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Lenco_Bear4_LGMore Mayberry! Less Fallujah!

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
President Barack Obama, Colorado, July 2, 2008

CONCORD N.H. – At a city council meeting in Concord, New Hampshire, citizens gathered to debate a controversial request by local law enforcement to receive a military grade armored personnel carrier. The APC’s as they are known are heavily armored trucks that are designed to safely carry soldiers through conflict zones full of IED’s and enemy fire. The police department has requested the carrier specifically as a response to growth of libertarian activist groups such as the Free State Project in New Hampshire, designating them as potential domestic terrorists in the following statement:

“The State of New Hampshire’s experience with terrorism slants primarily towards the domestic type. We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike; however, on the domestic front, the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges…. The type of vehicle needed would be capable of deploying bomb, HAZMAT, and special weapons personnel, equipped to detect chemical, biological, and radiological materials as well as explosive gases. This vehicle also needs armor properties to protect these personnel from explosions and hits from multiple projectiles when required to enter ‘hot zones.’ The Lenco ‘BearCat’ meets all these requirements.”

During the meeting, a retired Marine Colonel expressed his concern about the police department requesting heavy armor to use against their own citizens. He recounted his tales of Fallujah and how the American servicemen and women abroad often don’t have APC’s and they just have to make do without them. He rails against the unconstitutional use of the military on American soil such as the incident in Watertown, Massachusetts where officers were wearing the exact same combat gear they used in Iraq. He also mentions a picture in the Boston Globe where a state police officer had identical helmets, flak jackets and weapons as a soldier in Iraq but the uniform color was all blue.

The colonel finished strong to wild applause:

“We’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own people!”

UPDATE: Same video, better angle:

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC.

Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show “Freedom Watch”, on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as “The right side of my brain”. He built Judge Napolitano’s social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month.

Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Kolby Traveller

    Does anyone know how this ended? Did the police force get the vehicle they wanted? Did the people stand up against the Government there?