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Mexicans are cleaning up our mess

Tired of living under the yoke of criminal gangs and corrupt public servants, groups of Mexican citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Armed vigilantes have stormed the town of Paracuaro, headquarters of the Knights Templar drug gang. A 600-strong band of rebels rounded up and arrested the area’s police, whom they accuse of being on the payroll of cartels like the Templar.


Vigilantes place police under arrest

Members of the Public Safety System, a Mexican self-defense group, barreled into Paracuaro in armored vehicles, yelling “Don’t be frightened, we are vigilantes” as gun battles raged around the city. At least one person is known to have been killed. The coup was a decisive victory for the vigilantes, who seized the weapons of the police officers they placed under arrest.

Vigilante groups like the Public Safety System are faced with a herculean task. Besides casting off their own state’s corruption, they must clean up our mess. Cartels like the Templar derive virtually all of their funding from America’s War on Drugs, which – like alcohol prohibition – ensures that inevitable drug sales are made only by the least scrupulous salesmen. A study by a respected Mexican think tank found that legalizing marijuana in only the U.S. states of Colorado, Oregon and Washington would axe Mexican cartels’ income by as much as 30%.

The disastrous state with which Mexico’s vigilantes must contend is further proof that drug prohibition is a fantastically utopian policy with no logical basis of any kind.

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  • dinkster

    This is what the second amendment is for in the US. Eat it proglodytes.

  • Ragman69

    Clean up OUR mess? No matter what the “demand” is…if there is no “supplier” and “suppliers” are not allowed to conduct business, the “demand” is irrelevant. Why is it Mexico’s problems are MY fault? Keep your people, drugs, poverty,filth, and bed bugs…I don’t need any of it! Close the border, deport, and stop immigration until we figure out just who is in the U.S.!

    • Steven Bell

      your a waste of tax dollars

    • John Ash

      Oh, yeah, that’s been working so well up til now too.

    • Gunner

      Yes it is our mess. We have no idea how many guns our government gave the cartels. its probably in the thousands. The drug cartels launder money thru banks like bank of America, Chase ect. And you can believe there is some sort of agreement between the cartels and our government. But anyways good for the citizens of Mexico. More people die there a year than in Syria and our dip shit president wanted war there to please the Saudis and there oil pipeline that Assad told them no freaking way are you going to build. Before you say BS, let me point on fact out to you. Right before we invaded Afghanistan, The heroin use in America and the ease to obtain it was nothing like it is now. The Taliban was stopping the farmers from growing it. Do I need to say more when 70% of all the worlds supply now is from there. youtube US troops guarding poppy fields. so yes it is our mess

    • Brett D.

      The War on Drugs is an everlong, expensive war that will never be won. you say “close the border,” but do you really think that is going to stop drug trafficking and/or drug production at home?

      Your logic of “if there is no supplier…” is irrelevant. There will ALWAYS be a supplier. History has shown that. Countries that have a large poverty sector will always have someone willing to produce and sell drugs. Were there a solution as easy as prosecuting said drug manufacturers, wouldn’t we have zero drugs on our streets?

      The point is, we need to look at better ways to deal with drugs. And while I don’t agree that the chaos in Mexico is them having to “clean up our mess,” I do believe that drugs are here to stay.

      And by the way, no one is giving you filth, bed bugs, or poverty. Certainly, the drug cartels are not. I guess you could argue that illegal aliens are giving you the bed bugs, but I don’t see how they can possibly give YOU poverty or anyone else in America.

      • Grizzled_Gringo

        Letting in Illegals is importing poverty. All you have to do is drive through their hoods to see it.

      • That’s because you can’t think about how they depress wages and deplete services.

    • Gumaro Valle

      your logic is stupid closing the border will brake the backbone of all border state economy “the mexican costumer”

      • Grizzled_Gringo

        Closing the border keeps out the parasites, Consumers can still get in with a visa.

    • Noel Amell

      That’s a logical solution! That was the principle foundation of who ever developed the drug wars in the 1970’s . Suppress the dealers and lock up the users. That does nothing but creates prison and lines the pocket of the police departments with federal grants and seizure of drug profits. Great answer!

  • It’s not my mess. It’s the USG’s mess, and they’ve wrought all this havoc with money taken from taxpayers at gunpoint.

  • Ryan Merrifield

    I like Pizza =P Have a nice Day

    • Robo

      Way to intelligently contribute.

  • Raffing Out Roud

    Anyone that doesn’t believe the United States government isn’t the main profiteers from all the illegal drug trade in our country is naive. All the “black” or shadow projects are funded through these monies that no one ever has to account for. Why are our troops guarding the poppy fields for the Muslim drug lords in Afghanistan? You have to really wonder why heroin has become so available since the Taliban was thrown out in that country? When our country becomes as bad as a cesspool as Mexico maybe them people here will do the same as they are now doing in Mexico?

  • Diogenes

    The asinine here outnumber those with logic and wisdom. And as always their voices are the shrillest and loudest as well a the least affective in strategies.
    Remove the reasons for substance abuse and drastically minimize the the problem–the-conglomeration-of-international-organized-crime-PDF-6999470/

  • Larry Franklin

    we do have to close the border, if at all possible, north and south. make no mistake many of our enemies have already crossed over and are just waiting for the right time to strike. as far as drugs go, if a person, not infringing on anyone elses rights, wants to get high, i say thats their business just as the person who drinks alcohol. let the free market decide…if someone wants to buy something and there is someone who is selling it, its nobody elses business but theirs. just because a person doesnt like what another is doing, consuming, smoking, drinking, wearing, etc., has no bearing on the other person. they just need to mind their own business. but i think the mexican citizens have the right idea. sometimes you have to take the trash out. mark my word that we will have to do the same here if we are ever going to be truely free once again . and our govt is much worse..they do steal our money and do horrible things that they in beautiful two faced style, blame and condemn other countries for doing. its time to clean our own house.

  • donzap

    An example of why we need to retain our guns and protect the Second Amendment. However, this article is also being sneaky in promoting the legalization of marijuana…no thanks to that.

  • don

    WAY TO GO.

  • Earl Turner

    I congratulate them and respect their courage. If only white America had the same mettle!

  • msmaddog

    Our mess???????????????