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by Publius

Once again, we see that politicians and pundits have short memories and no ethics. It wasn’t long ago that the left was in a tizzy regarding Donald Trump’s allegations of rigging and apparent unwillingness to accept a loss. Leftists called Trump a threat to democracy. The media waxed poetic regarding how unusual and terrible it was to question an election’s results.

Of course, these statements all came before Trump’s victory on November 8.

Following the election, the left has been primarily occupied with rioting and trying to overturn the election; legally or otherwise. It began with protests and riots taking place in the bluest areas of the country. Protesters called for new elections and claiming that Mr. Trump was, in fact, not their president. This predictably had little effect.

The next course of action was to undermine the electoral college. Democratic electors and miscellaneous malcontents began pressuring and harassing Republican electors to change their vote. Their argument is that since Sec. Clinton won the popular vote, the electors should vote for her. In fact, the electors are already representing the popular vote. They are just representing their state’s popular vote. National popular vote has little bearing on their decisions.

Some Republican electors have even received death threats. Despite the pressure and threats, only one Republican elector has openly refused to vote for Mr. Trump, but he is resigning so that someone else will take his place.

This all leads to possibly the most ridiculous gambit yet, brought to us by Keith Olbermann, who last made the news calling for “resistance” against Mr. Trump. Olbermann’s plan is very simple. Mike Pence, a majority of the cabinet, and two-thirds of congress agree to unseat Trump. This plan relies on the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Olbermann’s plan is far-fetched to say the least. It would require not only the consent of Gov. Pence, but of most a cabinet selected by Donald Trump. This isn’t even accounting for Congress and Speaker Ryan who won’t be thrilled by a legal coup such as this. Disregarding the ethical aspect, it would end countless careers as Republican voters would see it as a betrayal.

This nonsense is exactly why Leftists lost this election. Americans do not want backroom deals. They do not want loopholes and tricks. Obviously, Americans want different things from government. Libertarians want less government. Republicans tend to want ‘efficient’ government. Democrats tend to want a ‘helpful’ government.

This is none of those things. This is just more nonsense that will drive average Americans away from the Left and their dishonest and foolish ideas.