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Should the government ban puppies instead?

In the state of Washington, the decriminalization of recreational marijuana means police budgets are taking a hit. Besides propping up Mexican drug cartels, the War on Drugs also funds drug task forces, who turn enormous profits commandeering cash, cars and houses from people they arrest. From 2002-2012, property seizures in marijuana cases accounted for $1 billion in police funding.

In Washington’s Snohomish County, legalization means that the local drug task force is faced with a 15% budget cut. The task force’s commander, Pat Slack, is an outspoken critic of legalization, which he says will mean less money for overtime, training and new equipment.

Is it time for a ban on puppies?

Is it time for a ban on puppies?

Law enforcement is an essential part of a functioning society. At first glance, then, some might be tempted to agree with Slack’s criticism of legalization.

Consider, however, that there are an estimated 167 million dogs in the US. A federal ban on puppies alone could more than offset the losses caused by marijuana legalization.

Imagine all the money police departments could make by seizing cash, cars and homes from the millions of Americans who own puppies. It might sound cruel, but remember: the law is the law.

My point, of course, is that a ban on virtually anything – be it chicken nuggets, high-end wine, or Kanye West albums – could mean huge profits in asset forfeitures. That doesn’t change the fact that all of these bans (with one possible exception) would be ridiculous and ultimately harmful both to law enforcement and society as a whole.

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  • TW

    I doubt it will stop any of them from getting their armored assault vehicles.

      • Mike Adams

        Last I had heard many gangs in LA and like, have been actively trying to get members into the US Military to learn how to fight in more than a “Gangsta” way but in a more military style form and that is very scary. Gangstas are punks but when they are trained and act as a group, then .. inner city war to a new level. Free City of Oakland?

        Free or via something like the DRMO, where its we got new vehicles, so we go to other military services, then federal then state and down the list for people who could se the vehicle, such as Army Ambulance, and finally after going thru government and like agencies, its sold..

    • adoracle

      no it won’t because the Fed gov is giving them out for free…I smell an ulterior motive there, but still.

  • Graham Freeman

    That $1B is from the whole of the US, not just Washington state. Just to be clear.

    • Ilya Vasiliev

      Over a period of 10 years

  • Bodinky100

    Governments are the biggest drug traffickers in the world. Many of these huge police dept are in on the take, you better believe they hate the new laws legalizing marijuana. From filling their private prisons with non violent marijuana users to the elite stuffing their pockets with the numerous profits, from Afganistan to the streets of your local town, these criminals control it all!

    • Mike Adams

      DUIs have become a business, or most who get them have a vehicle, a job and a life and in the end, it means 15,000 in legal fees and all, per DUI. Seen cops pass by drug labs and housing and not done anything, why NO MONEY IN IT! Bust a drug lab and you got to work at it, and then you get how much back, not much.. And who do you serve, a bunch of likely poor people that have no money.. So who cares.. Last time a drug lab I knew of got busted was cause someone posted a picture of a kid on it steps passed out from breathing in mom/dads Meth lab fumes.. Or it was cause mom called the cops for a DV call and they found the lab, opps.. But go to a bar and sit for a couple hours and your in some place guarenteed to have a cop follow you home, or worse meet you at your house to try to catch you driving while drunk, even if your not been drinking (Grin).

      Most rich politicians I know, or many I have known, do COCAINE! It leaves your system in 2-4 days and its expensive so its a drug of people who can afford it and can look rich by doing it. As one snorts it via a rolled up 100$ bill.

      Pot is illegal or was, I don’t smoke it, but read enough to know its not cause its dangerous, if it was dangerous as some seem to think, Tobacco and alcohol would be ILLEGAL AS ALL GET OUT! its cause you can not patent a Plant and its chemicals and properties but now that we have ARTIFICIAL and lab created THC, its becoming legal cause the pharmacutical companies can now CONTROL IT! And have doctors prescribe it and put in out on your insurance.. There is a few things that Marijuana and other Hemps can do, clothing, bio-diesel, make a house from it, chemo therapy patients and more. In Alaska its decriminalized, it is like Jay Walking, if your dumb enough to be out driving and doing it, or have more than what you can normally use, or growing a plantation on your own property, then .. have fun..

      Also legal vs illegal is tied to Federal HIGH WAY MONEY!

  • Ronnyjoejimbob

    I always suspected that the government and criminals worked hand in hand, but I guess now it is obvious that criminal activities do in fact trickle back into the government agencies.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I guess the pothead legislators didn’t take that into account before passing the legalization laws….

    • Conservativesniper

      When do politicians EVER think ahead?

  • copykon

    whoever said pot heads were smart?

