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by Josh Guckert

Independence Day on July 4th of each calendar year may be among the most libertarian holidays: it is a celebration of rebellion against an oppressive empire which over-taxed and over-policed. The following are the five best ways for lovers of liberty to celebrate this fact.

5. Drink Beer

There is nothing more American than enjoying an ice cold beer on a hot July day.

Over the last few years, libertarian icon Matt Kibbe has promoted the importance and significance of beer in a free society. In socialist countries, the resources for beer are difficult to find (and given the circumstances of the nations, they could perhaps use this drink the most).

As Kibbe discusses in his lectures, the beer economy is one which has remained fairly capitalist in recent decades, allowing it to flourish. Libertarians and Americans of all stripes should celebrate that by having a cold one.

4. Light Some Fireworks


Fireworks are nearly synonymous with Independence Day. However, many states have laws regulating or banning fireworks altogether. For this reason, if one is able to legally set off fireworks, that person should cherish that freedom that many Americans do not have.

For more information on what kinds of fireworks are legal in your state, be sure to check out the American Pyrotechnics Association.

NOTE: Be sure to give plenty of time between engaging in the last two entries! 

3. Eat from a Food Truck

In the last decade, a new phenomenon has arisen which allows Americans to quickly purchase delicious food. This involves ordering from trucks filled with exquisite and varying cuisine.

Of course, this has not come without challenges. Many stationary restaurants have attempted to engage in protectionism, urging police to shut down these restaurants-on-wheels. However, with the help of groups like the Institute for Justice, food trucks have mostly won the battle.

If anyone is at a fair or festival this Fourth of July, plenty of food truck options are likely to be around. Support capitalism and competition by giving them a try.

2. Use a Ride-Sharing Service

After you’ve had a few beers at an Independence Day barbecue, the only thing someone should do is hand off the keys. However, there are times when that person did not come with anyone else, and perhaps a taxi could take hours.

Thankfully, the free market has accounted for this, and in recent years has created ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Of course, just as with food trucks, this has come under attack from protectionists within government who wish to shut down these services under the name of “public safety.”

Fortunately, as with the previous entry, the market has been largely triumphant over bureaucracy.

1. Go to a Shooting Range


What could be a better way to capitalize upon one’s freedom and liberty than exercising the right which protects all of the rest?

There have been thousands of articles written about the perils of gun control, and there is no better to thumb one’s nose at restrictionists than by brushing up on trigger discipline.

In true celebration of independence, it ought to be remembered that restraints on colonists’ possession of firearms were a significant spark leading to the crafting of the Declaration of Independence. Accordingly, this Second Amendment right should be treasured.