the White House insists the One China Policy stands.

Despite this seemingly insignificant situation, Trump did thumb his nose at the left-totalitarian regime of China. It’s not yet clear how China will respond to this, if at all.