    • James Thompson


      • jp

        actually the longer the use the worse their brains retain info, so yes they all get stupider with each puff.

        • James Thompson

          Yea !!! So say’s a dumb Drunk ! By the way your beer, kills more brain cell then weed !! Moron !! read about it !!

  • Paul Allen

    Boo hoo. You can’t spend all that extra cash at the expense of the people doing something that’s not nearly as bad as tobacco or alcohol.

    (in response to another post…)
    Whoever said alcoholics were smart, but alcohol is legal.

    • jp

      Not nearly as bad? How about as bad or worse. Medically proven that marijuana use destroys the brain leaving longtime users with cognitive abnormalities in the brain similar to persons who have schizophrenia. It can reduce the ability to form memories.

      So yes marijuana use is as bad or worse than alcohol use. Just like long term alcohol abuse it can have adverse effects. Not to mention the money that goes to the cartels and criminal underground…but oh yeah marijuana is harmless because its natural right..It a victimless crime right.. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. And if you are a user you will probably buy it.

      • Mark Dial

        This person has not contrasted one user to the other. Alcohol is linked to rage, death, addiction and violence, It is linked to endless medical problems. In total contrast to the effects of weed. Cartels and criminal undergrounds are created when an anything in demand is made illegal and go away otherwise.

    • Max Blood

      i don’t think they are smart at all. look how many drinking related deaths there are compared to weed,.. also i’m sure they will limit it i’m sure to needing a i.d or permit to sell,grow or buy it.and there will still be a ton of ppl who will sell and stuff without them

  • Yander

    They don’t do shit anyway.

  • James Elliott

    The legal drugs are the real problem and causing so many problems. Yet, they don’t arrest doctors who prescribe them. Almost all the serial killers have been on antidepressants. Marijuana can heal cancer. Legal drugs kill. There is an extreme difference.

    • jp

      Not an extreme difference, but abuse of any of the drugs you mentioned cause problems. Marijuana is no different. I would like to see the study where marijuana use cures cancer…It cures nothing it may mask symptoms with intoxication. and yes doctors do get arrested for violations of prescription drug laws.

    • Mike Adams

      How many die from or cause of or while using Alcohol for one? How many are killed or are abused by someone that has been drinking alcohol, quite a few but is it illegal? Not likely to happen, humans been doing it for 6000 or so years. Not as much as the hard stuff like Whiskey or like, but Beer and Wines.. Some people I have known are allergic to Whiskey or Scotch, or something.

      Tobacco been around in the Americas since before 1600, but we know it can or helps lead to cancer and lung issues, but …

      Coca as in Cocaine, been around for a while in South America, and you can last I heard get it legally prescribed but its by a Dentist or Oral Surgeon doing dental surgery or like?

      c.1920 a council sat down and figured out what drugs to make legal, controlled or illegal and I am not sure of it was for ethical reasons why some was made the category they was.. The cash register spoke alot..

    • Mike Adams

      Number one abused drugs in the US are legal ones. Prescribed, and those are mostly PAIN KILLERS. Oddly, Afghanistan where we was and still fighting a war, is a major supplier of Red Poppies, you use poopys to make opiats and like, such as what heroin, and morphine and like? Oddly one of the major drugs abused in the US is PAIN KILLERS, made from Morphine, and you wonder why we are there? That and major source of lithium, check your cell phone for the battery it uses? Lithium battery and you wonder why we are in Afghanistan? Grin.. not for democracy for sure..

  • Russell Allen Hurley For Congr

    time to end the madness of incarcerating non violent citizens for a
    simple (non-toxic) plant. We shouldn’t wait until we have time to deal
    with it, as is the case with some of my fence sitting friends in office
    currently and candidates as well. The time is NOW!!! Just give me TWO
    YEARS! I will work tirelessly to create JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS
    through hemp and marijuana legalization at the federal level, This will
    create a TRILLION DOLLAR commodity/crop to the world.

    I HOPE for your formal endorsement.

    Please like and share my page.


  • bobebullkilla .

    Ah yes, the almighty dolla bill y’all. I thought it was a good thing to lesson crime? Maybe it’s time to rethink how the Police make their money. Needing crime to support an entity that’s trying to eliminate crime, is pretty retarded to me.

  • Curt Butler

    just ban police departments and we can keep our money-just everybody open carry

  • Smart Guy

    Comment agreeing with everyone and the article. yay likeminded people!

  • Cannabis4all

    How ’bout the fact that all the time they spend hassling pot users can now be spent fighting REAL crime??? So, a 15% budget cut and a 50% work cut seems to make them better off, frankly!